Saturday, 10 October 2009

My competition: Gain an extra extry

I said there would be extra ways of gaining an entry into my competition.

Here is the challenge for this week!  If anyone wants to gain an extra entry into my random give away competition, then all you have to do is post a link to my competition on your blog, and then post a comment below with a link to your blog.  This will gain you an extra entry on top of the one you get for being a follower and posting on the original competition post.

Click here to go to my original competition post.

I will post another way of getting an extra entry next week- it will involve being the first 3 to comment on my post so stay tuned.

P.s. Having more computer issues :( It is going very slowly.  I am getting some help and when it is fixed I have to do a post of yesterday's Mac haul, comment on my blog nomination awards and upload some eye shots.


  1. Hey hunny, hope the computer issues get resolved soon. Have blogged about your comp. Here's the link


  2. Hi xD still don't know how to use this site too well, so don't know if i can comment back on your comment to my blog or however you do it. Anyway, the color i used was JANE clubbing, put MAC red glitter over it, then finally some cheap drugstore glitter over it ^.^

  3. Thanks Eliza :)

    @hippies thanks for the info :) That is really cool! I think you can comment back at me, or email.

    I love mixing drug store with other stuff :)

    Thanks again.


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