Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My Non New Years Resolution

Firstly 'Happy New Year' (and 'Happy Christmas' while we are at it!)  Im not sure where it all went, but I hope you had a lovely break.  If you have been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I don't make January resolutions.  Why?  I can't think of a worse time to try and start some thing new.  It's dark, cold, horrible weather and I feel sluggish, sleepy and totally unmotivated!  Instead I tend to make my resolutions in the spring/summer (or September with the start of a new academic year).  I find the longer days and lighter weather really help to spur me on and, by the time the winter is if full force, my habits are firmly set and harder to break.
Looking forward to light, sunny, spring days.....
 That said, I do need to shake up my skincare routine and diet.  It has been neglected recently and the effects are showing through!  I look bloated, permanently tired (with huge bags under my eyes), and my skin is flaky.  Now we are over Christmas Day and New Years Eve, I promised myself that I would stop stuffing myself with loads of rubbish, drink more water and get back on the healthy healthier path.  Everything in moderation, as they say.  So those are my current non-resolutions.
Butterflies mean change although we don't see them until spring!

Do you make new years resolutions?  How do you motivate yourself to stick to them?  What are your resolutions this year?

Coming up on the blog in 2014: Christmas breakdown, Sales shopping, My makeup collection and much more.


  1. I don't make "new year's resolutions" per se, but I have been making food goals to try and conquer my food aversions from Autism. It's very, very difficult, but I take it a little bit at a time. I am going to try and make smoothies to help conquer my deep green aversion by disguising all of those greens in pink or purple! I just have to dig out my blender. Yep, my blender doesn't get used much!

    My only other goal is to try and get in better shape as it helps with my Lupus. I'm going to order Ballet Beautiful as I really love that series so far.

    1. Sounds like a good idea! Disguising foods is a great way to trick the brain :) I dont know what Ballet Beautiful is but I shall go and google now :) Happy New Year :)

    2. Oh, Ballet Beautiful is a kind of exercise regime using ballet movements and exercise movements. It was developed by former professional ballerina Mary Helen Bower, who trained Natalie Portman for her role in The Black Swan (which is a favorite movie of mine.) You can find two or three of the exercises on YouTube, but you have to order the rest on her website, and I think there's a few other places you can order them.

      I was a ballerina when I was much younger, so I find ballet very relaxing over demanding. Some people find the sport very demanding, but I always found it very relaxing unless I was having trouble because of a move because of my disability. I had to stop ballet because I couldn't do en pointe, which is why I haven't done it in so long. I have one other ballet toning video, which is from Gaiam, that I like to do. I've been ignoring it because it's too darn cold (it's currently -4 with 24 mph winds! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!) and I really need to buy some leos. I feel better when I'm in a leo.

    3. Sounds great. Dancers (especially ballet) always seem so toned. I have danced on and off, but I did a bit of an injury and had to stop because of that- I havent found time to restart. I havent seen that film (I started watching the beginning but I was getting a bit scared so I turned over!) It sounds so cold where you are. Im wearing many layers and we are still over 0 here! I would be wearing 10 times as many layers if I was where you are!

    4. Bah, I'm not even going outside! It's so cold! It probably made international headlines, but it's a living ice cube here. It was -42 Fahrenheit here today with the windchill; -17 without. My snot actually froze to my nose when I went to check the mail (probably too much info, but yea.) It's a balmy -36 currently (woo hoo, 6 degree increase! Not. Still an ice cube.)

      I''m hibernating. Literally. I refuse to go outside. Not a chance in you-know-what!

      The Black Swan can be a little scary, but it's more of a fantasy thriller over a horror movie. I see the movie more of a coming-of-age story than anything else or that good girl vs. bad girl dichotomy. Fantasy thrillers are easier for me to watch over horror (hence, Pan's Labyrinth is a favorite of mine too, even though I STILL can't watch the Pale Man scene. So darned scary!!!!)

    5. So cold! I keep seeing the pictures on the news! I saw a pretty picture of someone blowing bubbles that froze in the cold outside! Ive never seen Pan's Labyrinth but I do like fantasy films- horror I need to watch in full daylight with a cushion to cover my eyes!!

    6. WE'RE OUT OF THE NEGATIVES!!!! YAY!!!! Well, kind of. It's still cold as snot outside, but it's practically a heat wave of sorts. 4 degrees Fahrenheit! I know, that sounds so pathetic, but after 2 days in the double digit negatives even without windchill, I'm taking it.

      Hey, even Hell froze over (Hell, Michigan.) It's become sort of a joke here. "It's so cold Hell froze over." *laughs hysterically*

      Poor Z got frostbite though. Dumb dog decided to go all the way to the back of the yard to go potty and got burns on her hind legs. Guess she learned her lesson. We have little booties on those paws so she can't lick at them. (We feel horrible, but she's feeling better since she's on antibiotics and pain killers. That was not a cheap vet visit.)

      I'm still deciding whether to get out of pajamas. Pajamas sound so good, but two days in a row is a stretch. Maybe I should change into lounge wear at least.

    7. Poor Zena. I hope she is doing ok. Sounds awful for her. I hear it is warming up so hopefully she'll be back to normal soon :)

    8. She back to her spiffy self, although she isn't too keen that she can't lick her back legs. We keep stopping her.

      I did not get out of pajamas today. PMS and rain means it's a pajama day. Pajama, pig out on whatever junk food I want and binge on wedding shows day. HA HA HA!


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