Saturday, 20 April 2013

10 Things the Internet has taught me about Beauty (Tag)

After a chat about a giant spider that lives in Brazil with Big Fashionista (her blog is fab, check it out for many laughs!), I had the realisation that there are many things I wouldn't know without the Internet.  Many random facts, many beauty related things... just many, many things.  I thought I would make a little list about some of them.  I'm sure I will think of others- so maybe I'll do follow up posts at some point...

1) That the average woman looks in the mirror 8 times a day (link)

2) Your pillow can give you acne and silk pillows are best for anti-aging.  

3) Our faces are not symmetrical.  If they were most of us would look very weird.  On a similar note our eyebrows are sisters, not twins.  They are not meant to look identical (if they did one would be back to front- but that aside, they are different.  Embrace it)!

4) Sephora exists.  The mother ship.

I would have walked past this beauty without the Internet!

5) That the word 'blogger' is very influential and is now used to list makeup and clothing on ebay (link!)

6) That eyeshadow (specifically MAC ones) can be depotted to save space (and get a Back 2 Mac product!)
One of my favourite MAC promo images

7) That your skin renews itself in a cycle that can take 30 days- so some product wont have a visible affect of the skin until the new cells are on the outer layer of your skin.

8) That Sally Hansen is not a real person (I'm in shock!) (Read this!)  Joking aside- it's a brand name not a person!

9) There is an eye cream that costs £109.

10) That most of us don't clean our make-up brushes enough- and feel very guilty about it (but not guilty enough to clean them after each use).

So there we go!  10 things the internet has taught me.  Of course I have also found out about countless brands, gadgets, styles and many people.  What things have you been taught by the internet?  I'd love you to do a post (if you do, don't forget to link me!)  I hope you are enjoying a wonderful sunny day!


  1. Sally Hansen isn't real?

    Looks in mirror and drools over Sephora. ;-)

    1. I know- it's Identity theft and deception, isn't it? I can hear thousands of illusions shattering. Who IS Sally Hansen?!??!

    2. Who IS she?! Who IS she?!??!!

  2. Amazing post, you've made me thinking about so many things.. I knew some of these facts before, such as we have asymmetric faces, we did the study once at college, but Sally Hansen (I'm continuing this conversation with another question: Who IS she?! haha), eye cream! 15 ml for £109?! Nor in the madness.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing such an amazing things, I'll think about doing this tag ;) Have a great weekend! xx

    1. No problem Mel- If you do do it then post the link here so others can see :) I hope you are well xx

  3. p.s. love your new blog design!


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