Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Discount Alert: £5 gift card House of Fraser & More ELF discount codes!

Click Here to link to a page that will get you a £5 girft card for the Home department at House of Fraser.  You have a voucher, hand it over and get a gift card.  Cool huh?

Elf £1 shipping until end of month on orders over £5 us Zoom123 code for UK and Zookie123 for EU.

Let me know if you buy anything!


  1. I think I might treat myself and get one or two things!!!


  2. What do you recommend from Elf? I have ordered their normal line of makeup before and the quality was atrocious! I've heard good things about the Studio line though.

  3. @Eliza
    I am hopeful for finding something for under £5!!!! :Dx

    @Clearly Beautiful Blog
    I have not ordered many products from them (yet) but I ordered some from the normal line, and some from the Studio line. I have done a review on that haul (click o the Elf tag to the right). Of the items, one didnt impress me much. The normal brushes are ok and washing fine so far (good for the price, but not as soft as my body shop ones).

    Studio line- yes I like the products I got from that. Complexion perfection has got a thumbs up from me, and the Blusher/bronzer duo (if used lightly on me) works well- both compacts would not look out of place next to high end make-up ranges. I also like the normal "All over cover stick" as a concealer and eye base (normal range).

    I have heard the studio line brushes are good (and contain anti-bacterial agent) so I will be buying some of those next, and some of the mineral range. I have some decent brushes, and cheap brushes- so I will review them with my collection in mind.

    Also the UK will get the a huge boost in the number of studio line products available in November, so I will be able to have a look and review some of those then- and make more recommendations!

    Studio line is supposed to be the 'make-up artists' products, for creating flawless base/look. It is still cheap but I have read some good reviews. What did you try? :)

  4. The complexion powder is out of stock! Noooooo. I really want that product. Think I'll wait a while and see if another shipping offer pops up once the powder is back in stock.



  5. Eliza, I'm sure they'll have a promotion when all the new products appear over here. Their PR company seem to be right on the ball. I'll post more codes if I find them! I stick something down the side of my compact and you get quite a bit of powder for your £3.50. :)x


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