Thursday, 7 November 2013

Haul: Sparkly Sequin Makeup Bag Bargain (M&S)

I am a magpie for sparkles.  Despite the fact I do not need another makeup up bag, I found myself purchasing this at the weekend.  I can totally justify it by the fact it was on a 3 for 2 offer at Marks and Spencer so I lumped it together with two other purchases.  It was £5 on it's own but I think I got it for free!  (I just noticed M&S have the 3 for 2 on AND 20% off online today so this is £4!)
Marks and Spencer sequin makeup purse (link)

Sequins remind me of making things at primary school.  We all used to make hats for the Christmas party and sometimes you were lucky enough to find a sequin or two in the scraps box.  Sequins are quite clearly jewels to 6 or 7 year olds.  I haven't lost that feeling!
Sequins.  Shiny, happy, sparkly sequins!
 Aside from the obvious shiny sequin factor I like this bag because it is compact but wide.  A number of previous bags have been so slim that they can't hold chunkier products such as my beloved Chanel foundations.  Now we are getting into the party season I normally end up having to be a social butterfly and carry a few extra items in my bag for hair and makeup transformations.  I also like this bag because its harder to loose inside my handbag.  The Sparkles are easier to locate- even in the dark!
My current bag (left) wont close.
If you are not a fan of gold, then this bag also comes in red (think Wizard of Oz shoes!), and silver.  I plan on filling a couple of these bags with items to make Christmas presents for a few friends.
All of this fits on my new makeup bag!  Chanel, Guerlian, Clinique, The Body Shop, Elf, MAC etc. AND it closes!

To see more of my sparkly gold makeup, accessories and jewellery click HERE to see an older post!

Marks and Spencer Sequin Makeup Bag- Do or Don't?  Do you use a makeup bag?  Any recommendations?

Disclaimer: Bought with my own money because I like shiny sparkly things.


  1. Shiny? Sparkly? WHERE?!

    I, um, should totally upload the coin purse I purchased to hold all of my hair things for my purse. You will go gaga over it. It is sparkly sparkly....and it's a penguin. CUTE AND SPARKLY. I couldn't resist. I saw it next to the purse and wallet I ended up getting (my purse is a Christmas present. My wallet has penguins on it too. I know, I know. FOR SHAME!) and it bit me. It whispered, "Buuuuuuy me. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuy me. Not the fox. Not the owl, ME! ME! BUY ME!"

    It's awful. I tried to resist for a week. I really, REALLY did, but then a 25% off sale came and....well, it had to come home. Sigh. The Fossil Company. It owns me.

    Oh, and don't talk about glitter or sparkly nail polish. You don't want to see my nail polish drawer. <-lots of glitter and sparkle. Need glitter? I have it.

    But, I don't have a makeup bag I keep in my bag. It's too small. I purposely downsized (I actually still have to buy a pill sorter to make it light enough for what I'm going though currently.) I have one makeup bag hold all of my lipglosses in my makeup drawer and another that keeps spares and my jewelry cleaning cloths. HA HA HA! <-person who doesn't use things for their intended purposes.

    1. That sounds so cute! Can you instagram it? 25% off- would be rude not to buy it! I tried to go without a makeup bag and I kept loosing hair grips, plasters, elastics, lipbalms into he bottom of my bag. It was a mess. Im trying to be tidier now!

    2. I don't know if it's still going on or not. I know the $50 off $100 is still going on at Carson Pirie Scott (I don't know if you have those o'er ye pond. Gosh, that actually came out of my mouth. Blergh.) The $50 off $100 doesn't include Fossil items though and not available online (my mom works at Carson's.)

      I can hyperlink you to the what I have in here until I show you how sparkly it is in real life on Instagram (product photos don't do it justice.) Fossil has free shipping currently on the UK site ( and US site.

      (I've no idea why it's more expensive it in the UK! I guess it's because taxes are included, but I did get mine 25% off at a department store where it went down to $30-something and it's $45 here w/out tax. You poor UK'ers. )

      You can see my wallet on Instagram. It's cream with blue penguins marching all over it. It was a Carson's exclusive. Fossil did have a coin purse version, but I think it sold out. Fossil becomes very, VERY addicting I warn you. (I have a Fossil watch, a purse and now two wallets. Their warranties are fantastic to boot. 11 year warranty on their watches.)

    3. You guys get things for a lot less. We pay a lot of tax. Lots of people order things from the USA and then end up paying tax AND shipping! The wallets look so cute. I have added a fossil wallet to my 'wants' list. Maybe Christmas might bring me some goodies. That is a very good warranty too- I get so sick of 1 year warranty items that fall apart after 13 months! Thank you for the links and info!


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