Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Cold remedies?

What are your cold remedies or reliefs?  I think I have a cold coming and a very important work week.  Have can I stave off this cold??!! Heeelllpp!!

What do you take or swear by? Thanks sweeties :)


  1. Hot Whiskey trust me it works :) Hope your felling better soon xoxox

  2. Hope you feel better, soon!

    I take Gypsy Cold Care Tea by Traditional Medicinals, drink lots of water, take oregano oil, eat a raw clove of garlic (I swear it works), eat oranges, berries and get a good amount of sleep.

  3. Oh no, hope you feel better soon.

    I usually take a vitamin C supplement, drink lots of water and get a lot of rest.

    Kelly x

  4. Thanks girls! I used my voice quite a lot for work, and its an important week.

    @Juicygirl- I think I can manage that ;)

    @CrystalS- I looked for some Oil of Oregano today but couldnt see any. Will try and indipendant chemist tomorrow if I go out. Have had a berry smoothie (yum yum) :) Thanks for stopping by :)

    @Kelly, I replaced my strong Vit C tablets today (the ones you make into a drink). Will be taking one shortly.

    So my evening is...
    Having a hot bath, steaming my sinuses, drink hot whiskey, eating lots of vitamin C, taking a multi vit and vit c tablet, and getting an early night. I think I have a stash of Lush products for the bath somewhere...!



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