Thursday, 10 September 2009

What to do with old make-up packaging?

The Body shop used to take their containers back and recyle them, but they stopped doing that when L'oreal bought the company. I'm always unsure what to do with old tubes and cases. All paper/card gets recycled fairly easily, and shampoo bottles can be recyled in many places, but does anyone know what to do with old twist stick lip packaging/concealer packaging and so on?

Here are 4 tips to share...

I washed out my old body shop foundation tubes (that were used before the pump action bottles were released) have been washed out and now get used for holding face cream/hand cream. They are the right size to slip in a handbag or overnight case. These would cost £1-3 in stores.

A lip brush helps you get the most out of a lipstick, but if you have lots of ends left, why not scoop them out into a suitable container, melt them slightly and leave in an old eyeshadow container to cool. Then you will have create a whole new colour! You can also mix some old lipstick with vaseline to create a lightly tinted lip glaze. (Disclaimer: I havent tried this, but I read about it and always thought of trying it. I suggest you search for a good tutorial on how to do this as I can't find the article I read- make sure everything is safe!).

Old eyeshadow cases can also be used to press pigments to powders into. Mixing a bit of powder with rubbing alcohol will create a paste that will set like a shop bought eyeshadow- Allthatglitters21 on youtube has a video about pressing pigments which is quite useful (Again, I havent treid this yet, but make sure you follow a good tutorial and play safely!).

Old blusher and bronzer cases can be used to press loose bronzer beads into (same way as above although I have never tried!)

If anyone has any other tips or ideas, feel free to share them.

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