Tuesday, 15 September 2009

TAG: Life overHAUL: OUTS and INS

I am tagging all of you to do a Life overHaul OUTS and INS post (like the one I did last night).  I have never done a tag, or started one- but your comments made me think that it would be fun.

It is a new academic year, so what are you throwing OUT and what are you wanting to start?  Once you do your post a link to it here so we can all visit your blog and read it!

It is a slight twist one the Ins and Outs post.  If you are a little confused then see my (accidental) last but one post.  Right, back to work for me- I'm not supposed ot be on here!!

Have a great day!  Elf haul/review coming as soon as I have time to do it properly!


  1. Cool, I've never done a tag before either. Ok. Might not have time today but defo tomorrow. Thanks for this.

  2. Thats ok- happy to be your first tag!
    Emma x


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