Friday, 25 September 2009

Tag: Ins and Outs

Sunshine on a friday afternoon.  It makes me happy :)
Filling up my emtpy draws and wardrobe with clothes- the best part of clearing out!
Give aways and receiving free products and samples.  Who doesnt like that?!
Getting a free haircut :)
Innocent Smoothies

Heels- why does every shoe or boot I see at the moment have 3-5 inch heels?  Yes they might LOOK good, but I cant wear them because I walk place and they will cripple me.  Where are all the nice 1-2inch heeled boots???
Spots- breakouts :( my skin challenge was going so well!)
Finding makeup storage.  I didnt realise how hard this would be.
Work- lots to do this weekend.
Spiders- I keep finding loads in the house, so they all go OUTside.

What are yours?


  1. They have some lovely train cases for makeup on ebay, I have asked for one for xmas! does some but there are loads and much cheaper than in the shops where I saw one for £199 !!!

  2. Going to do my INS and OUTS on my blog...check them out! :)

  3. @Macalicious thanks for the link. I think I would struggle to fit some of those in my room though! Cool idea.. will have a look on ebay for more ideas later!

    @Kendra- Thanks for sharing :) I like the Ins and Outs tag :)


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