Monday, 24 August 2009

30 Day Skin Challenge

Well I'm back, I hope!

Update on the 30 Day Skin Challenge:
It has gone ... wrong... Sad to say that between a few over night visits, some hot sunshine, suncream, homones, diet changes and forgotten products.. it has been classed a failure before the 30 days are up! I am finding the Bio-oil ok, but with suncream, tea-tree oil, my oily skin.. hm.. not pretty!

So, I am restarting my skin challenge and considering ammending it a bit. I love tea-tree oil but I think that I need to include a routine that opens and unclogs my pores (removing deep dirt/oil etc). Can anyone recommend anything?


  1. Hey there,
    You may have already tried this but I love using an aspirin face mask once a week. I use aspirin and honey, leave for 15 mins and wash off. I've noticed I have far fewer break outs since. Perhaps do a small patch test to make sure you don't react to it. Here's a video from Michelle Phan explaining it all. Sorry if this is old news.

  2. Thank you so much for that. I didn't know about the aprsin mask but that makes so much sense. I have bought some Clearasil pads (which I haave used before) and just looked and it has the same acid in. I also bought some Tea Tree Which Hazel products which I will write up on soon.

    Thanks for the advice, I'll do a skin blog as soon as I have round 2 of my sale sorted!
    E x

  3. Cool, hope it works. I've certainly seen and felt a difference. I try to use it only once a week though as I know that skin gets use to it and then it won't work. Plus it's a hell of a lot cheaper than any face mask! Let me know how you get on.

  4. I will try it. Some products dry my skin, which makes it look better until I stop using it. I'll try this instead of exfoliating next time!

    Emma x

  5. Ok I hate to be a nay sayer.. I love aspirin masks initially but for whatever reason I started breaking out more after doing aspirin masks! I know - super scary!!

    There are a lot of rave Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque reviews on MUA. I've just ordered it on ebay so I hope this helps. Apparently it dries out oil in your skin so I am liking the sounds!

    Looking at your picture, I don't know, it doesn't look bad to me. It just looks like your skin is in recovery mode at the moment.

    I have used proactiv before and although that works for a while - it always drys out my skin to buggery and I just feel it is giving me wrinkles!

    In addition to all the antibacterial and extreme cleanliness (I do this too and it helps!) I would recommend you stay away from all mineral oils (like bio oil) as that can clog pores.

    Personally, I would recommend getting medical advice on it. My acne for example is hormonal acne and the treatment is a course of antibiotics and low dosage birth control pill. These work but have side affects - it depends on how bad your skin is. A friend of mine who had acne found she was allergic to all this stuff and it cleared up after she stopped eating wheat! You just never know I guess.

    Good luck!!


  6. @BV thanks for the advice- I 'still' fogot to buy the honey, but I want to give this one a go. I think that once all the bacteria is killed then i can start with a clean slate. I hav stopped using my foundation sponge (a few months back) and that has helped a lot.

    I have a few more products to try out (one from a salon, but I have spokent to the doctor about it, I just want to avoid meds as much as possible and let my immune system get stronger.

    I think my diet is ok (apparentl cheek spots are diet related, and chin and T zone is hormonal based) but I am watching closely.

    Thanks for the kind words- I have always felt rubbish about my skin and am determind to feel more confident before it is too late!



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