Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Clearer Still, Clearasil?

Continuing with my 30 day skin challenge... I have been told to try and Asprin mask.. but I keep forgetting to buy honey so I have reverted temporarily to using Clearasil.

I have used Clearasil products on a few occassions, but I have to be careful that these 'over the counter products' dont make my spots go away by just drying up all the oil and therefor drying up my skin. I try to use a light day moisturiser and a night time moisturiser to make sure this doesnt happen.

I also make sure my day moisturiser/foundation has SPF 15 in (or higher) as new (exfoliated) or dry skin is always more fragile.

So far it seems to be clearing up a few bacterial spot outbreaks. It doesnt particulary smell lovely and perfumy like some products but then many 'bacteria killers' don't. It can tingle a bit after use but that is the break down of trapped dirt etc.

So far my pores are reducing in size, and my complexion seems to be improving. The pads are quick and easy to use. I will be trying out an asprin mask when i remember to buy honey!

Have you tried Clearasil products and what do you recommend?


  1. Hey there Computergirl. Yep, Clearasil - I have tried loads of their products! Personally, now I am older I can't use their products (too drying now) but I have found I prefer Neutrogena products. Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel promises to visibly reduces breakouts in 8 hours. Not sure about this 8 hour deadline but it seriously is so drying I have ended up completely drying out small patches on my skin overnight! Just put it on spots with cotton bud - I think it works. Your skin looks pretty damn clear in you photo so personally I think you are lucky and probably no need to worrry!


  2. I have not looked at the neutrogena range, I will have a look when I go into town in a bit. I also (now that I am a bit older) find Clearasil drying, but I ahave a good moisturiser I use which helps.

    I blogged an earlier photo of my chin where I have a lot of red blotches/scars/large pres/blackhead. I tend to get more blackhead/whiteheads, but still get the horrible 'very visable' spots. I always thought I'd magically grown out of it! Thanks for th kind words though! I know its not as bad as some, but I still feel yucky about it- especially without any makeup on!!

    Thanks for stopping by
    Emma :)


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