Sunday, 4 October 2009

Free: Win a year's supply of MAC & Baby present question!

Slightly better than my competition!  I found this giveaway and know some of you will want to enter.  I am not sure about international entry, but take a took and enter if you want.  Click HERE

Baby question- one of my close friends (who lives the other side of the UK) gave birth yesterday.  I am looking for postable gift ideas?  Thought I'd get the baby some clothes to grow into (maybe charity shop but they'll like that).

New mum... I'd like to get her something to pamper her. I'm on a buget and have to post it- any ideas?  Does pregnancy give you dry skin or anything like that?

Thanks for any help!


  1. Clothes for when the baby gets older are a great idea, people often but newborn clothing forgetting that every other friend is doing the same thing, then the parents end up with a huge wardrobe to last 5 months!
    As for the depends, did the pregnancy affect her appearance positively or negatively? Some women get spots and greasy hair but others look amazing! So if she's finding her skin feels crap then some expensive skin products would probably make her day! Otherwise a home made voucher for a baby free night so she can get a good nights sleep will be a godsend (if you're comfortable with babies!).

  2. Oh! I just reread and you wrote postable! Don't think you can post yourself lol!!!

  3. Ohhh im sure they'd love something from Lush, im not sure what but that'd be a great present :) xox

  4. @LRWade, thanks for the ideas, she 'bloomed' I think, although I only saw her a few times because of the distance. She always looks groomed though. Thanks for the ideas :)

    @Lizzy, Lush :) Always makes me smile. And a good excuse to pop in next time I am in town.. purely to look for her of course... um..!!

    Thanks girls :) Great present ideas. x

  5. Thanks for the comment hun!
    There are plenty of thigns you can get them: they will always need diapers and supplies!

  6. @Young, Fabulous and Pregnant- thanks thats a good idea too :) Thanks for saying hi! :)


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