Saturday, 31 October 2009

3rd entry for my creative contest

This is the 3rd entry for my creative contest, made by Sherry at Scorpio Beauty (click here).
Top photo: No make-up
Middle photo: Day look (no more than 10 products or brushes!)
Botom photo: Evening look (no more than 6 products or brushes, including reapplying)

39 minutes to load up your photo if you are doing an entry!

This entry means the competition will run, so get your skates on.

Winner of this compeition will get second pick of the prize haul.

Thank you to Sherry, Sugar and PopKorny for making this competition run!


  1. Sherry, I cant post on your page for some reason. The bos when I enter a comment goes off the screen so I can't clikc post. Anyway, Thank you for your entry, it looks fab! :)

  2. Hi, you can find my entry on my blog :)

  3. hi, I am using the photobucket to upload the pics thats why I think you can't click it.

    about comment at my blog, I will check. :D

  4. I have change the setting of comments :)

  5. @Caz, thanks for the entry. I will do a round up and vote post shortly.

    @Sherry, thanks. Sorry there were mistakes in my comment above, I was typing very fast!

  6. is okay, sometimes I also get typo when type fast :D


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