Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Shopping with a conscience.. Clothes/make-up at a price

I won't set foot in Primark or GAP.  Lucky that I don't live near one, but I have become very aware in recent years of some schops/clothing lines that exploit 3rd world communitiries.  Yes some shops (Primark, Tesco etc) get clothes/accessories REALLY cheaply but at what price?

Within make-up and beauty products, some one the companies openly test on animals.  Thankfully a lot of that has been banned in the UK, but several companies still test on animals- notably French companies can still test on animals and some companies are fighting a proposed ban in favour of testing products on animals.

I am not as on the ball as I feel I should be- yes I love my eye make-up remover, but is it really worth abusing animals to find out if it will hurt me??

On the flip side of this little note, in this climate can the consumer still afford to vote with their money?  Money is so tight in many households and people generally reach for the cheapest item.

It is a controversal subject and one that I don't know a lot about.  It is one that I do think about quite a lot though, and think that a lot of people seem to ignore and think it doesnt affect them (as long as they look good!)

I know that I like bodyshop products (and they don't test on animals)- but (I think) they are owned by L'oreal (who are french and do test on animals?) and L'oreal is owned by Lacome.. It gets complicated.

I found these lists today.

Companies that do not test include Avon, Almay (Revlon), Aramis (Estee Lauder), Avalon, Aveda, Bobbi Brown, Botanics, Bodyshop, Clarins, Clinique, Christian Doir, Chanel, Crabtree and Evelyn, Dermalogica, Estee Lauder, Garnier, Joico, Liz Clainbourne, MAC, Nivea, Prestige, Sebastian (Wella), St. Ives, Urban Decay, Yves Rocher, Wella, Redken, Woods of Windsor.

Full list is available here http://www.astrostar.com/DO-NOT-Test.htm (and updated from PETA)

For ones that DO TEST see http://www.caringconsumer.com/pdfs/companiesDoTest.pdf although some of these are larger companies that have certain arms tht don't.  It is very confusing.

I have been glad to read that most of my makeup and products are from animal free companies.

Now it is YOUR TURN.  Have a glance at the lists (or do an internet search to find the most up to date lists) and see roughly how many products you own that come from animal testing companies.

I would do the same thing for ethical clothing, but I think we would all be VERY depressed.

If you can suggest any brand or have any thoughts then post them here.
I stress that this is just my obsevations so it is possible that I could be very wrong with my information- i reserve the right to retract it!


  1. When I glance at the back of my products, most say they do not test on animals. So does that mean that if it doesn't say this then they do test on animals? because if so I'm not buying the products. I am such an animal lover and cried every lesson in school where we had to do this topic. It was heartbreaking. Monkeys smoking 100 fags a day, dogs necks being crushed, puppies fur being burned off, monkeys injecting themselves with drugs and so much worse. Urgh if only I could get my hands of these people.

    Now on to a happier note as I don't won't to be upset for the rest of the night...
    Storage - I'm getting my desks from Argos, half price for just £19 something! & my other storage is coming from Wilkinsons. They have such cheap products its unbelievable. Wilkinson have a website if you didn't already know so you can check that out :)

  2. I will have a look as (again) we don't have one near here. Thanks for letting me know :)

    And sorry- I didnt mean to upset you. Its just one of those things that most people forget when they are usig all these products. There is one of my hair care items I wont be repurchasing now. Vote with your feet :) I was actually suprised at the amount of comapnies that are cruetly free. This is a great step :)

    £19 for a desk is great value. I ill have to look there too!

  3. I've just looked at the companies that do test. There are a lot of hair product companies there! I didn't realise Aussie hair products tested. Or Herbal essences... I think I have only used one product from both which I now won't be getting again.

    Oh & have just seen one of the toothpastes I use test too. Its good I now know so I can keep clear.

  4. Its a shame about Primarni, I had no idea until I read your post and while I am very lucky to be able to shop elsewhere too some people just can't afford to, even though they might morally want to which is a shame.

  5. Yess, it was names the most unethical trader a few years back. I hope things have improved. Its not just the low end shops, some high end do it too (and make big profits). I know that no everyone can afford to vote with their feet- but I always try to check out charity shops when i get a chance. Hopefully that gives back a bit of the damage I do!! Its such a tricky subject! :(


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