Thursday, 22 October 2009

Advance warning of my blog sale

I'm just sorting out my next blog sale.  It will be posted at in the next 24 hours Click HERE to visit my blog sale blog and subscribe if you want to be first on the case.  I have a whole box of things I will be uploading over the next few weeks. Thanks :)


  1. Love your blog!!Great sales!!

    Pls check out our Fashion Style & Celebrity Gossip blog!!

  2. Hello there hunny, Award time, now I know you already have these as you gave them to me but I simply HAD to send you them too. So get yourself over to ma blog ;)
    Also I'm thinking of starting an award type thing, would love to hear your opinion.


  3. @Eternally Fixated Thanks. I will be uploading the sales items later. Stop by again.

    @Eliza Awww thanks :D I'll head over :)x


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