Friday, 4 September 2009

What are my make-up colours?

I am asking the blogging world's advice. I think my colouring is classed as "English Rose".
Dark brown hair (with some natural flecks of copper/light brown)
Pale skin (not quite porcelain like Helen Bohnham-Carter)
Blue Eyes (Mid blue I think)

What colours should I wear in clothes and make-up?

I obviously have some ideas but I thought I would ask the people with all the knowledge!

Thanks :)

P.s. Feel free to suggest actual products.


  1. depends whether you are warm toned, cool toned or neutral. If you aren't sure take a pic of yourself with a pink cool toned lippie and another with a warm coral lippie, see which one enhances your face more xxx For blue eyes which I have I think red toned browns, coppers, oranges, golds. On the other scale pinks and dirty mauve colours can look good too. L'oreal studio has a stand where you can buy eyeshadow according to your eye colour so this might help? xx

  2. Hi Macalicious,

    Thanks for the advice. Light pinks seem to make me look washed out so I think i need warmer tones. I wear browny purple/mauve eyeshadow a bit. I didnt know about the L'oreal eyeshadow so I will look out for that when i'm out next.

    Thanks for the advice!

  3. I think the l'oreal stand is new, I only know about it as lollipop26 mentioned it on her blog, I haven't seen it myself x

  4. I can help you with this, I'd need a better pic of your face though :) I think you'll be surprised by what colours you can wear x

  5. @Macalicious I remember her mentioning it now you mentioned lollipop26! Thanks I'll check it out!

    @Kozziosko Thanks for the offer- not sure how to do this, I'm a bit camera shy!! There is a picture of my skin tone earlier in my blog when I started my 30 Day skin challenge (now extended) and the picture in my sidebar. I am hoping to do an eye shot later today and upload that.

    Would those 3 pictures be enough to work from? If not then i'll look to see if i have a photo of me (without makeup on) that I'd be prepared for the whole world to see. That is a scary thought!!

    Let me know

  6. Although your skin is fair, the pale pinks etc are I think best on fair hair, blue eyes and pale skin. Basically people who look pale all over - hair skin etc. (No offence - as an Asian gal I think these girls are gorgeous!)

    Looking at your colours I would put you at probably more of a warm girl - in particular because of the warm gold tones in your hair.

    It really depends on the look you go for. If you like to wear bright bold colours I think you would look great in greens.

    Purples I think would also suit you as well - apparently they look good on everyone but I look like I have bruises on my eyes when I wear certain purples!

    Is it worth buying one of those all colour palettes that people are raving about - the coastal scents one? This is a pretty good way to test out loads of different looks. I don't have one of these myself cos I only really wear certain colours.

    However, everyone and I mean EVERYONE looks good in neutral shades of pink brown, browns, khakis etc.

    I think a beautiful peachy pink blush looks good on EVERYONE. You have mentioned that you also wear mauve/purples which I think would look great on you too!

    Hope this helps!!

  7. @BV thanks for all of that :) It has given me a few more ideas. I like Khakis- I'm wearing that colour top now!! And I had sorted out my pink dresses to go onto ebay a few days back as I didnt feel right in them (Might blog about that).

    Mauve eyeshadow is my most used one! I have just done a green eyeshadow picture and will upload it along with.. a picture of me Eek!

    @ everyone Thanks for the suggestions. Will upload a picture now and hopefully that will help you all a bit. I always feel ignore by magazines and have struggled to find the best colours (clothes and makeup) (and the best cut in clothes, and makeup application methods--- its a minefield!!). PArt of my job is presenting myself and I struggle with feeling comfortable, so i really appreciate your help.

    Emma :)x


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