Monday, 14 September 2009

Recent Hauls

Elf Haul - Coming soon. Complexion powder, bronzer/blusher duo, smudge brush, blush brush, cover stick, eyeshadow
Body shop- Shimmer cube palette 06
Therapy Cardi in Teal
Top Shop Cardi in Grey
East scarf in Khakis greens- like this but darker muddy greens
East earing in green

Sorry no photos tonight but the bold text is clickable links!  I'll probably do a post with the shimmer cube and ELF stuff all in one.

Thats all for tonight.

A big hello to my new follwers!  Welcome along.

I hope everyone is well!



  1. I really want the complexion powder and bronzer/blush duo so can't wait to see if you like them or not :)

  2. yeah! <3 hauls. i wish they had a topshop where i lived. :( so sad.


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