Saturday, 31 October 2009

Blog sale updated

Some new products, some lowered prices. Click on the link in the right hand side bar to have a nose about!  Lots more to add so sub if youre a blog sale fan. Last post for today!

Lovely Blog Award

The lovely Silja at Frisky Beauty gave me a blog award.  This really made me smile, so thank you to Silja for thinking of me and sending me a really sweet email.

She said " Really lovely blog. I especially liked her post about customer service. And thanks for the E.L.F. announcements." :)

Rules of this award are:
1.Accept the Award
2.Post it on my Blog
3.Post the name and link the person who has granted the award
4.Post the award onto 15 other newly discovered blogs
5.Notify the Bloggers that they have been awarded

So in no order, here are 15 blogs I have been reading recently.  I try to read all my followers blogs, and some extra ones.  As always, I would give this award to everyone, but I'm not allowed to.  Some of these are well known, others not, but they are all worthy of having this shout out!

1. Jo at All things beautiful UK blogger who blogs about all sorts of beauty, make-up and her 2 sons (when she isn't dropping her most loved lipstick down the loo (by accident)!
2. Juicygirl who lives in Ireland and has great taste in fashion, make-up and bargains!
3. Sam and Nic at Pixiwoo London based sisters who are MUAs and do youtube videos and tutorials.
4. Marcia at Let there be shopping! Recently found a great dupe for Mac Vegas Volt.
5. Daisy at Cupcakes with cherries. A good mixture of fashion, hauls, make-up and books.
6. Arlene at Dressjunkie. Lots of great posts but this one made me smile.
7. Beauty Verdict in Australia, who is not afraid of giving bad reviews to products that don't work!
8. Cheryl at Cheryl's Beauty Blog lots of great things. Her de-potting tutorial was very detailed.
9. Clearly Beautiful Blog for lots of great posts (I like the Macy's bag!)
10. Emma the girl with the arab strap. Fashion, hair, make-up and music tracks with most posts!
11. Beauty Blog Sale Directory on a slight break. A place when people post their blog sales.*
12. LionLovingTiger Great fashion, make-up and humour!
13. Love at First Bite Another mum, but she's moving house at the moment so no beauty blogs for a little bit.
14. Kendra at Kendra Payne newly pregnant, and has pretty snow pictures.  Go through pregnancy with her!
15. Laura at Lollipop26 yes widely followed and very informative. UK ex-pat in Dubai.

So there we go, that is 15.  I have tried to put different blogs up there from the other times I have done blog awards.  All the blogs I follow are good, but I just thought I would mention these ones this time.


*Sales blog: If anyone knows of other blogs that list all the current blog sales then can you post a link below?  I love blog sales!


Vote: Creative contest Final


All those who vote will gain two entries into my next giveaway.

The challenge was to create a day eye look that you could transform to an evening eye look.

Optional Photo 1) No Makeup

Photo 2)
Create and Photograph a day eye look using no more than 10 products and brushes. You must start with bare moisturised skin and build up the look.  Anything you put on after moisturiser counts towards your 10 products.  Fingers do NOT count towards the 10- you can use them free.  You may wipe brushes in between use.  A palette does not count as one item, but a shadow in the palette does. Foundation/tinted moisturiser counts as 1.

Photo 3) 
TURN the day eye into an evening eye by adding no more than 6 products and brushes.  If you reapply anything then that counts as 1 of the 6.

We have 4 looks.

Entry B: PopKorny Click here to see her post. 

Entry C: Sherry click here to see her post. 


They are all in order of;
No make-up

So who do you think has transformed a day to night eye, using their products in the best way?
Please look at their posts and see what products they have used.

Cast you vote:
Entry A, B, C or D.
Voting closes 11:59am next Saturday (7th November 2009 GMT).
Only ONE vote per person.
Sugar, PopKorny, Sherry and Caz are not allowed to vote!

Thank you to everyone.  I really appreciate the effort you put in.  I hope you had fun!

P.s. If anyone knows where the spell check button has gone, then can you post below? I can't find it.

Random Giveaway Winner

Thank you for all the entries, there were about 60 in the end.  This was made up of original followers (minus the ones who didnt want to enter), plus all the extra entries from commenting on my blog.  Thank you for taking the time to leave me sweet comments.

I put them all into a spreadsheet which allocated a number to each entry.

The number generator at came up with number 54

54= Phoebe= Peluxe!


Phoebe will get first pick of the prize haul (with a few suprises).

I will post on the creative contest shortly and ask you all to cast a vote.  If you vote you will gain two entries into my next prize draw competition.

I will be running another competition shortly as I have had a lot of fun with this one.

I am just waiting for my camera to charge so I can do an EOTD photo and photo the make-up swatches that are all up my arm............. Woops!  I also have an exciting preview to come shortly.

 Thanks for all the comments.  Beauty blogging is what we make it. Big Hugs to all my followers. !

3rd entry for my creative contest

This is the 3rd entry for my creative contest, made by Sherry at Scorpio Beauty (click here).
Top photo: No make-up
Middle photo: Day look (no more than 10 products or brushes!)
Botom photo: Evening look (no more than 6 products or brushes, including reapplying)

39 minutes to load up your photo if you are doing an entry!

This entry means the competition will run, so get your skates on.

Winner of this compeition will get second pick of the prize haul.

Thank you to Sherry, Sugar and PopKorny for making this competition run!

2nd entry for my creative competition

This is PopKorny's entry for my creative competition, which takes the number of entries to 2!  Thank you PopKorny for your time and effort.  Will we get our third before 11:59?  You have just under 2 hours to do a Day eye using no more than 10 brushes and products, and then change it to an Evening eye by adding or reapplying 6 products or brushes.
Can you take the challenge?

This competition needs 3 participants to run.

The winner will be voted for on here by you lot. They will then get to pick some prizes out of a prize stash (see older photos) and some added mystery prizes.

Good luck! 

Friday, 30 October 2009

Review: L'oreal Eye Make-up Remover

I have nearly finished my bottle, so before I recycle the empty bottle I thought I would put my feelings here.

It is a light blue liquid promoted as 'Gentle eye make-up remover'.  It only has a light fragrance.  The lid twists off in just over half a turn and this has caused problems because it has opened in suitcases and boxes before!

Day Performance: I normally put some on a make-up pad and then swipe it over my lids.  With day make-up (i.e. a light base, shadow colour and mascara) it removes quite a lot of the visable powder,but I always feel that my base it still there.  I have found it removes 75% of day mascara, meaning I always have panda eyes in the morning.

Evening Performance: Judging by the day make-up performance you can guess what I am going to say about the how the product performs with a heavier mascara/eyeliner/shadow/highlighter.  It sucks.  I have sat there with two soaked pads on my lids for a minute and still it has not removed all of the make-up.  I am reluctant to scrub my delecate eye skin- especially under the lower lashes.  This products has never removed all of my eye make-up and the result of 2-3 coats of mascara= big black panda eyes in the morning!

Other points: Apparently L'oreal is one of the worst companies for animal testing.  Is this really needed in this day and age?  If you want to read more then just google animal testing and L'oreal.  This information makes me really uncomfortable.  I hate the thought of animals suffering for my vanity.

Verdict:  I won't be repurchasing this product.  Even if L'oreal stopped testing on animals then I still wouldn't repurchase this product.  It just doesn't work for me.  I am sure there are better products ad I will continue my search.  Yes it felt cooling on the eye when I used it, but so do night eye creams.  What should I try next?

Price:around £2:50 should you be mad enough to try it!
Find it at: Every high street chemist.

Your Turn: If you use this product, have anything to say about it, or even a recommendation for a replacement one then please leave a comment.  If you want more information on good and bad companies then just google animal testing and the company or got to PETA.  I am not 100% clued up, but I am learning which companies I do not wish to support.  Obviously who you buy from is up to you and your conscience!

What make-up remover should I try next?

2 more of these entries needed for my competition!

As you will know my competition closes tomorrow.
I am running 2 competitions.
1)A random giveaway
2) A judged creative competition- Which I said will only happen if I get 3 or more entries.  I currently have 1 entry!

A contest needs competition!  If there are 3 entries then you have a 33.333% chance of being the winner! A 1 in every 3 chance which is much better odds than those of winning the random giveaway

 I have my first entry from Sugar Click HERE to view her entry post. 
Thank you so much for taking the time to enter the competition :)

1)Natural Eye (no make-up)
2) Day Eye (using no more that 10 products and brushes)
3) Turned Day eye into Evening Eye (by adding no more than 6 products and brushes)

So, if you think would like to enter you have 19 hours and 14 minutes to do your look, take photos, post them and let me know.

Should I get 3 entries, then the winner will be judged by you.

So please, join Sugar...make this contest run!

What do you have to loose?!

Last day to enter my giveaway

Last day to enter my giveaway!
All you have to do is;
Be a subscriber and comment below for one entry
Post on your blog about the competition for a second entry into the prize draw.

Winner will be selected at random and will get to choose a number of prizes from the prize haul.

Prize haul includes Revlon moisture lipsticks in Plum Brandy (new), Revelon moisture lipstuck in Sugarplum (new), Rimmel Bronzed eye shadow (new), Boots tights in electric blue (new), false eyelashes (new), Sactuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub (new), Sauna Strawberry Face Mask (new), travel samples of Herbal Esscences shampoo and conditioner (new), cute braceletsin pink (new), travel sample of St. Ives Apricot Scrub (new) and some other things.  Depending on where the winner is then I will be offering some surprise items consisting of more jewellery, make-up, nail polishes, body products, hair products.  The winner will get to pick a number of prizes which I will then send out to them.

I have had no entries for the creative competition (where you make a day eye and then change it to an evening eye).  I have pointed this out before but still got no enteries.  I said I would only run this if I got 3 or more enteries.  If this part is not able to run then I will just hold another random giveaway instead.

Click here to see the original post.

Competition closes 11:59am tomorrow!
Good luck.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Still here..

.. just had to go away.  I say 'had' but I went on a spa break! Bliss.  Feeling a lot better health wise (less congested).  I did a new eye look while I was away (which lasted for 4 hours with out creasing.  This is unheard of for me.  I'll do a photo when I have time to recreate the look.

Also coming up
  • Swatches of my prizes from Sadie's competition
  • Swatches of my latest Mac additions
  • A few of my recent EOTDs
  • A few reviews
  • A blogger award :)
  • My most worn items Tag (from Sarah)
  • My make-up storage Tag (from Jo)
 Let me know what you want to see/read first.  I'll get though all of them, but not tomorrow (busy day).

Thanks for all the emails/messages/replies.  You're a very lovely bunch :Dxx

Sunday, 25 October 2009

First 5 people to post below...

....will get an extra entry in my competition (Click here for the simplied version of my competition!)

The prize haul is growing, so who knows what you will get to choose from.

You must have an entered my competition already to gain an entry (and only my subscribers can enter as this competition is a way of saying thank you to my supportive blogger family!!).

Good luck!!  Competition closes next Saturday.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Sparkly boxes with wonders inside

.. I have come to realise how addictive buying make-up and products is.  I think everyone gets a rush when they buy things.  The euphoria of 'wow I've got something new' (even if it second hand 'new').  I find the euporia hits right before the 'I'm spending money....ouch!' bit kicks in.  Yet I still do it!

When the 'buying' part is coupled with small tiny packages, it becomes a lethal combination.  Little boxes, snap containers, sparkly packaging, ribbon, paper bags with string handles..... it all looks so good.  Especially when it is in my drawer at home.

Sadly several items stay in the drawer at home, and get replace before I have even used them.  What's that about?! "Ooops!"

I think it is not just about the packaging, but the wonders that are contained (or could be contained) inside.  We build them up in our mind, and do they deliver?  That's what we find out and share!  At least that is what I tell myself when I feel guilty for buying things ;)

Slightly weird post I guess, but I might do a more indepth analysis one day!  I'm off for a Lush bath.  Look forward to reading your comments later!

Friday, 23 October 2009

To All My Followers..

..please can you post a link to your blog below?  For some reason I can't seem to get to people's blogs though my followers page and I really want to see all your blogs and pages etc!  When I click on your profile picture, blogger just tells me that you 'joined my blog' yet I know quite a few of you have blogs :oS

Therefore please feel free to post a link to your blog below as this will help me find your blog :)
Thank you for subbing and being part of my blogger family.  It means so much to me :)

Thanks for the links below (in advance).  Blogger is a bit sucky sometimes.  Anyone else have this problem, or know what I am doing wrong?

Emma :)

Blog Sale Updated

My blog sale (click there) has been updated so feel free to have a nose around.  I have more things, but I can only cope with posting a few at a time! :)

Lookie what I won!!!

I won a giveaway competition held by the lovely Sadie at Butterfly wings.  Check out her blog if you havent already!  I am normally not very lucky at winning, but this week was a break from the norm!

She sent me a lovely clutch bag containing;
2 Maybelline lip products
1 Maybelline nail polish
2 Barry M eye dusts
1 Maybelline eyeshadow
2 Too faced glitter eyeliners
1 No7 Eyeliner

A HUGE THANK YOU to Sadie!  I am under a moutain of tissues, olbas oil and vitamin C tablets, so it was really lovely to get a nice treat!

If anyone wants any swatches then just ask.  I hope to do some reviews and looks with these items  over the next few months.

Have you used any of the products?

On the subject of competitions, don't forget to enter mine by scrolling down my posts.  There is a prize haul and the winner(s) will get to pick a few prizes.  Still no enteries for the creative competition.  I guess these don't go down very well huh?!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Advance warning of my blog sale

I'm just sorting out my next blog sale.  It will be posted at in the next 24 hours Click HERE to visit my blog sale blog and subscribe if you want to be first on the case.  I have a whole box of things I will be uploading over the next few weeks. Thanks :)

Storage Haul

Here are a few storage items that I have picked up over the past few weeks.  I saw these boxes and fell in love with them.  They are very sturdy and perfect for storing my jewelry.  Everyone picks up little bits and bobs from high street stores and market stalls.  Mine had spread itself through several smaller boxes and drawers.  Here is the new improved storage.  One box for broaches, pins, clips.  One box for necklaces.  One box for bracelets and larger earings (I will put a cardboard divide in when I have finished my cereal!)

To give you an idea of the size, I have put a few things inside.  I love the richness of the teal and red pattern,  The red is a shiney burgandy and reminds me a bit of a Victoriana design.

I'm sorry but I have no idea who makes them but I picked them up for £2-£4 each from a local independant arts/crafts/gifts shop.  They had lots of patterns and designs and have nearly sold out of some designs.  Hopefully they will get some more in soon! 

My tip is to go in shops other than the high street chains.  You never know what you will find!

I also picked up a seagrass basket from a high street home store called something like 'homestore' or 'at home' or somting.  It cost £3.99 and is perfect for keeping my cotton wool tidy and dust free!

Any storage ideas and tips you want to share?  What do you think of my boxes?? :)

Preview: Jimmy Choo at H&M..? Photos :D

I have just been looking at the first pictures of Jimmy Choo's collection at H&M.  The shoe giant has designed a range of shoes, bags, jewelry, clothes and accessory items.  What is the betting that these will fly off the shelves?  Most probably in a blood bath frenzy if recent H&M designer collections are anything to go by!
Choo has used his trademark Zebra stripes, metal studs, and platform high heels

You can view more pictures HERE or wait for October 29th when the full 40 pieces will be uploaded to view on H&M's website. The collection starts at £49.99 and the most expensive item (thigh high leather boots) will retail at around £180.  They are not the most modest of prices, but Choo shoes normally start at around £230, and bags (yes bags) at £1000.

The items will be available to buy from November 14th.  What do you think so far? Will you be buying any?

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Discount Alert: Boots 3 for 2 on vitamins!

Further to my post about cold remedies, I went into Boots today and all their vitamins etc are on a 3 for 2.  I was also give some energy tablets and gummy bear vitamins free.  So all in all I was given 4 things free and bought 4!  Not bad if you are wanting to stock up for cold and flu season. Sniff sniff!

Of course I did buy a few other things but I need to do a recent haul post for those (including Mac, neutrogena, No7 nd some gorgeous storage.. yes I havent cured my storage box and basket addiction!!)

Lucious Locks in Birmingham from Aussie :): FOTD

A little while ago I contacted Aussie to ask if they test on animals- which they responded to with a no.  Skip forward a little while and I received an invitation to an Aussie Pamper Evening last Saturday at Bad Apple Hair in Birmingham.  I have had a bit of a rough time lately so a bit of relaxation and pampering seemed like the perfect tonic!  I know a few others have written about Aussie recently, but this in my story of the day- shopping, doughnuts and hair :)

I invited my mum and a friend called Vicky.  Unfortunately my mum had something come up very late notice and had to pull out.  I had a bit of a commute but left home extra early as I wanted to find the salon in good time.  It was very close to New Street Station and I found it very easily.

It was so hard finding ways to kill time pre-event in Birmingham city centre.  I wandered up and down New Street 20 times... Just joking!  I am not that mad!!  First port of call was House of Fraser as I have a gift card and wanted to check out the Homeware Department.  Of course I just had to go through the beauty counters and it would have just been too rude not to stop.....

It was your average Saturday afternoon.  Quite a few young girls messing around with no intention of buying which meant I couldnt get near the Benefit counter for swatches.  I managed to scope out a few other products before headign up to the homeware where nothing caught my eye.  It all seemed large furniture, and not many smaller accessories.  I did not want to carry furniture around all day!

After this I dipped in and out shops visiting Superdrug to view the Sleek palettes (which are not in my local Superdrug yet), Mac and the Bullring.  At the latter I just had to purchase a krispie kreme doughnut for the train ride home.  I'll do a seperate post on my purchases- not the doughtnuts though. All gone..sorry!!.

So off to Bad Apple Hair  We were greeted by the lovely Lydia and Emma from 1000 heads and a glass of bubbly.  This was all I needed to relax!

The Salon is the quaint Burlingotn Arcade.  It is sheltered, but only a few meteres off the high street.  Inside the salon bends in an L shape providing a seated recpetion area where we had drinks and nibbles, and the magic hair area where we were pampered!  From what I remember the 'hair' area has floor to ceiling mirrors which really opened up the space and allowed us to really watch what the stylists were doing.  I hate it when the mirror is so small that you cant see what is going on!

My stylist was Katie, who was very friendly, chatty and lovely.  She instantly looked at my faceshape and hair and made a few recommendations- exactly what I want from a hairdresser.  I felt very safe in her hands.  My hair hasnt been cut for at least 6 months, but she gave me a few bits of advice for my next cut (which was today!). 

Emily then took me to wash my hair with Aussie products.  Sometimes I find having my hair washed can be uncomfortable, but I zoned out a few times which shows that I was relaxed!  Her massage was very relaxing and I could have quite happily of sat therer for another twenty minutes!  I also liked the way she wrapped my hair in a towel.  It sounds a bit odd, but she sort of folded it and tucked it.  Anyway, I am used to having to hold my own towel on my head, or having a twisted turban- or even no towel in some occassions!  She used Lucious Long 3 Minute Miracle and Lucious Long Shampoo.  It smelt really good!

Katie blow dried my hair so that is had great lift on the roots and crown, but then accentuated the natural curl at the ends.  You can judge for yourself in the pictures!  I love it!!  Check out the curl at the back in this photo!  I was also very impressed by the way my hair didn't look 'fluffy' or show my ragged ends too much.  Its amazing what a few products and a good stylist can do.  Eeryone commented on how healthy it looked! (Even with 6 months of split ends?!).  Vicky had a colour treatment done on her hair, and it really added volume and shine.  You cant see the back in the photo but her hair was really textured and then shaped rounder her face.

So off to drink more bubbly, eat great food and chat to all the other bloggers and guests.  All too soon I had to go and catch my train.  On the way home I ate my doughnuts while hiding from the drunk people trying to instigate a singalong to Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler).

My boyfirend told me that I looked like I should be in Hollyoaks.  I think that is his way of paying me a compliment rather than saying I'm a drama queen!!  I hope.

My hair really kept the curl and shine the next day.  I felt really pampered and lifted.  If anyone is near Birmingham then I would checkout the bad apple website if you want a bit of pampering!

Thanks to Emily, Katie, Lydia and Emma for making me feel special!

BTW: Top and Cardi Topshop. Necklace vintage.  Makeup is a mixture of Bodyshop, Mac, Bourjois and Estee Lauder (not that you can see!).

Cold remedies?

What are your cold remedies or reliefs?  I think I have a cold coming and a very important work week.  Have can I stave off this cold??!! Heeelllpp!!

What do you take or swear by? Thanks sweeties :)

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Awards time :)

Thank you to Katy at Rottenotter's thoughts for my Beautiful Blogger Award!
Katy has a great blog so check her out!

The rules for this award are as follows:
Thank the blogger who awarded you and link her.
Put the picture of the award in your blog.
Award 7 bloggers and link them.
Tell them you awarded them.
Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself!
Here are 7 blogs I am loving and awarding -
1. Oxford Jasmine a make-up artist who uses cruetly free make-up only.  Also gives good cake recipies!
2. MakeupbyCrystalS a make-up artist who shares a lot of tips.  Check out her Kat Von D inspired look
3. Lionlovingtiger This gorgeous girl has style, make-up and great pictures.
4. Jo at All things beautiful a mum of two who finds time to share some of her purchases, reviews and special family moments!
5. Lipstick Rules Another mum but this one is in Canada and has a serious make-up habbit!
6. Hele at Hele says photos, products, nails and a lovely girl!
7. Marie at Marie loves.. obsessions of a shopoholic a very funny girl with a catchy blog!

So there are 7 more blogs I enjoy reading.  There are lots more I enjoy but I can only pick 7 this time.
And the 7 interesting things about me
  1. I fell into blogging in order to discipline myself in to skincare routines!  Little did I know that it would teach me a lot more than skin discipline!
  2. I quite often hit my dashboard refresh button 6 times in a row to try and get new posts.
  3. I have never 'tightlined' my upper eye lid.  I only really found out how to do that a few months back and havent got round to trying it.  It sort of scares me!
  4. I seem to have a box obsession at the moment.  I keep buying boxes and baskets for 'storage' without deciding what will go in them.  I then normally decide that I need more boxes and baskets to match the ones I own- because I have too many 'same' items to go in just one box and one box/basket just looks lonely.
  5. My nails are quite strong naturally, but keep splitting at the very edges (down the sides)- I don't know why.
  6. I like to imagine what the blogger's voice is like as I read their post.
  7. I think the first 'proper' item of make-up I bought was a Collection 2000 face powder foundation.  The colour was waaaay too dark for me and I didnt really know what to do with it.  I think it cost around 99p!

So that is 7 things about me, I am not sure if they are interesting or not but I am sue I will add to them over the coming weeks and months.

Thanks for the award Katy and thank you everyone for your blogs and comments.

Two competitions for you to enter and one I won!

One is at Rottenotter's blog aka Katy who gave me a blog award (but that is another longer post!)

And one by Shifa who has just joined my blog- you'll have to be quick as it closes today!

So shimmy on over and join in the fun.
On the flip side, I won a blog competition that Sadie was running at Butterfly Wings!  I'm so excited! Thanks to Sadie :) Stay tuned for a post on this.  Also still to come... Mac haul post, blog award post, event write up from Saturday.

After a rough couple of weeks it is good to have a few bright things to write about and share with you, my blogging family. :)  Don't forget my follwer giveaway- a way for me to say thank you to you guys!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Customer Service, the good, the bad and the ignorer

I think I may have a fixed computer.  Well, have identified the problem which means there is a solution!  I have had to remove everything though so I am missing photo software at the moment.  I'll sort that this afternoon hopefully, as I wanted to do a lips of the day picture.

Anyway, I thought I would raise the issue of customer service.  I used to be very weak at complaining and returning items, but the older I get, the more vocal I get!

If I need to contact a company I prefer to do it my email, as it is the cheapest option and I can prepare what I want to say.  I ofter find their telephone lines are VERY expensive to ring, and don't get me started on the hold music!!  Why should I pay to contact them- especially if there is a fault?  I have put a few stories into 3 classes.

The Ignorer: At the moment I am waiting for a reply from a largish company, after finding a fault a month ago.  I have emailed them twice and their website says they reply within a week.  I waited 2 weeks and emailed again.  Nadda.  I am not very happy at all that I have to contact them a third time, and will be writting a very strong letter.  The problem may not be easy or relevant to solve, but the least they can do is acknowlege my emails.  I find this very poor service and will have no problem in revealing the company here if I get no response again.  The ignorance!

I experienced this sort of treatment at a Bobbi Brown counter on Saturday.  There were two assistants.  One was making over a client and chatting away, the other was reading papers.  She looked up at me and ignored me.  I was the only person at the counter!!  I waited... and then walked off.  Their loss!

The bad: Yes ignorance is bad, but there are other ways customer service can be bad.  I had one male shoe shop assistance proudly  proclaim- "OH YES! THOSE SHOES ARE BETTER, THEY MAKE YOUR FEET LOOK SMALLER!"... Great, you think I have big feet and are trying to sell me a solution to a problem that I had previously thought no-one had noticed!  Needless to say I didnt buy the shoes! In fact I think I bought chocolate!

What about people who don't give you a bag.  I am all for saving bags, but sometimes a bag is needed.

Another experience that made me wince was when I was getting a hat fitted, and the young male SA tried on one size and then loudly said "Your hairs too slippy, I'll get a smaller size"... Slippy implies greasy, which it wasnt.  He could have just said "I think you'll need a smaller one".. but I'll forgive him as he looked scared!

The good:
I had a lovely experience in Boots the other day when the cashier paid me a complement on my necklace and gave me some advice on my purchases.  This friendly human contact is really welcome when I shop.  It makes it a much more personal experience.  Obviously there was no queue, or I would have not chatted so much!

The company I love the most is Lush.  I have contacted them regarding a few things and always found they respond quickly and pleasantly.  This is exactly the same as their in store services.  All the sales staff know about each product and always want to demonstrate and help.

Elf have always been friendly, responded quickly and sorted out any queries or problems.  I have also found Space NK helpful and friendly, although I would have perhaps liked a sample, or for the information to be written down.

Now on to some specifics

I know lots of people swear by MAC, but I have had two very different experiences.  Both of them involved me being in a store on my own, although there were about 3-4 other shoppers in the store and 4 sales assistants.

Experience 1, I walked in and browsed.  I was approched after about 2 minutes and offered help, and then given general help- including directions to a local SpaceNK to weigh up other make-up.  The assistant gave me a make-up wipe and tissue for use if I swatched colours.

Experience 2, I walked in and stood by a counter for over 10 minutes.  I swatched and eventually had to interupt a make over to ask for a make-up wipe.  Half the products were missing and moved around the store.  No one approached me at all, despite 2 assistants being free and one standing right by me.  I have to ask for some help, and when I asked about one product the girl just looked a bit confused and said she didnt know what I was talking about and that they just didnt have it.  No referal to the website, or no confirmation that it was part of a collection (Fluidline in sage- I wanted to swatch it).

When I have emailed Mac I normally get a response within 2 days though.

I tried on an item which was 1 size too big, and the assistant asked if it fitted.  I said no I needed a smaller size but there wasnt one anywhere.  She said they only had size 14 and up in the stockroom and that that was it, and they were all out.  Luckily I went to the stand and then asked a younger assistant.  She went and looked in the stockroom and they did have smaller sizes, but not the one I wanted.  She rung the central warehouse (which was very busy) so she then gave me all the information on a piece of paper with a number I could ring.  I rung from home, and guess what..yes... they had my size and everything.  Ha! Take that assistant 1. You were wrong! 

I know that customer service gets harder the more customers there are, but taking a little bit of time to approach a customer and be friendly can make all the difference.  Also knowing the companies stock is invaluable.

  • To be approached within 5-10 minutes and told "I'm here if you need any help.  Are you looking for anything special or just browsing?". That way I know I have been noticed.
  • To be left alone when I say I am happy just browsing on my own.  I do not wish to be followed to told what products are great.  Please let me make my own mind up in peace!
  • To not be shown other products, regardless of how much I insist I just want an eye pencil (etc).  I know you have great eyeshadows that go with it, but I just want the eye pencil.
  • To be asked to excuse you if you need to serve someone else or take a telephone call.  Don't just walk off.
  • To not hear you giggling and talking to the other assistants about me or any other customer.  It is rude and false.
  • For you to at least try and find me an item.
  • If you are unsure, then say you are unsure but that you will try to find out from a co-worker or the internet or something.  DO NOT make it up or just say 'I don't know and walk off'.
  • To be applogized to if I had a long wait in the queue.
  • To be asked if I found everything I was looking for today.
  • To get a good customer service AFTER purchase.  It doesn't stop after you take my money.
  • To know how to contact you when I get home.  It is amazing how companies hide this information.
  • To get a 'hello' and 'goodbye' where possible, but especially at the till.  Yes you may have been there for 4 hours, but a cheery hello can make all the difference.
  • For you to not stare off into the distance chewing your lip while you are serving me.  Even if it is telephone service- I can tell you know!

 Remember, I pay your wages and will encourage my friends to visit- or stay away!

What customer service stories have you got?  Where do you like to shop/stay away from?

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Tag Thank you survey

EDIT: Oh maaaan I did this and then lost a sub, so back to 49!! Come baaack!! This is still for 50 subs.  I have a mac haul review to come, an award, and a write up of last nights event :)

Clearly Beautiful started this as a thank you to her subscribers and another way to get to know them better and it’s now turned into a tag.  I thought I would fill this in to celebrate 50 subs! Thanks guys!  I have another blog award too, but I have to go out an havent got time to blog both of these because I have to go to the bf's house.

Just copy and answer these questions into a blog
“Thank You Survey”
1. Favourite makeup line?
2. Your favourite weekend pampering session?
3. What are the three makeup items you can't live without?
4. What are three items you're lusting over right now? They can be makeup, skincare, or nails.
5. What kinds of blog posts do you love the most and why (haul, product review, DIY, tag, etc.)?
6. If you have your own blog, when did you get started, and why?

My answers:
1. Favourite makeup line? 

I don't have one.  I like Clinique for their lipsticks skincare, Mac for their eyeshadow and brushes, the Bodyshop for their eyeshadow, skincare and brushes, Elf for their prices and complexion perfection, Bourjois for their eye wear, I could go on and on..

2. Your favourite weekend pampering session? 
I love a really good soak in the bath with some Lush products, a glass of wine, a good book or magazine and
a face mask!  The steam opens my pores and the mask works 10x better!

3. What are the three makeup items you can't live without? 

Make-up items, I'll pick the three I usually have in my handbag, no matter how small the bag is.  A lip gloss/salve, concealer and an eye pencil.  If I was able to choose these the I'd go for the Bloom 3 in 1 lip cheek and eye colour (obvious reasons), a brown eye pencil- maybe the NYX shadow stick with a liner at one end, and a concealer for blemishes, scars and bags (possibly the witch dr one that treats spots at the same time!

4. What are three items you're lusting over right now? They can be makeup, skincare, or nails.

The first three products that come to mind are Dior Lip Glow- yes it is £18-£20 and still just a glorified LIPSALVE (!), but my brain is stuck lusting for the shiney packaging!  Kat Von D Palettes (all of them!), but Ludwig if I had to choose only one.  China Glaze's Ruby Pumps nail polish.  It is gorgeous in photos, I hope it is gorgeous in real life.

5. What kinds of blog posts do you love the most and why (haul, product review, DIY, tag, etc.)?
I like haul posts, because it is like window shopping, but I like reviews too to see how products work, tutorials and other posts- all of them.  I like photos and things that apply to me, but also escapism posts are good too.  In short nothing to waffley!
6. If you have your own blog, when did you get started, and why? 

I started about 4 months ago when I wanted to make a personal diary to document my battle to get healthy spot and scar free skin.  It evolved to include beauty and then makeup and I'm sure a lot of other things well e added!

I had been watching Youtube vids for a while after seeking a tutorial and some ideas for storage, from that I found blogger and begun to read and read and read and read and then... I wanted to comment!

So that is this tag done, I hope you enjoyed reading that.  Feel free to pass it along!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Product Rave: Night Treatment

After picking the Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment CLICK HERE I decided to do an update on how I am getting on with the serum.

I have to say that its really working well on my skin.  It was quite normal for me to wake up every morning with visible oil all over my T-zone and chin.  In some cases I could actually see it little splodges on my nose pores- sorry, not a nice image but I don't think I am the only one to have that?

Obviously diet, hormones and environment can all affect one's skin.

I have been using this product for nearly two weeks now and I can honestly say I have noticed a difference in my skin.

To slightly recap what I said in my previous post, this product is designed for oily skin.  It is not as heavy as a moisturiser and should be used in place of a moisturiser in an evening cleanse, tone, moisturise routine.  The pump action bottle preserves the serum from the air (so it will keep for longer), and also allows you to take as little or as much as you need with out creating any waste!

I have been applying this with my finger tips all over my face and neck last thing at night.

I wake up every morning with soft skin and have not once has oil pouring out my nose pores!!  Obviously two weeks is not long enough to give a complete verdict (dreaded hormones and elements!) but so far it is out performing my last 'night moisturiser'- which was actually a day cream!

So far so good, although I will update in a few months!  I also might pick up some more of their Seaweed range which is especially designed for Oily/Combination skin. Hurrah!

The Bodyshop currently has 20% off all skincare online, so if you were thinking of trying some of their skin range then now is a good time.  I am not sure if this discount is available in store.

You can pick up this product on online HERE

Right I have to go get ready, am off to an exciting event later today and will write that up in the next few days.  Might do another post before I go out if I have a minute.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Gain Extra Competition Entry- First 5 only

The first 5 people to comment people will gain an extra entry into my random giveaway!
You must have already entered the original giveaway CLICK HERE

Creative competition still has no enteries.  I will only run this if I have 3 or more enteries to judge.

Good luck!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

My TWO competitions- Simplified.

I have TWO competitions open at the moment.  The winners will get to pick prizes out of an evergrowing prize haul which will include your pick of some drug store make-up items.
Here is a taster of the prize haul- with a few mystery prizes to be added- none UK people, this could be your change to get some UK drugstore goodies!

I am running TWO competitions.
Prizes include;

* Boots Electric Blue Tights,
* Revlon Moisture Lipsticks,
* Rimmel Bronzed E/s,
*Strawberry Gel Masque,
* Sanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub,
* St. Ives Apricot scrub travel sample,
* bracelets
* PLUS some mystery prizes uncluding- Drugstore make-up and products.
When the winners are announced I will give them a choice depending on what I can buy from the shops around me, and what I am allowed to send to their country.  They will then choose what prizes they want out of the haul and mystery prizes!
Prize Draw (Competition 1)

1) Be a follower (this will be checked) and comment below (1 entry).
2) Write a post on your blog about my competition (2 entries).

Please only follow if you like my blog and want to be part of my blogging family/journey!

Please note that if you were in my 30 original followers then you automatically have an entry.  If you have already entered then your original entry still stands.  I will also be giving away another entry to the first 3 people who respond to a specific post so keep your eyes peeled!

CREATIVE CONTEST (Competition 2)

This has had ZERO enteries so far, so I am making it a bit simpler.

"You are going to work and then out to a do straight after.  You make-up bag can only hold 16 products and brushes....................".  

You must post TWO photos on your blog under the heading 'Computergirl's Creative Contest' and a link to this post.  Also put a link in the commens box here so everyone can visit and look!  Also you must post a list of the products you used.

Photo 1)
Create and Photograph a day eye look using no more than 10 products and brushes. You must start with bare moisturised skin and build up the look.  Anything you put on after moisturiser counts towards your 10 products.  Fingers do NOT count towards the 10- you can use them free.  You may wipe brushes inbetween use.  A palette does not count as one item, but a shadow in the palette does. Foundation/tinted moisturiser counts as 1.

Photo 2) 
TURN the day eye into an evening eye by adding no more than 6 products and brushes.  If you reapply anything then that counts as 1 of the 6.

I hope that makes sense?


Giveaway winner will be picked at  random and be given a Revlon Moisture Lipstick AND first pick of the prize haul (at least 5 prizes)!

Creative contest is judged and the winner will be given a Revlon Moisture Lipstick AND pick of the remaining prize haul (at least 5 prizes)!

For more details please see my other post on the my competition.

Any questions then post below or send me an email!

Closes October 31st t 11:59am UK time.

Good Luck!!

I Heart Cosmetics Competition!

The lovely Sarah is having a halloween competition/giveaway with some great prizes.  Visit to have a look! :)

Monday, 12 October 2009

Discount /Freebie Alert: Elf, Dorothy Perkins, Regis, hand cream

£5 off order over £15 (excludes shipping) until midnight on the 15th!

20% off Dorothy Perkins if you download the voucher at (only applies on purchases of over £50 online, instore is different i think!)

30% off a Regis Haircut!
Simply call a salon, quote 'glamour' and take a copy of this month's glamour magazine along with you (P209!)

FREE L'occitane shea butter hand cream worth £7 with this months UK issue of InStyle magazine.

15% off with the code BENE1HOT till 7th Novemeber

If anyone is going to use any of this offers then comment below and let us know how you get on!

Guess who got blogger awards :)

I was so pleased to get nominated for two blogger awards by the lovely Sarah at

To accept these awards, I have done the following:

1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award.
2. Copy the award and place it on my blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award.
4.  Name 7 things that people might find interesting; (Gorgeous Blogger award) Name 6 things that people might find interesting
5. Nominate 7 Bloggers
6. Post links to the 7 blogs I nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

Seven things you might find interesting
1) Most toothpaste (drugstore) whiteners work by actually stripping the enamel off your teeth.  Not good!
2) Pumping your mascara actually packs more air in and feeds bacteria.  The result- your mascara goes off quicker!
3) I don't like spiders but I always put them outside- even if I have to have a glass of wine to give me courage.
4)If you stop getting thirsty, you probably need to drink water because when a human body is dehydrated, its thirst mechanism stops working
5)It takes more muscles to frown than smile- and even less to punch someone in the face!
6)Women blink nearly twice as often as men (probably down to the fact we wear so much eye make-up!)
7)When flying always suck a small boiled sweet or eat something small.  The swallowing helps clear the build up of air pressure in your ears.  However don't chew gum or suck really large sweets.  If you do crash then they are likely to get stuck in your airway and suffocate you- even if you do survive the impact of the crash!

Wow that was hard!

Here are my 7 lovely nominations.
1 Eliza at One of my first blogger friends!
2 Victoria at A blog I read before I started writing.
3 battling a long distance relationship, but a UK based make-up addict who dreams of america!
4 Louise at Great for affordable treats- and a talented artist too. A qualified beauty thearapist who write a blog.
6 Sadie at great style and make-up.
7 Kelly at for great advice.

That was hard too.  There are so many blogs I enjoy reading, and so many lovely people who have emailed me or helped me.  A huge thank you to everyone, and just because your name isn't above then don't feel down- picking only 7 was hard! Don't forget to enter my competition and contest to say thank you to everyone.

Thanks for all the blogging. :)x

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Recent Hauls: First visit to Mac in ages: Bargains

Here are a few things I have picked up over the last week or so.
Tigi Bed head Moisture Maniac shampoo and conditioner,
Clearasil Deep pore cleaning pads (had to get some more and will write about them in my next 30 day skin challenge post) £4
Eyelashes naturlites (on offer at £3.49? superdrug!),
Blue bead necklace 69p!!! Oxfam shop :) Bargain!
Light Blue bangle in plastic. Claires £2.50

Mac 210 liner brush
Mac Fluidline in Black track
Mac E/s in Nocturnelle

I have looked at a lot of Mac items, but never really bought.  I have used friends items, browsed online. but alas living so far from a MAC store has drawbacks.  I found the staff quite helpful and was able to pick up the items I wanted.  The store was quite quiet, so I didn't feel neglected or rushed.  I was also able to pick up a few hints and tips from the MUA- she even gave me directions to SpaceNK to check out some of their products before I bought made a decision on purchasing. 

I really felt that they were being proactive on my behalf, and not just trying to get me to buy things.  It is great when people feel so confident in their products that they know you wont find better dupes in another shop!

Anyway, it will be a while before I have another MAC visit. :(  I looked at the Bobbi Brown Gel liners, and would have looked at Stila but I couldnt find any.  Generally I like to mix up my products, pretty much sticking to low and middle end, but will sometimes I'll go high end as a special treat.  Actually products interest me rather than a brand name- it can be Creme de Mer but if it doesnt work for me ten I'll stick with my 99p vaseline!!.  Guerlain's complexion powder really interested me, but the price tag didnt-at the other end of the scale Elf's complexion correction powder £3.50-AMAZING!!

Anyway, Back to MAC! I settled on Blacktrack (swatched below) and E/s nocturnelle.  A lovely rich frost finished plum colour.  I went for the darker colour as I can apply a light sweep for gentle colour, or more for a dramatic look.  I can also used it as a liner.


Now for my bargain part two.  Not only did the necklace cost 69p, but I also found an individual chemist that was selling Tigi shampoo.

My old bottles are on the right.  The bottles on the left were bound together.  Would you believe I paid the same amount for both sets?! £20 for the smaller bottles a few years back (in a chain salon), and £19.99 for the larger bottles.  Value for money.  This product is great for my hair, I use so little of it because it is pure product.  It doesn't foam much (so you dont loose half of it in bubbles), plus they are larger bottles-wholesale =cheaper!!

I used to buy herbal essences and save my salon stuff for special use.  Then I found out herbal essence test on animals, so I can't live with myself if I use it again.  1 bottle of HE= £4-5 when I add up how much of that i used a year, and how much Tigi salon size cost it became a no brainer.  I have tried a few brands but they always seem to coat my hair in silicone, or make it dry and horrible.

So those are my purchases :)
I like bargains :)

Anyone used the Tigi shampoo? Or any of the other products?  Any other bargains to share?

P.s. Don't forget my blog sale, or competition and contest!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

My competition: Gain an extra extry

I said there would be extra ways of gaining an entry into my competition.

Here is the challenge for this week!  If anyone wants to gain an extra entry into my random give away competition, then all you have to do is post a link to my competition on your blog, and then post a comment below with a link to your blog.  This will gain you an extra entry on top of the one you get for being a follower and posting on the original competition post.

Click here to go to my original competition post.

I will post another way of getting an extra entry next week- it will involve being the first 3 to comment on my post so stay tuned.

P.s. Having more computer issues :( It is going very slowly.  I am getting some help and when it is fixed I have to do a post of yesterday's Mac haul, comment on my blog nomination awards and upload some eye shots.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Discount Alert: 15% off with this code

Slightly working computer.. just charging up my camera to do a haul photo.  I visited Mac today. :)

Anyway, if you visit and use the code BENE1HOT (Valid 8th October- 7th November) you will get 15% off all purchases.

Great if you want to pick up One Hot Minute, Corlista or some extra Bad Gal Lash mascara! Don't forget to post what you will be buying!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Agh sorry

Huge computer issues so I cant post at the moment. Borrowing a compute rto leave this message. Hopefully back soon. It is driving me crazy, especially as I have a blog sale, competition and several hauls to write about!!


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Beauty Junkie's giveaway!

Cut and paste this like to see Beauty Junkie's giveaway!

And click to the right to see mine!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Review: Body Shop Haul

Last week the Body Shop had a members event as part of their Nutriganics launch.  I popped into a Body Shop to have a look at the new products and see if there was anyhting I wanted to buy ith my 20% off.

I had a quick look at the nutriganics range, it looks interesting, but not entirely suitable for my skin.  Maybe in ten years when it has settled down?

I did pick up a slanted brush which I have wanted for a while (see right, picture of Body shop website).  It can be used with wet or dry powder, or to just smudge and tidy existing make up.  I find the Body Shop brushes great value for money.  They are soft, wash well and are the right size for me to hold.  This one costs £8.30 (£6.64 with discount).  I used to buy cheap brushes, but they just fall apart and end up needing replacing very quickly.  Not an investment.  I have never had to throw oout or replace a body shop brush ever.

I also wanted some night cream, as I have been using a day cream at night.  My skin type was assessed, and the Seaweed range recommended.  I decided to try the Clarifying Night Treatment, which you use after Cleanser and Toner at night (in place of your moisturiser).  It is not a thick as some of the night moisturisers I have used, and so far it is working well.  It is oil-free and so far I wake up evey morning with soft skin.  It costs £9.75 normally (£7.80 with my discount).  A little goes a long way!

Offer Alert- If you were looking into purchasing the seaweed range at the body shop then check out as the WHOLE range has 20% off at the moment.

I was also given a sample of some eye cream to try.  I have had problems with eye products before bringing me out in spots so I'm going to give this a try.

If you can recommend any products, or have tried the seaweed range then feel free to leave a comment below.

Also don't forget my competition!!  One random prize draw and one creative competition!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Free: Win a year's supply of MAC & Baby present question!

Slightly better than my competition!  I found this giveaway and know some of you will want to enter.  I am not sure about international entry, but take a took and enter if you want.  Click HERE

Baby question- one of my close friends (who lives the other side of the UK) gave birth yesterday.  I am looking for postable gift ideas?  Thought I'd get the baby some clothes to grow into (maybe charity shop but they'll like that).

New mum... I'd like to get her something to pamper her. I'm on a buget and have to post it- any ideas?  Does pregnancy give you dry skin or anything like that?

Thanks for any help!

Saturday, 3 October 2009


There will be two winners announced.  1 winner for Part 1 (random draw, announced first) and 1 Winner for Part 2 (creative contest, announced second).

Firstly all my 30 followers have automatically got an entry into the random prize draw.  See here for why!

The boring details:
  • The competition will close four weeks today 31st October at 11:59am UK time.  I don't normally celebrate Halloween so I'll probably end up sorting this out instead!
  • Open internationally, but please be aware that I might have to send the items surface mail if you win.
  • You must be a subscriber to enter- this will make it easier to follow the competition, and for me to contact you if I need to (to ask questions or notify the winner)!  Plus if you are entering my competition, I'd like you to be part of our blog family, as this is my way of saying THANK YOU to my followers!
  • Part 1: All names will be given an number and a winner will be selected by a random method.  They will get FIRST PICK of the prizes. Part 2: Creative contest will be judged. They will get SECOND PICK of the prizes  Once announced you will have 2 weeks to make contact/return my contact.  If this is not done then I will assume you don't want the prizes, or don't actually follow my blog and will draw another winner.  
  • The descision I announce is final.  This is just a fun giveaway so don't take it too seriously!!

  • EXISTING FOLLOWERS gain a second entry by saying 'Enter me' below.
  • NEW FOLLOWERS Gain 1 entry by subscribing and then typing 'Ive subscribed, please enter me' below.  I will be checking you have subbed at random points, so no cheating.  Please only subscribe if you like my blog as otherwise it is a bit mean to the blogger family!!
There will also be random other ways of gaining an extra entry or two......


Because I know not everyone likes to photo their whole face for blogger, this is going to be an eye challenge.  It will look at your skills.  I want you to take 3 photos of your eye (including eyebrow and skin just under).

Photo 1: NO MAKE-UP- just cleanse/tone/moisturiser.  (This will show me what base you started with).

Photo 2: DAY MAKE-UP using no more than a total of 10 products and brushes!  This includes eyelash, eyebrow, and skin products (e.g. mascara, eyelash curlers, eye brow grooming, foundation, concealer, base).  Each item = 1 product and Each brush = 1 item.  A palette does not count as 1 item, but 1 shadow in the palette counts as 1 item.  Think of it like a morning routine before work- you are not allowed to use 1 brush and wash it 9 times as no-one has time to do this in the morning. You MAY wipe the brushes on a tissue though.
   Example I used 2 brushes, foundation, concealer, brow pencil, base, 2 shadows, liner, mascara

Photo 3: EVENING MAKE-UP look BUT by only adding 6 products to you day eye!  You are going out straight from work.  If you re-apply any product, that counts as 1 items.

After you have finished
  • Upload the 3 photos to your blog with the post heading 'Computergirl's Creative Contest'.
  • List the 10 day eye products and the 6 evening eye products you used.  You may say a few works about how you did it, but no long essays please!
  • Post a message below with the link to the post on your blog.
  • You can only have one entry into this contest.

Entries will be judges and one winner picked.

Please post any questions below, or email me.


  • Random winner will be announced first, and will get to pick 1 of the lipsticks and then 3 other prizes from the prize haul.  
  • The 'Creative challenge' winner will be announced second and win the remaining lipstick and then get to pick 3 other prizes from the remaining prize haul.  
I have a few mystery prizes to add- hopefully if they turn up in time!  (If they do I'll increase the number of prizes awarded).  I migh add some nail polishes if I can find them too.  Prize photos...

New Boots Electric Blue Tights (they are more deeper and vibrant than in the photo- and very autumn 2009!) Medium to Large in size
New Rimmel Eye Shadow Mono in Bronzed
New Revlon Moisture Balance Lipstick 012 Brandy Plum
New Revlon Moisture Balance Lipstick 044 Sugarplum
New Burlesque Beauty Eye Lashes

Right Gel Masque (Strawberry)
St. Ives Apricot scrub (travel sample)
Sanctuary Spa Norishing Hot Sugar Scrub
2 Cute pink bracelets.

All items are new and unused.


Friday, 2 October 2009

IMPORTANT: A note to my amazing subscribed followers.......

You have all been entered into my 30 subs competition.  If you do not wish to be part of my competition then please either leave a note below, or send me an email to the address in the side bar.  I will treat any email asking to be removed in confidence so don't panic!  I know not everyone will want the prizes, or want to give out their address etc to me.

My competition will go live tomorrow (hopefully- few problems here but hoping to launch tomorrow).  You can remove yourself at any point until the competition closes.

So all that remains is a HUGE THANKYOU  for subscribing.  It means a lot to me.

I joined blogger to make friends, learn tips, watch tutorials, read reviews and to help make the most out of what I have.  I have several struggles- one being my skin- but by blogging about these things I have found a lovely network of people willing to share and support.

So here is my way of saying thank you.  You have no idea how much this is changing me!  It is something that has really brightened my days :)

On to tomorrow, please stay tuned on how to gain further entries and what the prizes are :)

30DSC: Phase 2

My quest for clear, healthy skin continues.  I might not continue doing 30 day blocks, but I'm keeping the name at the moment.

Phase 2:

Clinique 3 Step Anti-blemish kit.

Contains anti-blemish solutions;
Cleansing Bar for Face and Body
Clarifying Lotion
Clearing Moisturizer Oil-Free

This is fairly similar to their other 3 step kits (which I am a fan of).  For more information see and click on the skin section, then anti-blemish.  These items retail from around £10-£40 depending on whether you buy a kit or individual items.

I went to the Clinique counter and they did a skin test on me before I ended up with this set.  Hopefully this means that it will be the best option for my skin.

I will also be using MD formulations Skin Perfection Gel
Part of Bare Escentuals, I picked this up at a local salon.  It can be used 1-3 times daily on affected areas.  It has been sat in a box for a while, but I am looking forward to giving this a spin.  It retails for around £17-30 in the UK.

So, this is phase two.  I have a few other products that I will continue to use.  It will be interesting to see how this compare to my £5 tea tree oil/clearasil option.

Have you tried either of these and what did you think?

Have a great Friday night!

P.s. One more subscriber to go until my 30 subs contest!

Question: What is this brush for?

I was given a brush (by my mum) and I am slightly confused by it.  It is by John O'Donnell and sort of like a kabuki brush, but longer.  I am wondering if it is a gentleman's shaving brush!!

I have tried to find out about the maker.  If anyone can shed any light on this brush and its use, please comment below!


P.s. One more follower till I open my 30 subs contest.  That means one more person will be automatically entered into my competition.

30DSC Update: Phase 1 complete (Clearasil)

I challenged my self to a 30 Day Skin Challenge, to try and sort out my spots, scars and blotches.

Click here to see the original post.  I have updated a few times because I have changed the routine.

After 30 days of Clearsil Pads, here is how it is looking.

Is there any difference?  Well I think the pores are smaller and my skin is softer.  I have had less breakouts, but I still have blackheads and the little white pimples under the skin.  My skin also seems to look a bit less sallow and dull, but maybe that is just me being hopeful?

I think some of it is deep set, so it will get worse before getting better.  (which makes leaving it alone harder)!

I have oily skin so I have been avoiding using bio oil too much (unlike my original statement).
I have been using the pads morning and evening.  I have also been using a light moisturiser when needed (with SPF in as this treatment strips the oils and exfoliates the skin).  I have also used an asprin mask a few times, and Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel blackhead gel mask (lots of fun!).  Click on the tags at the side to read more about these products.

I stress that this is by no means a scientific test.  I have combination oily t-zone and chin skin.  It can get really oily and is affected by diet and hormones.  I am in my mid 20's so I sometimes feel to old for Clearasil- like I need something gentler.  I have used 60 pads (2 a day for 30 days)  I have a couple left for 'emergncy' use.  However I will now move to phase two, which I will explain later.

For now though, do you think there is improvement?  I know this is just my chin but it was easier and less yucky to post a photo of that!

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