Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Bare essentials of Skincare & 30DSC

As part of my 30 Day Skin Challenge (30DSC) I have been mulling over what routine I use, and what routine is needed. What products are essential?

My 30DSC is going ok. The extended version now has me using Clearasil pads still (see earlier post). I have been using these am and pm (practically first and last thing). Because they remove dirt, close pores, treat spots and kill bacteria, I have not been using a seperate cleanser and toner- it just felt too much. I have been occassionally using the Tea tree makeup remover/cleanser wipes (see earlier haul). I find my skin gets dry with spot products so I have been using my Sanctuary Spa moisturiser (reviewed earlier) with inclusive SPF (very important if using products that strip the skin). I have also used my Tea tree skin peel a few times, exfoliation scrub and my foundation which has SPF too. Bio oil- I had to lay off it a bit, but still use a bit at night time to help moisturise over night.

Verfict so far: Skin is improving! Still lots of red blotches, open pores, sunken spot scars, blackheads, whiteheads, yellow heads BUT it is not as bad as it was!! I'm very excited and keep wanting to stroke my skin (which is bad!). I have a post coming soon containing all the tips I have learned so far regarding clear skin.

I also have a review of how my asprin mask went...

The Bare Essentials of Skincare
I have been thinking through what the media likes to tell us we should use, and what I actually use/try to use.

My essentials list; (Face Skincare)

Moisturiser (with SPF if possible)
Exfoliation pad or scrub
Tea tree oil
Peel or Mask for oil or blackheads

At the moment my spot care products feature too, but I hope to ditch them soon. I hope.

What are your facial skincare essentials?


  1. I don't like going without a facewash. Need to have my facewash first thing in the morning or it just feels weird. I love my Aloe Vera gel morning and night too. Plus getting at the age where I need to start hitting the eye cream too.
    Looking forward to seeing how you got on with the mask.

  2. I'm quite naughty & don't have a skin care routine but I do stick with some products, I don't know if their really good but they haven't harmed my skin after using them repeatedly. I use St.Ives apricot scrub in the shower every day (Its not harsh on my skin) & I sometimes use Simple moisturiser or a random one. I have oily skin so I tend not to use much moisturiser as it makes my skin worse.


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