Saturday, 31 October 2009

2nd entry for my creative competition

This is PopKorny's entry for my creative competition, which takes the number of entries to 2!  Thank you PopKorny for your time and effort.  Will we get our third before 11:59?  You have just under 2 hours to do a Day eye using no more than 10 brushes and products, and then change it to an Evening eye by adding or reapplying 6 products or brushes.
Can you take the challenge?

This competition needs 3 participants to run.

The winner will be voted for on here by you lot. They will then get to pick some prizes out of a prize stash (see older photos) and some added mystery prizes.

Good luck! 


  1. I think there is one more new entry by Sherry in the original post :) Yey, contest now can run!

  2. Excellent! Yes I am just finishing my post on that one. After the competition closes I will do a voting post :)Emma


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