Friday, 11 September 2009

Asprin Mask

After blogging about my skin, several of you suggested that I should try and an 'asprin mask'.

I had not hear of this concept up unitl a few weeks back.

What is it? A very simple mask made of Asprin and water, or Asprin, water and honey.
Why? For a few good reasons- one of which is salicylic acid. This cleans out your pores and helps the skin to heal itself. If you look at the ingredients of your facial products then you are likely to find a few with it in. (My own Clearasil has it in).

My Verdict. I used a honey asprin mask. I found it a bit goopy to put on, but my skin felt so soft afterwards. I have to use warm water and a few cotton pads to take it off! I found that the asprin acted as an exfoliant, and the honey made my skin soft. I would like to use Manuka honey with this at some point, as it has great natural properties. My skin can get quite dry, but the honey seemed to act as a moisturiser. I dont plan on doing this every week as it could get too much with all my other products, howeer perhaps 1-2 times a month will help to kill any spots before they appear?

Even though my skin felt soft, I still used an SPF moisturiser in the day in order to protect the new exposed skin. I have not had as many visable breeakouts since, but still have clogged pores. However I have not used this routine enough to see long term results.

Where can I find out more? Youtube is a good place to start, with many tutorial videos. Also just searching for 'Asprin Facial Mask' on an internet search engine will bring you pages of explainations (better than mine) on why and how it works! I am not sure if it is suitable for all types of skin or not, so please make sure you research it well if you are thinking about trying this menthod.

Thank you to all those who emailed me with suggestions. I really appreciate the comments and help.

Anyone tried this?


  1. As you know (as I was one of the ones who suggested this) I love this mask. It's cheap and works for me. I use this once a week and have certainly seen the difference. I just love the feeling afterwards as well. I tend to wash mine off in the shower and it comes off easily. I use cirle motions as I'm washing it off to exfoliate as I go. Hope this works out for you.

  2. Hi Eliza, Thank you for suggesting it (I think you were the first!) I am going to leave it a few days and do another one (roughtly spacing them 2 weeks apart there after). My skin seems to get dry- especially with the spot products I'm using at the moment. It does seem less oily (good!) but I don't want it to dy out too much so I am treading carefully! I dont seem to have had any bad effects so far. I will give an update after I have used it 3 times!

    Good tip about the shower! (I had to try really hard not to eat the honey!)

    I hope you have a great friday night.

    Emma x:)


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