Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Review: Elf help

Here is my review of my Elf makeup.  I wrote a long review, saved it, cam back to it... and it had gone.  So here is the shortened version because I don't have time to write it all out again.

Elf- good for quick shipping, customer service and value for money.

I ordered late thrusday (11pm I think), it was sent Friday and arrived Saturday.

I bought;
 Face blush bronzer brush

Smudge brush

 Eye brightening eye shadow quad in Mauve

Complexion Correction

Cover stick

Studio Bronzer and Blusher Duo

Sorry for the rubbish layout, I still havent got the hang of blogger uploader.

The brushes are £1.50 each and I think are worth it.  The blush brush is not as soft as some of my other brushes (bodyshop ones for example) but still do a good job.  So far wearing well, but ask me again in a year after many washes!  The smudge brush is a new toy and I love it.  I don't want to smudge my eyes too much as the skin in delicate, this tool is good for blending and getting more product on the skin.

Cover stick, covers redness and circles under the eye.  However it can also be used as eye shadow base.  It smeels a bit orangey (I think it is supposed to), is hypoallergenic, and twists up and down.  Works well once blended on the skin.  I find it a great size to pop into my handbag with a brush for on-the-go touch ups.

Eye shadow quad- I have had better, but for £1.50? No I have not had anything better.  The powder is velvet like and soft.  They are not highly pigmented, but certainly wearable for a daytime look.  Word of warning though, the website had colour swatches next to the name of the product- don't take these as the colours.  Hover your mouse over the swatches and the photo of the quad at the top changes to the colours you will actually get.  Thankfully I knew this, or I would have ordered 3 or 4 quads that I would have hated!

Elf has just launched a studio range which includes the two compacts I ordered- and I love them.  They feel durable and transportable.

Blush/Bronzer- I am used to a darker blush with more blue tone than this, but this one works well.  It has a little gold shimmer in it, which is quite pretty, but not always wanted.  The bronzer is quite dark, and it has taken me a while to get the technique right after using bronzing pearls for ages.  Anyway, you only need a tiny bit if you are pale like me!  I dust a bit over my nose, chin and forehead for a natural sunkissed look.  I have been told that it is a good NARS dupe- what do you think?

Complexion powder- my favorite part of my haul.  It reminds me of a product by Guerlain (Click here) It looks pretty in the compact- but does it work.  Yes.  I have used it with a blush brush under my foundation and over my foundation.  It absorbs oil and neutralises red/blue patches on my face.  I have also used specific colours on scars to reduce them further.  ELF uk has a great video on using the compact to target areas (search Youtube).  I will have no problem in reordering this product- especially at £3.50!


Bronzer, Blush, Eye Quads (going up and down but you can only really see one), Cover stick, eye shadow with smudge brush.

Complexion powder- Excellent value, and works.  Cover stick- work well and might be replaced when I run out.  Brushes and Blush compact- need longer to road test them, but doing ok so far.  Quad- cheap and cheerful, but I doubt I will reorder because I think I can find single eyeshadows that will last me longer and be more pigmented.  However I like Elf as a company and would recommend them to others.  The only thing I didnt like was the Studio drop down menu on the website- I drops down quite a way (which I missed) and therefore missed a lot of the Studio products.  I'd like to try their fan brush but I couldnt find it until after I ordered.  I guess that is for next time.

So who is a little Elf here? And what products have you tried?.

Sorry this post is a bit rubbish, I had it all sorted and have had to rewrite it in 10 minutes so there are loads of typos, but i'll edit them later.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Due to lack of funds I've not tried their products yet but I so want to. The complexion powder was the product I was curious about. Will defo have to buy this when I can now I know it works.


  2. Keep an eye out or the free shipping that I posted about a couple of days ago. Worth getting. I'll try and do a photo when I get my camera working again!
    Emma x


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