Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Discount alert: £1.50 off Pulse Perfection

Well I hope you are all having a better week than mine.  It is just getting worse and worse for many reasons.  Don't get me wrong, there are a lot worse things that could happen- it just seems to be lots of struggles followed by bad news, more stuggles, bad news.. praying for some good news soon!!

Ayway, UK people (sorry non-UK people, I do look out for things for you too) click HERE to link to a coupon fom £1.50 off Maybeline's Pulse Perfection Mascara (if you think it is worth it!).

I am probably going to give it a miss as, knowing my luck at the moment, I'll probably get a duff one and electrocute my eye.

Let me know what you think of it/if you get one.


Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Discount Alert: £5 gift card House of Fraser & More ELF discount codes!

Click Here to link to a page that will get you a £5 girft card for the Home department at House of Fraser.  You have a voucher, hand it over and get a gift card.  Cool huh?

Elf £1 shipping until end of month on orders over £5 us Zoom123 code for UK and Zookie123 for EU.

Let me know if you buy anything!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sneak Peak: Upcoming competition prizes

My 30 subscribers competition is coming up very shortly!  I blogged about my haul earlier today and bought some prizes.  I am going to give you a sneak peak of some of the prizes.

Sorry for the rubbish photo.  It is too light!

Prizes are
New Boots Electric Blue Tights (they are more deeper and vibrant than in the photo- and very autumn 2009!)
New Rimmel Eye Shadow Mono in Bronzed
New Revlon Moisture Balance Lipstick 012 Brandy Plum
New Revlon Moisture Balance Lipstick 044 Sugarplum
New Burlesque Beauty Eye Lashes

I have a few more things to add, and a few mystery prizes which will be revealed to the winners.

There will be one random award out of a prize draw, and one creative competition.  The first winner will get to pick out a few prizes, the second winner will get the pick of the rest.

This is open internationally, but there might be some products I am unable to send abroad.

Competition will open at 30 subsribers, and those 30 will automatically get an entry to the prize draw.  Further prize draw entries will be gained by completing simple tasks during the competition period. 

The other part of the contest will involve you using your products and creating a look.

Full details and prizes released when 30 subs are reached!


Saturday Haul

I popped into town today and bought this little lot

Top left-Right
Body shop eyeshadow No 8 Golden Paprika
Revlon Concealer Brush 010
Body shop Lightening Touch in 01 (silver tube)

Next row;
Body shop Wild Cherry scrub
Revlon No smudge dry oil (Helps dry nail polish)
Rimmel Mono Eyeshadow Colour Rush in 060 Bronzed

Bottom Row;
Revlon Vital Radiance Moisture Boosting Lipstick in 012 Plum Brandy
Revlon Vital Radiance Moisture Boosting Lipstick in 044 Sugarplum
Burlesque Beauty eye lashes.

Some of these will be prizes in my give away!!

I will do a seperate post on the lightening touch, but when I purchased it I was given the wild cherry scub free.  It smells lovely and I cant wait to try it.  Thanks Body shop!

The Rimmel eye mono changes colour when you swatch it.  I think it is a layered eye shadow that deepens in colour as you go.  It feels really soft, and applies very easily.  I think Lollipop26 did a review on this, so its not a new product, but it is new to me!

The Body shop shadow is a lighter metalic.  It sits beautifully between my shimmer cube (see older review post) colours and I have been toying with purchasing it for a while.  I have now spotted 5 other colours I want, but might wait for a promotion!

This swatch is the Bodyshop shadow across the top, then a stripe of the top rimmel colour, then a stripe of the bottom rimmel colour.  I think they will go great together, and I cant wait to have lots of fun blending these browns. 

I will do more reviews as I use items.

Question: Has anyone tried de-potting the body shop shadows to put in a palette (say the MAC palettes or Costal Scents palettes)?  I like being able to see all my colours at the same time, and it makes it easier when you are in a hurry!  I love the little packaging- great for handbags, but sometimes I really dont want to open/sift through the mono packs to see what I have or what will go well together.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

If you have used any of the products then let me know what you thought!

Thanks :)

Friday, 25 September 2009

Discount Alert: Free ELF Shipping code

Valid until Midnight Sunday on orders over £5 UK code UKSHPIT


Sorry for the multiple posts today.  Could not resist sharing this with you!

Tag: Ins and Outs

Sunshine on a friday afternoon.  It makes me happy :)
Filling up my emtpy draws and wardrobe with clothes- the best part of clearing out!
Give aways and receiving free products and samples.  Who doesnt like that?!
Getting a free haircut :)
Innocent Smoothies

Heels- why does every shoe or boot I see at the moment have 3-5 inch heels?  Yes they might LOOK good, but I cant wear them because I walk place and they will cripple me.  Where are all the nice 1-2inch heeled boots???
Spots- breakouts :( my skin challenge was going so well!)
Finding makeup storage.  I didnt realise how hard this would be.
Work- lots to do this weekend.
Spiders- I keep finding loads in the house, so they all go OUTside.

What are yours?

Mismercurylady competition

Hey, the lovely missmercurylady i haveing a give awa so check out

And don't forget that when I hit 30 subscribers, my competition will be open!!

Review: Body shop shimmer cube

I picked up a Body shop shimmer cube a few weeks back and promised to do a review.  This is the cube and it is in called palette 06
The colours are (top left-right, bottom left -right)
03 Marshmallow
01 Honeycomb
02 Dark Chocolate
04 Chocolate

They are packaged in little tiny cubes inside, meaning you can carry them individually or as a quad.

They can be used dry, or wet as shown in this swatch;

Left to right, Dark choc0 02, choc chip 04, 01 honeycomb, 03 Marshmallow.
Towards the bottom of the stripe I added a little bit of water.  It really makes the colours shine.  My photo doesnt quite do it justice.  They looks was like liquid metals when wet, and have a really delicate shine when dry.  You can use them as a highlighter, base, liner and a shadow.  You could probably use them with your normal bronzer too to add a shine!

Verdict: I LOVE this product, and it really makes my blue eyes pop.  It is easy to apply and lasts for quite a while.  Adding water makes creates several different looks, making it a bargain for the price.  When applying I use the lightest colour as a base and then build up using 04 in the corner and crease.  For a later night time look I add the darkest colour as a liner.  They blend easily and are easy to carry about.

I have seen four of these shimmer cube palettes in the shops, although I believe some are limited edition for the summer.  I would really recommend these as an investment product.  I have used mine loads and they still look untouched!  They are available fromt he body shop online store, or in most stores.  The price varies depending on your source, I got mine for around £14.50 (with my 10% discount card) but they retail for around £15-17 for 4 x 4g of product.

The next time I do my eyes for an evening look, I will take a photo and show you how they wear.

Have you tried this product?  Can you recommed it?

Don't forget my competition coming soon!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

My competition

I have decided that when I reach 30 followers that I am going to do my contest.  This is to show my appreciation for the support, comments, friendship and smiles you have all given me since I joined blogger (and before in some cases).

It will have two parts and two prizes.
The 30 followers I have when I open my competition will automatically get entered (unless you tell me that you don't want to take part).  You will be able to get an additional entry by leaving a comment (for which you must be a follower).  I might add a few other ways of getting entries during the competition..

The second part of the contest requires you to get use your makeup and products....But I will go more into this at the time.

I have a few prizes and a few mystery prizes.  It will be open internationally (I don't want to exclude you guys from outside the UK!)

I am nearly at 30 private and public followers so not long to go-- stay tuned :)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Info: Make-up/product hygiene

After doing a lot of clearouts and reading lots of articles I have decided to do a little post on make-up hygiene and when to throw products out.  This is just what I have learnt so far- please feel free to correct parts or share your own tips.

Why is it important to clean out your products and tools?

A few reasons, but the main one.  Bacteria.  It can cause all sorts of nasties- eye infections, cold sores, wound infections, spots, rashes, itches,...  

The tools- brushes, sponges, tweezers. Lets start with the easy bit.

These should be cleaned at least once a week- more if possible.

After watching panacea81's tips on youtube and reading lots of MUA interviews I have come to the conclusion that most people seem to clean their brushes once a week with brush cleaner, and use makeup removing face wipes to swipes after each use as a quick fill unless the brushes are really dirty.  Me?  I use Johnson's baby shampoo to clean my brushes and keep them soft.  I have heard of a lot of people using MAC's cleaner but it also costs a lot more than baby shampoo!

Why?  Whatever touches your face will pick up and leave oil, grease, and bacteria.  Bacteria is one of the main causes of spots.  Not only will you infect your face with all sorts of nasties, but you will also infect your products too.

TIP. Just make sure you dont dry the brushes upside down or the water will run up the inside and destroy the glue that holds the bristles inside.  I dry mine with an old coat hanger.  I peg rubber bands on to the coat hanger and then wrap my brushes inside the bands.  This holds them snugly up the right way.


So on to each product;

Please bare in mind that this is just a guideline.   You know if your make-up is looking or smelling odd and needs to be thrown out!

Foundation  I find pump action is best for hygienic purposes.  The applicator goes nowhere near the rest of the product, and it is airtight keeping the product from going off for longer.  I use a foundation brush.  I used to use a sponge, but they harbour bacteria- and are difficult to completely wash.  Be careful if you used fingers to apply- make sure you place a small amount of product in one palm, and used that as your source (rather than directly from the bottle).  Expiration: Generally water based up to 12 months, oil based up to 18 months.  Some have a date on the packaging.

Concealer  It is especially important not to put concealer directly onto the skin.  Use your own brush and swatch some on your hand.  The last thing you want to do is cover up a spot with bacteria infected concealer- and then infect the concealer and then put that on other spots at a later date!  Expiration generally 12 months.  TIP Pencils can be sharpened if dry or contaminated.

Powders are generally used directly from the pan.  They can last a long time, but be careful to wash the brushes.  I find some powders go really hard after a while- throw them out as thy are dry and will no longer stick to your skin.  Expiration can be as long as 3 years if not dirty or dry before then!

Eye products- never use any if you have an eye infection as you will infect the product (especially if liquid) and re-infect your eye on every application!  If you have applied by accident then sorry, tie to throw it out!

Mascara gets infected very easily.  And there is no way around it unless you have 4-6 spare wands to use each time you want to apply the product!  TIP never pump the mascara as it just compacts air into the tube and aids the bacteria/drying of the product.  Expiration 4-6 months.  Yes, time to throw a few mascaras out!

Eyeliner/lipliner comes in different forms.  Pencils can be sharpened thus remove any dry product.  I find twisty product dry out quicker (and I never know how much is left!)  Expiration up to three years with pencils.

Lipstick in traditional sticks is best.  Swatch it on your hand and use a lip brush.  This will look neater and avoid cross contamination.  Expiration 1-4 years!  If it dries or smells then out it quick!

Nail polish can always be rescued a few times by adding a few drops of polish remover.  After a while this stops working and that is when I throw mine out.

**EXTRA TIP** Keep Lipstick and nail polish in the fridge and it will last longer.  This will also help the nail polish apply better AND dry quicker!! Just make sure they are closed properly first!

Other products

Creams, lotions and gels seem to go off in about a year.  Obviously items where you pour or squeeze into your hand will not pick up bacteria or dirt off your hand.  Jars where you put your hand in might only last 6 months.  I use cotton wool where possible, and avoid putting used pads back in contact with the product. I also try to used fair-trade or environmentally friendly cotton wool.  Q-tips are great for getting a small blob of product out of a container.

General rule

Sort out your products once a year.  If you have not used a product in a year then evaluate if you should keep it.  Keep things sealed until you need to use them as this will make it easier to know if you should be throwing it out or not.

If you are in doubt, then out it.  Is it worth getting a huge spot/infection over?

So happy sorting!

And remember- NEVER use display makeup on your face.  I have seen this first hand (and the resulting hospital trips because the makeup had been used by 1000 other bacteria infected people! Yuck.).  We dont have the same immunities and all carry ecoli bacteria for example....


I hope you have enjoyed this post- I am not an expert, this is just what I have learnt so please feel free to share your thought, tips or rules!


Shopping with a conscience.. Clothes/make-up at a price

I won't set foot in Primark or GAP.  Lucky that I don't live near one, but I have become very aware in recent years of some schops/clothing lines that exploit 3rd world communitiries.  Yes some shops (Primark, Tesco etc) get clothes/accessories REALLY cheaply but at what price?

Within make-up and beauty products, some one the companies openly test on animals.  Thankfully a lot of that has been banned in the UK, but several companies still test on animals- notably French companies can still test on animals and some companies are fighting a proposed ban in favour of testing products on animals.

I am not as on the ball as I feel I should be- yes I love my eye make-up remover, but is it really worth abusing animals to find out if it will hurt me??

On the flip side of this little note, in this climate can the consumer still afford to vote with their money?  Money is so tight in many households and people generally reach for the cheapest item.

It is a controversal subject and one that I don't know a lot about.  It is one that I do think about quite a lot though, and think that a lot of people seem to ignore and think it doesnt affect them (as long as they look good!)

I know that I like bodyshop products (and they don't test on animals)- but (I think) they are owned by L'oreal (who are french and do test on animals?) and L'oreal is owned by Lacome.. It gets complicated.

I found these lists today.

Companies that do not test include Avon, Almay (Revlon), Aramis (Estee Lauder), Avalon, Aveda, Bobbi Brown, Botanics, Bodyshop, Clarins, Clinique, Christian Doir, Chanel, Crabtree and Evelyn, Dermalogica, Estee Lauder, Garnier, Joico, Liz Clainbourne, MAC, Nivea, Prestige, Sebastian (Wella), St. Ives, Urban Decay, Yves Rocher, Wella, Redken, Woods of Windsor.

Full list is available here (and updated from PETA)

For ones that DO TEST see although some of these are larger companies that have certain arms tht don't.  It is very confusing.

I have been glad to read that most of my makeup and products are from animal free companies.

Now it is YOUR TURN.  Have a glance at the lists (or do an internet search to find the most up to date lists) and see roughly how many products you own that come from animal testing companies.

I would do the same thing for ethical clothing, but I think we would all be VERY depressed.

If you can suggest any brand or have any thoughts then post them here.
I stress that this is just my obsevations so it is possible that I could be very wrong with my information- i reserve the right to retract it!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Tag: Cosmetic Diary

As I was was tagged by Oxford Jasmine (Click here) this is my cosmetic diary

Superdrug tea tree cleansing face wipes
Clearasil Ultra Dep Pore Treatment Pads
Botanics Pore Perfecting Day Moisture Lotion with SPF15

Neals Yard Tea Tree and Lavender soap wash
Herbal Essences Shampoo

ELF Complexion Perfection powder
Bodyshop Moisture Foundation (SPF15) Fond de teint Hydration in 04
Bodyshop concealer in 03
More Elf Complexion powder
Bodyshop rose blush (I think but the label has come off.
Rimmel Brown eye liner
Estee Lauder Lip gloss (Pure pops I think)

Touch up with a swipe of No7 eye base later before a loose brush of body shop shimmer cube (Masrshmallow), followed by ELF eye brightening quad in Matte Mauve.

Later on before bed;

L'oreal eye makeup remover
Superdrug wipes
Clearasil pads
Santuary spa moisturiser
Once- twice a week Bontantics eye gel

This routine is slightly different to my normal once as I am on my 30 Day skin challenge to blitz my spots and pores.

I would normally use seperate cleanse, toner and moisturiser.

I am looking for better products if anyone has any suggestions for eye treaments, night creams- any of it in fact- feel free to suggest items.  Combination skin is a nightmare!

I tag all of you lot!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Discount Alert: Free ELF shipping extended + Blog competition

Quick update, my last post gave an ELF shipping code- this has been extended to midday tomorrow.

Also hop over to cause the lovely Victoria is having a little give away!

Discount Alert: Free ELF Shipping code

Free ELF shipping till midnight tonight.

Facebook group message says..
"FREE SHIPPING on orders of £5 or more placed before midnight on Sunday 20th September (UK time). For orders to UK use code UKSHIPIT For orders to Europe use code EUROSHIP :0)"

So there you go!

Happy shopping!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

30DSC/Haul/ Update/competition/coming up

Sorry, no photos, broken camera, but hopefully its just a bad battery..

30 Day skin Challenge. 30DSC.
I challenged myself to a 30 day skin challenge (click here for original post) or click the 30dsc link on the right bar.  I don't want to speak too soon, but my spots seem to be getting under control!!  Not only this but my skin looks less sallow, and actually has colour in it.  The pores are smaller.  I am really pleased- but not finished by any means.  I have changed the routine a bit and extended it, but I am focussing on getting a good healthy blank canvas.  Clearasil pads night and morning, moisturiser, exfoliation twice a week and asprin masks 2ce a month.  I will post an update photo asap.

So after my Life overHaul post... in the past week I have bought 4 cardigans, a dress, a jumper, 2 tops, a scarf, some earrings- and no beauty products.  Once I get my camera working I will upload some photos.  Rarely for me, NONE of them are black!  I saw lots of nice things, but I need to empty the rest of my wardrobe before buying shoes/bags etc.  It feels good to be challenging myself to stp outside of my comfort box and try on things I wouldnt normally wear.  I normally instantly go 'yes' or 'no' within 2 secods of stepping in a shop- so to look, try, feel.. Find things that actually FIT me and imagine how they will look with shoes/bags/jewellry I have.. that is a BIG step for me.  I did look at some blazers.. but I think they would be too oversized or too short on me.  Plus I don't live in London where it is always hot and you have instant public transport- therefore heels/skimpy fashions are ok because you are never outside for more than 2 minutes!!  I'm a practical person!!

I still have my review of the bodyshop shimmer cubes (which I have been wanting for months).  Also I want to do a post with different eye colours to ask you all about which colours you prefer on me!  I love the shimmer cubes though- anyone else got them?

I have been sent some products to try and review, so these will be coming up very shortly, once my camera comes back to life.  I think I have some Garnier, Clinque and Nelson's products to write about.

Give away!
Yes you read rightly!  I am putting together a modest few items which I will be giving away to one of my followers.  I havent finalised the deal yet but I am thinking about having one part that is a straight give away, and one part that is a creative competition to help me with my new adventure into colour/products/making the most of me.  So stay tuned.  It is on its way!

This is all hard without a camera.  I think the charger is broken as the batteries seem to not be working at all.  Im trying a new charger so fingers crossed!

I hope you are all well and beautiful this weekend!


Friday, 18 September 2009

Discount Alert: Free ELF Shipping

Elf are running a promo- when their facebook fan page hits 15'000 they will have free shipping.  So log into your facebook page and become a fan of and ejoy the free shipping when another 500 or so people sign up!!

Also they are eunning a free competition there.

I should point out that I have no connection with ELF (or any other company).  Just spreading some friday happiness!

I have been on another haul, will talk about that soon!
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Review: Elf help

Here is my review of my Elf makeup.  I wrote a long review, saved it, cam back to it... and it had gone.  So here is the shortened version because I don't have time to write it all out again.

Elf- good for quick shipping, customer service and value for money.

I ordered late thrusday (11pm I think), it was sent Friday and arrived Saturday.

I bought;
 Face blush bronzer brush

Smudge brush

 Eye brightening eye shadow quad in Mauve

Complexion Correction

Cover stick

Studio Bronzer and Blusher Duo

Sorry for the rubbish layout, I still havent got the hang of blogger uploader.

The brushes are £1.50 each and I think are worth it.  The blush brush is not as soft as some of my other brushes (bodyshop ones for example) but still do a good job.  So far wearing well, but ask me again in a year after many washes!  The smudge brush is a new toy and I love it.  I don't want to smudge my eyes too much as the skin in delicate, this tool is good for blending and getting more product on the skin.

Cover stick, covers redness and circles under the eye.  However it can also be used as eye shadow base.  It smeels a bit orangey (I think it is supposed to), is hypoallergenic, and twists up and down.  Works well once blended on the skin.  I find it a great size to pop into my handbag with a brush for on-the-go touch ups.

Eye shadow quad- I have had better, but for £1.50? No I have not had anything better.  The powder is velvet like and soft.  They are not highly pigmented, but certainly wearable for a daytime look.  Word of warning though, the website had colour swatches next to the name of the product- don't take these as the colours.  Hover your mouse over the swatches and the photo of the quad at the top changes to the colours you will actually get.  Thankfully I knew this, or I would have ordered 3 or 4 quads that I would have hated!

Elf has just launched a studio range which includes the two compacts I ordered- and I love them.  They feel durable and transportable.

Blush/Bronzer- I am used to a darker blush with more blue tone than this, but this one works well.  It has a little gold shimmer in it, which is quite pretty, but not always wanted.  The bronzer is quite dark, and it has taken me a while to get the technique right after using bronzing pearls for ages.  Anyway, you only need a tiny bit if you are pale like me!  I dust a bit over my nose, chin and forehead for a natural sunkissed look.  I have been told that it is a good NARS dupe- what do you think?

Complexion powder- my favorite part of my haul.  It reminds me of a product by Guerlain (Click here) It looks pretty in the compact- but does it work.  Yes.  I have used it with a blush brush under my foundation and over my foundation.  It absorbs oil and neutralises red/blue patches on my face.  I have also used specific colours on scars to reduce them further.  ELF uk has a great video on using the compact to target areas (search Youtube).  I will have no problem in reordering this product- especially at £3.50!


Bronzer, Blush, Eye Quads (going up and down but you can only really see one), Cover stick, eye shadow with smudge brush.

Complexion powder- Excellent value, and works.  Cover stick- work well and might be replaced when I run out.  Brushes and Blush compact- need longer to road test them, but doing ok so far.  Quad- cheap and cheerful, but I doubt I will reorder because I think I can find single eyeshadows that will last me longer and be more pigmented.  However I like Elf as a company and would recommend them to others.  The only thing I didnt like was the Studio drop down menu on the website- I drops down quite a way (which I missed) and therefore missed a lot of the Studio products.  I'd like to try their fan brush but I couldnt find it until after I ordered.  I guess that is for next time.

So who is a little Elf here? And what products have you tried?.

Sorry this post is a bit rubbish, I had it all sorted and have had to rewrite it in 10 minutes so there are loads of typos, but i'll edit them later.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Hop over to as she is running a fantastic competition with lots of goodies!
Thanks :)  And don't forget to do my TAG!!

TAG: Life overHAUL: OUTS and INS

I am tagging all of you to do a Life overHaul OUTS and INS post (like the one I did last night).  I have never done a tag, or started one- but your comments made me think that it would be fun.

It is a new academic year, so what are you throwing OUT and what are you wanting to start?  Once you do your post a link to it here so we can all visit your blog and read it!

It is a slight twist one the Ins and Outs post.  If you are a little confused then see my (accidental) last but one post.  Right, back to work for me- I'm not supposed ot be on here!!

Have a great day!  Elf haul/review coming as soon as I have time to do it properly!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Recent Hauls

Elf Haul - Coming soon. Complexion powder, bronzer/blusher duo, smudge brush, blush brush, cover stick, eyeshadow
Body shop- Shimmer cube palette 06
Therapy Cardi in Teal
Top Shop Cardi in Grey
East scarf in Khakis greens- like this but darker muddy greens
East earing in green

Sorry no photos tonight but the bold text is clickable links!  I'll probably do a post with the shimmer cube and ELF stuff all in one.

Thats all for tonight.

A big hello to my new follwers!  Welcome along.

I hope everyone is well!


Life Overhaul- OUTS and INS

I have been on a few hauls recently, and have a few more to come.  I have had a few turning points in my life recently and have either put (or lined up) nearly all my clothes, makeup, general junk...on to ebay, into charity shops or to be recycled.

Some of these turning points are good, others are scary.  I don't think there is anyone in the UK who hasn't been made redundant or known someone who has lost their job recently.  It makes you think- and I have been spending a lot of time following my dream.  I don't want to wake up in 30 years time and wish I had taken a leap and stepped outside to take a look around.

Anyway, part of this has been re-evaluating my life, my possessions, my wardrobe, my style.  My parents have always wanted me to be a bit more adventurous and have bought me a few of these items :D


OUT (with the negative)
  • Stretched Tshirts, strappy tops and trousers that I have had for 10 years (Recycle bag)
  • Socks that I like the design of, but have worn through against my trainers (Bye bye hello kitty socks :( Recycled)
  • Items 6 months+ that I have bought but not worn/used (some still have tags) (Ebay)
  • Items that I have worn/used once that are over a year (ebay)
  • Items that I think I'll 'grow in to' or 'just need to be altered' (ebay)
  • Items that I have worn less than 5 times in 1 year (Charity shop)
  • General items that are not sentimental, used daily or monthly (charity shop)
  • Makeup unopened (ebay), liquids over 6 months and powders over 1 year (recycle/bin)
  • Wearing trainers all the time! (Kept for sporadic use)
  • Chaos and Mess, Fear and Negativity! (Bin)
IN (with the new)
  • Good skin! Mixture of new diet, facial care AM and PM and no picking/scratching!
  • New make-up- colours that compliment and that arent my normal 'safe rut' products.
  • Making the most of me- colours, shapes. I realised that I am not making the most of me and that I should or one day I will wake up and have short grey hair, wrinkles and no legs for skirts!!
  • Being more organised and seeking opportunities.  No-one will make them happen for me.
  • New clothes that suit this new transition.  My school, college, and uni days are in the past and I cant dress like a student all the time (maybe for days off!).  Some of my clothes I had had for 10+ years.
  • Accessorising.  I have them, but i just look at them.  Time to organise them in an accessible way and USE them and feel COMFORTABLE with them.
  • Shoes that fit and wont damage me and that aren't 6" high. 2" is a good height for me (and toe friendly)
  • Clothes that fit me.  Or I wont buy them- not even just because they 'nearly' fit and I'm fed up!
  • Positivity, routine, investment purchases and self-confidence.

So that is my personal outs and ins.  I did the Outs first to get rid of them.  This wasnt supposed to be a self help post- it start out as a haul post!  I'll do a haul post after this one.  I have never been a huge shopper (I'd like to be at times but I'm a strange shape and by bank and conscience would hate it)... but I have been guilty of getting things that don't fit properly because of the lack of choice- and then feeling uncomfortable and not wearing them.

This is a new start.  The caterpillar is changing.  The butterfly is ready.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Asprin Mask

After blogging about my skin, several of you suggested that I should try and an 'asprin mask'.

I had not hear of this concept up unitl a few weeks back.

What is it? A very simple mask made of Asprin and water, or Asprin, water and honey.
Why? For a few good reasons- one of which is salicylic acid. This cleans out your pores and helps the skin to heal itself. If you look at the ingredients of your facial products then you are likely to find a few with it in. (My own Clearasil has it in).

My Verdict. I used a honey asprin mask. I found it a bit goopy to put on, but my skin felt so soft afterwards. I have to use warm water and a few cotton pads to take it off! I found that the asprin acted as an exfoliant, and the honey made my skin soft. I would like to use Manuka honey with this at some point, as it has great natural properties. My skin can get quite dry, but the honey seemed to act as a moisturiser. I dont plan on doing this every week as it could get too much with all my other products, howeer perhaps 1-2 times a month will help to kill any spots before they appear?

Even though my skin felt soft, I still used an SPF moisturiser in the day in order to protect the new exposed skin. I have not had as many visable breeakouts since, but still have clogged pores. However I have not used this routine enough to see long term results.

Where can I find out more? Youtube is a good place to start, with many tutorial videos. Also just searching for 'Asprin Facial Mask' on an internet search engine will bring you pages of explainations (better than mine) on why and how it works! I am not sure if it is suitable for all types of skin or not, so please make sure you research it well if you are thinking about trying this menthod.

Thank you to all those who emailed me with suggestions. I really appreciate the comments and help.

Anyone tried this?

Thursday, 10 September 2009

What to do with old make-up packaging?

The Body shop used to take their containers back and recyle them, but they stopped doing that when L'oreal bought the company. I'm always unsure what to do with old tubes and cases. All paper/card gets recycled fairly easily, and shampoo bottles can be recyled in many places, but does anyone know what to do with old twist stick lip packaging/concealer packaging and so on?

Here are 4 tips to share...

I washed out my old body shop foundation tubes (that were used before the pump action bottles were released) have been washed out and now get used for holding face cream/hand cream. They are the right size to slip in a handbag or overnight case. These would cost £1-3 in stores.

A lip brush helps you get the most out of a lipstick, but if you have lots of ends left, why not scoop them out into a suitable container, melt them slightly and leave in an old eyeshadow container to cool. Then you will have create a whole new colour! You can also mix some old lipstick with vaseline to create a lightly tinted lip glaze. (Disclaimer: I havent tried this, but I read about it and always thought of trying it. I suggest you search for a good tutorial on how to do this as I can't find the article I read- make sure everything is safe!).

Old eyeshadow cases can also be used to press pigments to powders into. Mixing a bit of powder with rubbing alcohol will create a paste that will set like a shop bought eyeshadow- Allthatglitters21 on youtube has a video about pressing pigments which is quite useful (Again, I havent treid this yet, but make sure you follow a good tutorial and play safely!).

Old blusher and bronzer cases can be used to press loose bronzer beads into (same way as above although I have never tried!)

If anyone has any other tips or ideas, feel free to share them.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Bare essentials of Skincare & 30DSC

As part of my 30 Day Skin Challenge (30DSC) I have been mulling over what routine I use, and what routine is needed. What products are essential?

My 30DSC is going ok. The extended version now has me using Clearasil pads still (see earlier post). I have been using these am and pm (practically first and last thing). Because they remove dirt, close pores, treat spots and kill bacteria, I have not been using a seperate cleanser and toner- it just felt too much. I have been occassionally using the Tea tree makeup remover/cleanser wipes (see earlier haul). I find my skin gets dry with spot products so I have been using my Sanctuary Spa moisturiser (reviewed earlier) with inclusive SPF (very important if using products that strip the skin). I have also used my Tea tree skin peel a few times, exfoliation scrub and my foundation which has SPF too. Bio oil- I had to lay off it a bit, but still use a bit at night time to help moisturise over night.

Verfict so far: Skin is improving! Still lots of red blotches, open pores, sunken spot scars, blackheads, whiteheads, yellow heads BUT it is not as bad as it was!! I'm very excited and keep wanting to stroke my skin (which is bad!). I have a post coming soon containing all the tips I have learned so far regarding clear skin.

I also have a review of how my asprin mask went...

The Bare Essentials of Skincare
I have been thinking through what the media likes to tell us we should use, and what I actually use/try to use.

My essentials list; (Face Skincare)

Moisturiser (with SPF if possible)
Exfoliation pad or scrub
Tea tree oil
Peel or Mask for oil or blackheads

At the moment my spot care products feature too, but I hope to ditch them soon. I hope.

What are your facial skincare essentials?

Discount Alert: Elf £1 shipping code (UK)

Thanks to Natalie at for the post containing the code.

I am getting an order ready for ELF as they currently have a £1 shipping promotion on their website if you use the code QUIDSIN when purchasing items. It finishes at midnight on Friday and is only for the UK (sorry!).

I think I am going to order the complection correction palette and possible an eyeshadow. Anyone care to recommend anything?


Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Discount Alert: Threading

Just picked up the new issue of (UK) Glamour and, flicking through, I noticed they have an offer for 25% off Threading All prices are pre discount- I didnt have time to work it out right now, sorry!

Neelu's (Ireland) 18 euros
Shavata Brow Studio (Lancashire) £24
Hair by Nico (London) £11
Powder Lounge @ Topshop (London) £14
Serenity in The City (Northumberland) £12
Benito Brow Bar (Nottinghamshire) £10
Zen Lifestyle (Scotland Edinburgh) £24
Blink Brow Bar (Warwickshire) £17

My post a few days ago about my threading experience gained quite a response. I guess these prices are the upper end (appearing in a magazine etc.) but still interesting to compare prices.

I will not be taking up the offer. There are none near me (as usual!)- but, as discussed previously, I though £17 was expensive!! Still 25% off would make a difference! Is anyone near one of these salons?

P.s. anyone else got advice on my makeup/clothing colours? (See below!)

Thanks :D

Monday, 7 September 2009

Photo of me for makeup colours help & green eye makeup!

So this is me with a bit of foundation and concealer on. I dont know a lot about photos/lighting but you can hopefully get an idea about my colourings. I really hate the photo uploader and the way blogger makes it so hard to move photos in the layout..

Anyway here is a little experiment- normal eye, then eye with;
Boots No 7 eye base (sticker has come off)
Boots No 7 Stay perfect eye shadow in Mink (60)
Rimmel Special eyes 084 in Saucy Mint on lid
17 eyeshadow solo (in a teal colour but number has rubbed off- in crease and outer lid)
Bourjois eye pencil regad paillete in 34 Vert stupefiant.. it has gold glitter in it!!

So, what do you think? I know, not mascara/eyebrows/ etc but it was just to see if it is a good colour for me?

Other news..
My favorate jeans have ripped at the knee so I am going to sew a patch behind them to make them last longer. I hate it when that happens (although they cost me £10 in the sale 3-4 years back!)

I have gone through my wardrobe and am getting rid of light pink clothes (including a warhouse silk dress once it has been washed, and some Monsoon items). I felt uncomfortable in the colour so out they go- I just want the room for new things so there are lots of bargains. I have finally put up the Guinot gift set, some electric blue tights, benefit mascara, barry m polish- I've blogged about it before so if you are interested in seeing what I am outing then click on the 'Ebay' label to the right to view some pictures or get a link to my page. I am a big fan of ebay/recycling/reusing. If everyone recycled/reused then the world would be a better place.

The best bit is I have already lined up a few items to fill my empty (yes empty!) drawers!! Very excited!!!

I will blog about that another time!

And Finally;
To Mr Obiarauri (who keeps emailing me). I have no interest in giving you my bank account details (so that you can transfer some money into my account because the bank in Africa has made a mistake and you want to share the money with me... yeah right).

That is enough for now.

Thanks for reading.

10 Followers: Hello to each one of you!

Just a quick post to say that I have noticed I have gained 10 followers. I just wanted to say hello to all of you.

And Hello to anyone who isnt officially 'following'- don't be shy now!

There are lots of blogs, and I try to visit and read lots of them- it is like having a free magazine everyday (but one where real women give their opinions). Thank you for all your sharing!

I'm not always a fan of the blogger dashboard- I find uploading photos a pain (the new post window is small) and the 'followers' window is also annoying- I am trying to follow everyone who is following me but it seems to be taking an age to load. If you have any hints then feel free to post!

Anyway, thank you for all the helpful comments and tips so far- and your posts.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Eyebrow Threading: Blink! and you'll miss it!

I have come across to posts in the last few days about Eyebrow Threading. I thought I would add my thoughts!

Threading is a way of hair removal that uses two bits of thread wound tightly together. As this is run over the skin it clamps hairs (even short ones) and pulls them out. It can achieve great results in terms of shape for eyebrows.

I went to Blink! in Selfridges in Oxford Street London a few months back. I had some time to kill and went in to go and enquire about what it was/how it worked and then maybe try to fit an treatment in before my train.

I have to say that while the treatment was ok, I wasnt overly impressed with the service.

The assistants took a while to notice me standing there, and did fairly little to explain what it was. I watched a few others have their treatment and spied a card on the counter (which I had to ask to see). This explained a bit more about the proceedure. I decided to try it out and enquired if they had any space. The assistant took ages to see if they could fit me in- but i was in luck. I was asked if i had had an appoinment with them before (no) and then booked in. So off I went to kill some time in selfridges before my treatment. Oh the hardship!

When I came back I had to fill in a card. I was not asked about any allergies but i think this was covered in the card. My therapist said very little throughout the whole experience. I'm not sure if she spoke little english or was just shy, but I found this quite unnerving. My eyebrows are special and I'd like to know that anyone semi-permanently changing me can understand my wishes!!

Throughout the treatment I felt very hot and sick (I should have eaten directly before hand, but I guess the adrenaline/fear affected me)! It hurt like having hot needles poked in my eyebrows- then my eyes started leaking. The therapist did show me a mirror a few times and I pointed where I wanted more off- I did ask for advice with shape but I got the feeling she wasnt allowed to advice me. The nice bit was the forehead massage afterwards!

I went to pay and was not told by the receptionist about aftercare- I thought that would be a standard proceedure. Later I found out that they should have given me a loyalty card that gets stamped for treats. I guess that went out the window!

My eyebrows were a bit red but overall they looked tidy and well shaped. I felt a bit out of place in my travel clothes with most of the other ladies being power dressed in suits and red soled shoes, taking business phonecalls and saying 'yah' a lot. I was in my jeans- but I still wanted to feel pampered!

I liked the treatment-all the tiny hairs were gone, and the shape was fantastic. It lasted for ages. It was a bit painful but I guess that would get better with more sessions. I think I just wanted a bit more friendly smiley service- maybe they all hate their jobs or London or just had an off day?! I just felt a bit like I was intruding and not wanted/fitting in. I dont know.. it just was a bit odd.

I have since heard that threading can make you hairs grow back at right angles to the skin- has anyone else found that?

Mine have been ok so far- not something i would rule out doing again but not something that I have been doing every month since.

Has anyone else had theirs done? Where do you go and how do you rate it?

Oh and it cost £17...

Essential Product: Balm Balm

I have blogged before about how I like natural products. It is scary the amount of chemicals that get put into products, and even more scary when we happily slap some cream or liquid onto out body without even questioning what is in the product, what is does and how it works. I read a report on how several leading face creams were independently tested- and it turned out a lot of them physically stripped paint off a surface... and we are supposed to put that on our face... overnight in some cases!! Ouch! (At least I know how to decorate next time!)

I thoght I would write a post about Balm Balm. They use 100% natural and organic ingredients. I love their product range, and it is available in a few highstreet stores.

There lip balms are great- and some contain natural anti- bacterial agents (even better for my 30 day skin challenge!).

Also great is thir range of skin care. If you have sensitive skin then I woul recommend their products- in particular their 'Rose Geranium Face Balm'. Een though it says face balm it also lists it as being a multi-pupose product that can be used on cheeks, lips, neck, hands, arms, legs and feet. What great value for money! It comes in a 30ml siz which is great for handbags or desks, and a little goes a long way!

If you are interested to read more about Balm balm, their products or ethics, then here is their website
Also here is a link to some of their products

Have you tried their products? What did you think?

Friday, 4 September 2009

What are my make-up colours?

I am asking the blogging world's advice. I think my colouring is classed as "English Rose".
Dark brown hair (with some natural flecks of copper/light brown)
Pale skin (not quite porcelain like Helen Bohnham-Carter)
Blue Eyes (Mid blue I think)

What colours should I wear in clothes and make-up?

I obviously have some ideas but I thought I would ask the people with all the knowledge!

Thanks :)

P.s. Feel free to suggest actual products.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Mini Skin Haul: Skincare

I think I mentioned this a little while back but here is a (late) post on a mini skin care haul I did a few weeks back.

The products are; (left to right)
Boots Tea Tree + Witch Hazel Peel Off Face Mask
Superdrug Tea Tree Sensitive Cleansing Wipes
Boots Tea Tree + Witch Hazel Shine Control Day Moisturiser
Clearasil Ultra Deep Pore Treatment Pads.

I have already blogged on the clearsil (and yes I am managing to keep that up at the moment and not pick too much!)

I am going to blog on an unexpected purchase- the Boots Peel Off Face Mask.
I got this because I had just used up my last Boire blackhead strip and wanted to replace those- but I was also looking at Tea Tree because it is a natural antibacterial agent. I prefer natural ingredients in general, but I always look for antibacterial spot products as it kills bacterial breakouts!

So, this products grabs dirt, helps remove blackheads, helps tightens pres and prevent future breaks outs. You put a thin layer on for 10-15 minutes and peel it off when it drys! The Witch Hazel calms and sooths skin.

Verdict: It seems to be working ok so far. My skin has been less oily and feels smoother. I have also seen some 'debris' removed when I peeled off the mask (ew!). While I like this product, I would potentially keep a Boire nose strip for if I had a stubborn breakout- although I have found the Boire pads to feel quite abrasive if used frequently. I would recommend this as something that can be used more frequently and as a natural alternative.

I will blog on other products soon.

Have you tried this range? What do you use for blackheads?

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Clearer Still, Clearasil?

Continuing with my 30 day skin challenge... I have been told to try and Asprin mask.. but I keep forgetting to buy honey so I have reverted temporarily to using Clearasil.

I have used Clearasil products on a few occassions, but I have to be careful that these 'over the counter products' dont make my spots go away by just drying up all the oil and therefor drying up my skin. I try to use a light day moisturiser and a night time moisturiser to make sure this doesnt happen.

I also make sure my day moisturiser/foundation has SPF 15 in (or higher) as new (exfoliated) or dry skin is always more fragile.

So far it seems to be clearing up a few bacterial spot outbreaks. It doesnt particulary smell lovely and perfumy like some products but then many 'bacteria killers' don't. It can tingle a bit after use but that is the break down of trapped dirt etc.

So far my pores are reducing in size, and my complexion seems to be improving. The pads are quick and easy to use. I will be trying out an asprin mask when i remember to buy honey!

Have you tried Clearasil products and what do you recommend?

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