Sunday, 20 September 2009

Discount Alert: Free ELF Shipping code

Free ELF shipping till midnight tonight.

Facebook group message says..
"FREE SHIPPING on orders of £5 or more placed before midnight on Sunday 20th September (UK time). For orders to UK use code UKSHIPIT For orders to Europe use code EUROSHIP :0)"

So there you go!

Happy shopping!


  1. Thank You so much for the information!:) Your blog is so lovely and informative!:)

  2. @minnamarina Aw Thanks! I just try to share information that I find useful. I'll keep posting codes and discounts as I find them :)x

  3. Devil!!!! I literally have to watch every penny at the moment and really can't buy any make up at the moment PLUS I really want to try ELF products. Thanks for the info though. Hoping they do these type of deals when I have the spending money.


  4. Yes they seem to be doing quit a few promotios at the moment. They will also be launching another 150? products on the webaite in November. I hope there will be more promotions then!x


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