Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sneak Peak: Upcoming competition prizes

My 30 subscribers competition is coming up very shortly!  I blogged about my haul earlier today and bought some prizes.  I am going to give you a sneak peak of some of the prizes.

Sorry for the rubbish photo.  It is too light!

Prizes are
New Boots Electric Blue Tights (they are more deeper and vibrant than in the photo- and very autumn 2009!)
New Rimmel Eye Shadow Mono in Bronzed
New Revlon Moisture Balance Lipstick 012 Brandy Plum
New Revlon Moisture Balance Lipstick 044 Sugarplum
New Burlesque Beauty Eye Lashes

I have a few more things to add, and a few mystery prizes which will be revealed to the winners.

There will be one random award out of a prize draw, and one creative competition.  The first winner will get to pick out a few prizes, the second winner will get the pick of the rest.

This is open internationally, but there might be some products I am unable to send abroad.

Competition will open at 30 subsribers, and those 30 will automatically get an entry to the prize draw.  Further prize draw entries will be gained by completing simple tasks during the competition period. 

The other part of the contest will involve you using your products and creating a look.

Full details and prizes released when 30 subs are reached!



  1. Ohhh the prizes look great!
    cant wait to hear more about this :D xox

  2. Thanks, not long to go! Long enough that I wont get distracted from work for a few days though, which is good. I seem to have become very unproductive since finding blogger!! xx

  3. Ohh Mystery prices and a sneak peek. I'm liking your style lady. Looking forward to seeing what's in store.



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