Saturday, 19 September 2009

30DSC/Haul/ Update/competition/coming up

Sorry, no photos, broken camera, but hopefully its just a bad battery..

30 Day skin Challenge. 30DSC.
I challenged myself to a 30 day skin challenge (click here for original post) or click the 30dsc link on the right bar.  I don't want to speak too soon, but my spots seem to be getting under control!!  Not only this but my skin looks less sallow, and actually has colour in it.  The pores are smaller.  I am really pleased- but not finished by any means.  I have changed the routine a bit and extended it, but I am focussing on getting a good healthy blank canvas.  Clearasil pads night and morning, moisturiser, exfoliation twice a week and asprin masks 2ce a month.  I will post an update photo asap.

So after my Life overHaul post... in the past week I have bought 4 cardigans, a dress, a jumper, 2 tops, a scarf, some earrings- and no beauty products.  Once I get my camera working I will upload some photos.  Rarely for me, NONE of them are black!  I saw lots of nice things, but I need to empty the rest of my wardrobe before buying shoes/bags etc.  It feels good to be challenging myself to stp outside of my comfort box and try on things I wouldnt normally wear.  I normally instantly go 'yes' or 'no' within 2 secods of stepping in a shop- so to look, try, feel.. Find things that actually FIT me and imagine how they will look with shoes/bags/jewellry I have.. that is a BIG step for me.  I did look at some blazers.. but I think they would be too oversized or too short on me.  Plus I don't live in London where it is always hot and you have instant public transport- therefore heels/skimpy fashions are ok because you are never outside for more than 2 minutes!!  I'm a practical person!!

I still have my review of the bodyshop shimmer cubes (which I have been wanting for months).  Also I want to do a post with different eye colours to ask you all about which colours you prefer on me!  I love the shimmer cubes though- anyone else got them?

I have been sent some products to try and review, so these will be coming up very shortly, once my camera comes back to life.  I think I have some Garnier, Clinque and Nelson's products to write about.

Give away!
Yes you read rightly!  I am putting together a modest few items which I will be giving away to one of my followers.  I havent finalised the deal yet but I am thinking about having one part that is a straight give away, and one part that is a creative competition to help me with my new adventure into colour/products/making the most of me.  So stay tuned.  It is on its way!

This is all hard without a camera.  I think the charger is broken as the batteries seem to not be working at all.  Im trying a new charger so fingers crossed!

I hope you are all well and beautiful this weekend!



  1. Lucky you to be sent some products!
    & I want to do a give away when I have money but I don't want to give the prizes to someone who only commented on my blog once, just for the prizes.
    & I can't wait to see the new clothes you bought!

  2. Hi Louise!

    Yes I know what you mean. It seems a bit cheeky to read someones blog once and sign up for a competition. I have only entered a few so far. I am thinking about the best way to run it. I don't have a lot of money at the moment, but I have picked up a few things which I have put aside, and I will post on the clothes soon. It might just be links though if my camera refuses to wake up!
    Emma x

  3. Tee hee - I understand the need to be sensible when it comes to the footwear and clothes issue. I live in Scotland and at the moment you have to take your umbrella and sunglasses with you when leaving the house. Who knows what the weather will change into.
    I know what you girls mean about people signing up for things just for the prizes. Sucks that people take advantage.
    Looking forward to seeing the new clothes hun.


  4. I sometimes feel that all fashion clothes re designed for London (i.e. not to be worn outside!!)

    I will get round to posting more soon. It just tak ages to take photos, upload, write etc as you well know!


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