Saturday, 31 October 2009

Lovely Blog Award

The lovely Silja at Frisky Beauty gave me a blog award.  This really made me smile, so thank you to Silja for thinking of me and sending me a really sweet email.

She said " Really lovely blog. I especially liked her post about customer service. And thanks for the E.L.F. announcements." :)

Rules of this award are:
1.Accept the Award
2.Post it on my Blog
3.Post the name and link the person who has granted the award
4.Post the award onto 15 other newly discovered blogs
5.Notify the Bloggers that they have been awarded

So in no order, here are 15 blogs I have been reading recently.  I try to read all my followers blogs, and some extra ones.  As always, I would give this award to everyone, but I'm not allowed to.  Some of these are well known, others not, but they are all worthy of having this shout out!

1. Jo at All things beautiful UK blogger who blogs about all sorts of beauty, make-up and her 2 sons (when she isn't dropping her most loved lipstick down the loo (by accident)!
2. Juicygirl who lives in Ireland and has great taste in fashion, make-up and bargains!
3. Sam and Nic at Pixiwoo London based sisters who are MUAs and do youtube videos and tutorials.
4. Marcia at Let there be shopping! Recently found a great dupe for Mac Vegas Volt.
5. Daisy at Cupcakes with cherries. A good mixture of fashion, hauls, make-up and books.
6. Arlene at Dressjunkie. Lots of great posts but this one made me smile.
7. Beauty Verdict in Australia, who is not afraid of giving bad reviews to products that don't work!
8. Cheryl at Cheryl's Beauty Blog lots of great things. Her de-potting tutorial was very detailed.
9. Clearly Beautiful Blog for lots of great posts (I like the Macy's bag!)
10. Emma the girl with the arab strap. Fashion, hair, make-up and music tracks with most posts!
11. Beauty Blog Sale Directory on a slight break. A place when people post their blog sales.*
12. LionLovingTiger Great fashion, make-up and humour!
13. Love at First Bite Another mum, but she's moving house at the moment so no beauty blogs for a little bit.
14. Kendra at Kendra Payne newly pregnant, and has pretty snow pictures.  Go through pregnancy with her!
15. Laura at Lollipop26 yes widely followed and very informative. UK ex-pat in Dubai.

So there we go, that is 15.  I have tried to put different blogs up there from the other times I have done blog awards.  All the blogs I follow are good, but I just thought I would mention these ones this time.


*Sales blog: If anyone knows of other blogs that list all the current blog sales then can you post a link below?  I love blog sales!



  1. Ooh thanks :). Really appreciate it. xo

  2. Yay!!! thank you sweetie. Loved what you said about me sooo sweet. Was laughing at my lippie down the loo hehe.

    Ill do this as soon as I get time. Just at my fellas at the mo though.

    Hope you're well babes and thanks again!! appreciated soo much!


  3. You are a sweetie!
    Yep, I am harsh but I think fair... although others may disagree!!
    Many thanks Computergirl!

  4. Hey missy thank you soo much for the award your such a sweetie xoxox

  5. Hi sweetie, thank you so so much for the blog award! I'm truly flattered!!! I'll post about this very soon! Thanks again. :)

  6. @everyone, youre all welcome! :)xx

  7. Thanks so much for the blog award hon - have been spending the past few days with the boyfriend so have been MIA but will do this tag tonight after he heads home... I've missed blogging!

    Just read your comment on Kelanjo19's blog - fab advice on the iPhone/tea situation!


  8. @LionLovingTiger, Boyfriend time is always good! And kind of you to say so, just trying to help her out!

    No hurry with the blog award, it's quite a lengthy one! Took me a while!


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