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TIPS: Organisation, storage and small spaces!

I have spent the past few days Spring Cleaning and organising and thought I'd share some organisation inspiration and tips with you guys! It's not finished but so far 3 bin sacks for the charity shop, 1 for Give and Makeup (though I generally take these to my local women's refuge in person), 4 sacks for the recycle and 1 of other rubbish.  Phew!  (I have previously blogged about Give and Makeup HERE and had a surprising reaction last time so I hope someone else will be inspired by this post!

Some of my surplus items going to women and children who have fled from domestic violence in the UK.
Use your space effectively
I have always wanted a walk in wardrobe/closet.  In the UK these are not a normal component of most houses- so we have to make do with a wardrobe or built in wardrobe inside the room.  After dreaming and looking at countless closets of youtube gurus I put my feet back down on the ground and decided to work with what I have rather than wasting time lusting over what I don't have.  In a bid to use my space more efficiently (while keeping it pretty) I discovered a few good products.  I hope these will interest you if you feel like you are not in control of your space!
Shoe storage for doors...
I had a brain wave to use this on my wardrobe doors.  It's designed to hold shoes but the pockets are small (I would say ladies UK size 8 will be ok but the pockets are not wide enough to hold bulky shoes).  With a little bending of the hooks so that they fit a slimmer wardrobe door (instead of a thick full sized room door), I was able to put this device inside my wardrobe door.  I also had to knot the elastic tap at the bottom to reduce the length but keep the tension.
Scarves and belts, belts and scarves...
It now holds my scarves and belts in the clear pockets so I can see what I want to wear easily and.......

Folded up!
....folds in half (handing on two hooks instead of four).  This means I can close the wardrobe door but still benefit from an extra 40 pockets! Yes 40!!  There are 20 per organiser.

I have one for the other door, which currently holds..
Sunglasses storage- hurry up sun!!

Sunglasses.  I havent put them all in but it takes my chunky Roberto Cavalli sunnies and case and my slimmer (and much cheaper) Dorothy Perkins sunglasses (I think these were around £5-8 and have UVA and B protection).  My Anna Sui ones are in my handbag in vain hope- you can see them on hereI have about 10 spare pockets- Any ideas of other items I can put in them?

I bought this from a local shop but it's made by Tszuji- they have an amazon store (link!) and an ebay store (Link!) online if you are not near a retailer.  I think mine cost around £13-14 though the online ones might work out a little cheaper.  I really pleased I bought it!

Reuse packaging boxes
What did I do with this lovely old Glossybox?

Pink, pastel, sturdy- too good to throw out!

Meet my medicine supplies box!  I normally carry around a few asprin, paracetamol, rennie etc in my handbag.  These tend to get pretty beat up, so I normally keep a small box of things in my room so I can replace things easily.  The Solpadeine is pretty strong stuff (toothaches and strong headaches)  and addictive, so if you use it be sure to monitor how much you take and never take it on an empty stomach.

I also use old Glossy boxes for plasters, sample sachets, perfume storage.  The possibilities are endless.  How do you use yours?  Link me!

Make sure you can see items and separate them 
If your storage resembles a big old jumble sale then you are not going to use the items, because you wont see them.  It'll take you ages to find them (time waster) and they will probably age and break quicker.  I take this to heart with my jewellery.  I don't want to spent 15 minutes trying to find one earring- neither do I want my carefully purchased items to break because they are tossed in a box with 15 other items.  And don't get me started on the knot of necklaces that lurks at the bottom of everyone's jewellery box..

Stackers Jewellery Storage
I have blogged about these previously, but I love being able to see my earrings (and some necklaces) in these little compartments.  It makes dressing a little easier.  I have several of these boxes but the one above show my Butler and Wilson earrings (blogged here), my Accessorize owls (Jewellery haul post) along with a few other pieces from various boutiques.

Shrink Space!
As part of the tidying I have been using Vacuum Bags for the first time ever.  I know they are not a new invention- but I have recently become a convert of 'putting away out of season clothes'.  I've seen the light!  Onesies and summer beach wear are currently in Vacuum Bag confinement!  Basically you fold the items, place in the bag, seal (zip lock) and then use a hoover on the cap.  It's amazing how much space is saved when the air is gone!  Also it protects the fabrics from moths and damp (but make sure the clothes are clean before you store them or sweat marks/stains can become permanent over time).   I found some small, medium and large ones at Wilkinsons (link) but be warned- the closing on these required me to manually pinch the seal (despite what the instructions say).  I have found a few others which seal a little easier but they all do the same job- I think the cheapest I found were on ebay for 50p.  I guess it depends on if you want to wait for the post or get on with clearing and sorting today!  Once I'd stored my onesies I was addicted.  I now have pillows, cushions, duvets, jumpers, blankets, beachwear etc all stored hygienically and in neat bags (plus it's addictive to watch things reduce in size magically- if you havent done it then vacuum pack a pillow.  It'll blow your mind*).
Magic bags from Wilinsons!  Storage made easy and effective
Save Time!
My last storage tip is baskets.   You can throw things in them, put them on a shelf and no-one will know!  You know when you were little and your parent's asked you to tidy up your room- so you used to push everything into the wardrobe and slam the door quick?... Baskets are the chic grown-up equivalent.  I have my unopened makeup back-ups in that basket below, nail care items in the Glossy box, then my jewellery stacker.  The fact that the inside of the basket is a mess.... no-one knows ;) (Till now!)

Pretty baskets and boxes hold lots of items and look neat on the shelf!
How do you store your items?  What should I store in my wardrobe pockets?  How do you use your old beauty boxes (glossybox, birch box, etc)?  Would you like to see more storage, organisation posts?  

(*Yes I need to get out more!  All items bought by me)

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  1. These are some good tips. I have just been using the plastic shoe box size containers as storage.


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