Saturday, 3 November 2012

Pointless Beauty?

I came across these today- I cant remember how or why... but they are weirdly odd.  And a little expensive.  But hypnotically beautiful.  A-Morir lace glasses.  They sort of look futuristic, lady Gaga designed and well- possibly not much use.  Imagine getting a sunburn with them on....

It got me thinking to expensive things that are actually not functional but everyone jumps on the bandwagon- then you get it home and find it doesnt really work that well.  For me it was probably a home wax roller kit.  Smooth legs, no salon trips, save money- be like the girl in the picture who has a great smile as she skips and hops around New York in a silk pink skirt that graces her smooth and fuzz free legs.....   It was the kind you put the wax in a pot, put some boiling water in another pot, then put wax pot into water pot, screw together and 'rollerball' the melted wax on your legs. 

I ended up with boiling water and wax mixed together (I think the pots melted), the applicator was too hot to hold, yet if you let it cool the wax cooled too much to use.  The pots also didn't screw together correctly so when you turned it upside down the water dripped onto your skin...

Surprisingly this didn't actually remove much hair... the 'system' is now recycled into pencils or whatever plastic is made into.  Utter FAIL!

So come on, what things have you bought that have been an utter fail- yet seem SOOOOOO good when in the shop/online/blogger or YT raves??

(P.s. my mac or chanel giveaway closes very soon- some great comments so far!)


  1. once I bought a nail polish which was suppose to make me stop biting my nails but it was a complete fail. I am still biting my nails I need to get rid if this habbit.
    P.s I am praying badly to win your current giveaway!

    1. Oo I havent tried that product but I know some people who really like the taste and its makes them bite more! Try replacing the habit with something else. That's what I did with my skin picking... I'm getting there xx

    2. wow thats so great you have got great spirit, I am still trying lets see how it goes.


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