Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Discount Alert: Threading

Just picked up the new issue of (UK) Glamour and, flicking through, I noticed they have an offer for 25% off Threading All prices are pre discount- I didnt have time to work it out right now, sorry!

Neelu's (Ireland) 18 euros
Shavata Brow Studio (Lancashire) £24
Hair by Nico (London) £11
Powder Lounge @ Topshop (London) £14
Serenity in The City (Northumberland) £12
Benito Brow Bar (Nottinghamshire) £10
Zen Lifestyle (Scotland Edinburgh) £24
Blink Brow Bar (Warwickshire) £17

My post a few days ago about my threading experience gained quite a response. I guess these prices are the upper end (appearing in a magazine etc.) but still interesting to compare prices.

I will not be taking up the offer. There are none near me (as usual!)- but, as discussed previously, I though £17 was expensive!! Still 25% off would make a difference! Is anyone near one of these salons?

P.s. anyone else got advice on my makeup/clothing colours? (See below!)

Thanks :D

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