Friday, 30 October 2009

2 more of these entries needed for my competition!

As you will know my competition closes tomorrow.
I am running 2 competitions.
1)A random giveaway
2) A judged creative competition- Which I said will only happen if I get 3 or more entries.  I currently have 1 entry!

A contest needs competition!  If there are 3 entries then you have a 33.333% chance of being the winner! A 1 in every 3 chance which is much better odds than those of winning the random giveaway

 I have my first entry from Sugar Click HERE to view her entry post. 
Thank you so much for taking the time to enter the competition :)

1)Natural Eye (no make-up)
2) Day Eye (using no more that 10 products and brushes)
3) Turned Day eye into Evening Eye (by adding no more than 6 products and brushes)

So, if you think would like to enter you have 19 hours and 14 minutes to do your look, take photos, post them and let me know.

Should I get 3 entries, then the winner will be judged by you.

So please, join Sugar...make this contest run!

What do you have to loose?!

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