Monday, 7 September 2009

Photo of me for makeup colours help & green eye makeup!

So this is me with a bit of foundation and concealer on. I dont know a lot about photos/lighting but you can hopefully get an idea about my colourings. I really hate the photo uploader and the way blogger makes it so hard to move photos in the layout..

Anyway here is a little experiment- normal eye, then eye with;
Boots No 7 eye base (sticker has come off)
Boots No 7 Stay perfect eye shadow in Mink (60)
Rimmel Special eyes 084 in Saucy Mint on lid
17 eyeshadow solo (in a teal colour but number has rubbed off- in crease and outer lid)
Bourjois eye pencil regad paillete in 34 Vert stupefiant.. it has gold glitter in it!!

So, what do you think? I know, not mascara/eyebrows/ etc but it was just to see if it is a good colour for me?

Other news..
My favorate jeans have ripped at the knee so I am going to sew a patch behind them to make them last longer. I hate it when that happens (although they cost me £10 in the sale 3-4 years back!)

I have gone through my wardrobe and am getting rid of light pink clothes (including a warhouse silk dress once it has been washed, and some Monsoon items). I felt uncomfortable in the colour so out they go- I just want the room for new things so there are lots of bargains. I have finally put up the Guinot gift set, some electric blue tights, benefit mascara, barry m polish- I've blogged about it before so if you are interested in seeing what I am outing then click on the 'Ebay' label to the right to view some pictures or get a link to my page. I am a big fan of ebay/recycling/reusing. If everyone recycled/reused then the world would be a better place.

The best bit is I have already lined up a few items to fill my empty (yes empty!) drawers!! Very excited!!!

I will blog about that another time!

And Finally;
To Mr Obiarauri (who keeps emailing me). I have no interest in giving you my bank account details (so that you can transfer some money into my account because the bank in Africa has made a mistake and you want to share the money with me... yeah right).

That is enough for now.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Well I'm not a MUA so I don't really know about colouring and this and that. I do however have pale skin, blue eyes and brown hair. I would love to see perhaps a gold/brown look. Gold on the inner third of the eye then blended to a darker gold brown over the lid and dark brown on the outer V. Perhaps a thin line of dark brown liner along the lashes. Once again not a MUA so just an idea really. Looking forward to seeing the suggestions and looks you come up with as I can then steal them! tee hee

  2. Thank you for your comment, it made me smile & feel better :)

  3. @Eliza I have some gold shimmer, browns and brown pencils. I'll try and do something with them over the next week for you. My techniques leave a lot to be desired but If I dont do this now, then I'll be too old to use a lot of products and then wish that i had when i was younger! And you are welcome to steal- I'm glad I'm not alone in my predicament/make-up rut!

    @Louise You're welcome- I remember it well and hope that things perk up for you. At least you get to hang out with mates at lunch and after class :) Most of mine have moved away/got married/had kids ah! LEt me kow how tomorrow goes :)

    Thanks both xx

  4. hey computergirl!
    ok looking at the pics you have provided, I would put you into the 'summer' category. So what I've learned is that we all just about fit into a season, I'm a 'spring' (white hair, hazel eyes, ivory skin with gold undertones)
    I'd say you are 'summer' (pink undertone to the skin, dark hair, blue/soft grey eyes) would you agree with that description? (I can't exactly work out if your skin is pink or gold undertone from the pic)
    If so colours that suit you would be: Lemon yellow, rose pink, watermelon, lavender, navy blue, aqua green. Let me know if you agree on your season or not.
    I am not 100% convinced on the green eyeshadow in the pic, not the best shade of green for you ;)
    see ya!

  5. I actually really like the green - looks good on you.

    Don't forget - makeup is fun and there aren't any rules - not really. That's what I think anyway!
    At the end of the day, I prefer a bit of adventure with makeup and to me that's why it is fun!!

    Have you seen the colours in the Smashbox Artists Eye Palette? I think all those colours would look great on you!!

    For example, I tried last week I tried to do a fun look for work with blue eyeshadows. I ended up looking like Pricilla Presley in her wedding photos to Elvis! Although I didn't exactly think it was a "perfect" or "manicured" look - it was a lot of fun!!

    Happy experimenting!!


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. @Kozziosko- Thanks for the reply. I've not really thought about the undertones of my skin. When I was just into my teens a semi-pro makeup lady once told me never to wear gold, only silver. This really made me underconfident with colours/makeup/jewelry. I dont know how right she was at all.

    Perhaps I'll do a series of shots with a few colours next to my skin to try and determind which looks best. I think I agree with your description, but I do get a bit lost with this stuff (sort of because of the lady i mentioned before). Is there a place where I can look at what colours are what seasons? I know it is difficult working from photos on the internet!

    I do like pinks, but I sort of felt i cant wear them (have just put my pink dresses up for sale!!) Lemon yellow (not tried this one, is it soft?), rose pink, watermelon (not tried this), lavender (I like mauves and lilacs), navy blue, aqua green (love teal and bottle green fabrics!).

    I'll try and do some shots of those colours and see how they look. Thanks for taking the time to write- much appreciated!

    @BV- thanks for the comments, I wish I could be a bit more adventurous. I am stuck in a safe makeup rut!

    I had a look at the Smashbox Artists Eye Palette and I like some of the colours, and not others. I find it difficult to imagine how colours look after you blend them. I am considering going to a consultation, but they seem really expensive and after the mini one i had as a teenager...

    I have a few palettes so Ill try and do a few shots with light pink, light blue, brown, and purple and ask for more advice.

    @ EVERYONE Thanks for the messages. It really makes my day getting adice and messages from so many lovely people- and it is helping me to try and make the most of what I have. Thank you, and keep them comming!

  8. hey cool, well if she said silver then you are definitly a Summer girl, so think clear, crisp colours :) I wouldn't take to heart what she said. Determining what colours or season you are isn't a rule, its just a guide to work out what compliments you best. If you like something you should wear it and with confidence :)
    try this link..

  9. @Kozziosko Thanks, I think she was just a bit overpowering and I just didnt feel relaxed at all (and completely confused!)

    Thank you for the link. I think that I am a winter/Summer person, but I get a bit lost with the cool/warm bit. I like the greens and blues, I havent ever been brave enough for yellows. It was good to see the colours all lined up on that page though. I'll get there soon I hope!

    Thanks again!


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