Friday, 25 September 2009

Review: Body shop shimmer cube

I picked up a Body shop shimmer cube a few weeks back and promised to do a review.  This is the cube and it is in called palette 06
The colours are (top left-right, bottom left -right)
03 Marshmallow
01 Honeycomb
02 Dark Chocolate
04 Chocolate

They are packaged in little tiny cubes inside, meaning you can carry them individually or as a quad.

They can be used dry, or wet as shown in this swatch;

Left to right, Dark choc0 02, choc chip 04, 01 honeycomb, 03 Marshmallow.
Towards the bottom of the stripe I added a little bit of water.  It really makes the colours shine.  My photo doesnt quite do it justice.  They looks was like liquid metals when wet, and have a really delicate shine when dry.  You can use them as a highlighter, base, liner and a shadow.  You could probably use them with your normal bronzer too to add a shine!

Verdict: I LOVE this product, and it really makes my blue eyes pop.  It is easy to apply and lasts for quite a while.  Adding water makes creates several different looks, making it a bargain for the price.  When applying I use the lightest colour as a base and then build up using 04 in the corner and crease.  For a later night time look I add the darkest colour as a liner.  They blend easily and are easy to carry about.

I have seen four of these shimmer cube palettes in the shops, although I believe some are limited edition for the summer.  I would really recommend these as an investment product.  I have used mine loads and they still look untouched!  They are available fromt he body shop online store, or in most stores.  The price varies depending on your source, I got mine for around £14.50 (with my 10% discount card) but they retail for around £15-17 for 4 x 4g of product.

The next time I do my eyes for an evening look, I will take a photo and show you how they wear.

Have you tried this product?  Can you recommed it?

Don't forget my competition coming soon!!


  1. Never tried them hun but they look lovely. Marshmallow looks like it would be an amazing highlighter. I really need to get myself into The Bodyshop as I haven't look at their cosmetics in years.


  2. I think I might use this later so I will take an eye of the day photo. It is a great palette. I was amazed at what it did fo rmy blue eyes. You have the same complexion so it would look great on you. Pop into a shop and have a look. Also online here with better photos than mine


  3. I tell you it's such a nightmare seeing all these great things and having no budget to buy anything! Look amazing. I'm a blue eyed girl like you too so I will be checking these out for sure.


  4. I have the shimmer cubes...but my pallete has brown, purple, silver, and pink (don't know what number that one is). I love it! I'm always playing with them...although, I have yet to use them wet!!! Will have to try that this weekend :)

  5. @Eliza- It is great being able to steal makeup ideas off you! Blue eyes, dark hair :D

    @Kendra- Is that dark a dark petrol purple? I think I can seen it but you might have different ones where you are. Post some photos!! :D

  6. hi, love that palette, i was going to get the grey version but might have to get both now.. :)


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