Sunday, 6 September 2009

Eyebrow Threading: Blink! and you'll miss it!

I have come across to posts in the last few days about Eyebrow Threading. I thought I would add my thoughts!

Threading is a way of hair removal that uses two bits of thread wound tightly together. As this is run over the skin it clamps hairs (even short ones) and pulls them out. It can achieve great results in terms of shape for eyebrows.

I went to Blink! in Selfridges in Oxford Street London a few months back. I had some time to kill and went in to go and enquire about what it was/how it worked and then maybe try to fit an treatment in before my train.

I have to say that while the treatment was ok, I wasnt overly impressed with the service.

The assistants took a while to notice me standing there, and did fairly little to explain what it was. I watched a few others have their treatment and spied a card on the counter (which I had to ask to see). This explained a bit more about the proceedure. I decided to try it out and enquired if they had any space. The assistant took ages to see if they could fit me in- but i was in luck. I was asked if i had had an appoinment with them before (no) and then booked in. So off I went to kill some time in selfridges before my treatment. Oh the hardship!

When I came back I had to fill in a card. I was not asked about any allergies but i think this was covered in the card. My therapist said very little throughout the whole experience. I'm not sure if she spoke little english or was just shy, but I found this quite unnerving. My eyebrows are special and I'd like to know that anyone semi-permanently changing me can understand my wishes!!

Throughout the treatment I felt very hot and sick (I should have eaten directly before hand, but I guess the adrenaline/fear affected me)! It hurt like having hot needles poked in my eyebrows- then my eyes started leaking. The therapist did show me a mirror a few times and I pointed where I wanted more off- I did ask for advice with shape but I got the feeling she wasnt allowed to advice me. The nice bit was the forehead massage afterwards!

I went to pay and was not told by the receptionist about aftercare- I thought that would be a standard proceedure. Later I found out that they should have given me a loyalty card that gets stamped for treats. I guess that went out the window!

My eyebrows were a bit red but overall they looked tidy and well shaped. I felt a bit out of place in my travel clothes with most of the other ladies being power dressed in suits and red soled shoes, taking business phonecalls and saying 'yah' a lot. I was in my jeans- but I still wanted to feel pampered!

I liked the treatment-all the tiny hairs were gone, and the shape was fantastic. It lasted for ages. It was a bit painful but I guess that would get better with more sessions. I think I just wanted a bit more friendly smiley service- maybe they all hate their jobs or London or just had an off day?! I just felt a bit like I was intruding and not wanted/fitting in. I dont know.. it just was a bit odd.

I have since heard that threading can make you hairs grow back at right angles to the skin- has anyone else found that?

Mine have been ok so far- not something i would rule out doing again but not something that I have been doing every month since.

Has anyone else had theirs done? Where do you go and how do you rate it?

Oh and it cost £17...


  1. Ooh i love having my eyebrows threaded, would never go back to waxing now. Sorry you didn't have a very good experience with the therapist, try somewhere different next time. £17? Jeez, i used to pay £8 and i thought that was quite steep, i now go to a little independent shop and she charges me £4 and the best therapist i've ever had!! x

  2. I thought £17 was a bit steep but I had read about Blink several times and thought I would take advantage of being in London. I think they have opened one in Birmingham now which is a bit closer. I might go and watch them next time I'm in and see if they have the same set-up.

    It is not the worse place I have been in for treatments, but I just felt a little deflated by it. It sounds like you have a better experience- which goes to show that more expensive isnt always better. Unless I have had a really hard time and am having a facial or massage then I like chatting to my therapist and relaxing.

    It would be unfair of me to say that this shop is always that way, but having heard what you pay I wouldnt pay that much again! (It was a treat last time, which makes it a bit worse!)

    I did like the end result, I just wish I'd been made to feel a bit more special- it wasnt an everyday 'lunch break treatment' for me!

    I do feel that if my eyebrows are polished then I feel polished.

    I'll have to look out for other places and research them before i go!

  3. The treatment you had is pretty similar to what I got at Glow in Oxford St (slightly better in Victoria), maybe we need to find somewhere with happy threaders?!!

  4. @Macalicious I'll be wary of Glow then! I live int he West Midlands so don't get to London that much- but maybe all threaders in London have are not getting any job satisfaction?

    Our mission ladies is to seek out the happy threaders! :D Happy therapists!

    @Sadie sounds like yours could teach a few tricks to the ones we had!

  5. I've always wanted to get this done. Really on my whole face to get rid of all the tiny hairs. The price puts me off it though. Especially since I buy a $10 kit to wax my own eyebrows into shape!

    There is a salon near me that does it... this is tempting me to give it a shot!!

    Thankings for sharing! Customer service clearly reeks though.

  6. @BV I did pay too much for this, but I have to add that it did last for longer than a wax. It grabs even the tiny hairs and so regrowth takes longer. You can get cheaper treatments though and DIY is always cheaper (and probably better customer care service!)

    And I'd go for it, at least once (as long as it is a salon with good reviews and standards). If you have a holiday planned then treat yourself before going and you wont have to do anything to your eyebrows while you're away.

    Waxing is quicker, but can pull the skin more. Make sure you eat before you go though!

  7. £17?? Eek! I tend to get them waxed every few months and try to tweeze them myself inbetween.

    Have you tried Lycon wax? It clings to hairs and not the skin, and leaves less redness.


  8. @Victoria Yes I know, it was a sort of impulse treat, and I expected better things for that £17! I wont be doing that again in a hurry!

    I have not heard of Lycon wax, but I will look into it. I read that in general (because the skin round the eye is delicate) lots of waxing/plucking can stretch the skin= wrinkles :( That sounds like a good product though!

    EVERYONE: I just found some discounts 25% off threading in a magazine- see my latest post for the details. Lots of different locations and companies.


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