Saturday, 3 October 2009


There will be two winners announced.  1 winner for Part 1 (random draw, announced first) and 1 Winner for Part 2 (creative contest, announced second).

Firstly all my 30 followers have automatically got an entry into the random prize draw.  See here for why!

The boring details:
  • The competition will close four weeks today 31st October at 11:59am UK time.  I don't normally celebrate Halloween so I'll probably end up sorting this out instead!
  • Open internationally, but please be aware that I might have to send the items surface mail if you win.
  • You must be a subscriber to enter- this will make it easier to follow the competition, and for me to contact you if I need to (to ask questions or notify the winner)!  Plus if you are entering my competition, I'd like you to be part of our blog family, as this is my way of saying THANK YOU to my followers!
  • Part 1: All names will be given an number and a winner will be selected by a random method.  They will get FIRST PICK of the prizes. Part 2: Creative contest will be judged. They will get SECOND PICK of the prizes  Once announced you will have 2 weeks to make contact/return my contact.  If this is not done then I will assume you don't want the prizes, or don't actually follow my blog and will draw another winner.  
  • The descision I announce is final.  This is just a fun giveaway so don't take it too seriously!!

  • EXISTING FOLLOWERS gain a second entry by saying 'Enter me' below.
  • NEW FOLLOWERS Gain 1 entry by subscribing and then typing 'Ive subscribed, please enter me' below.  I will be checking you have subbed at random points, so no cheating.  Please only subscribe if you like my blog as otherwise it is a bit mean to the blogger family!!
There will also be random other ways of gaining an extra entry or two......


Because I know not everyone likes to photo their whole face for blogger, this is going to be an eye challenge.  It will look at your skills.  I want you to take 3 photos of your eye (including eyebrow and skin just under).

Photo 1: NO MAKE-UP- just cleanse/tone/moisturiser.  (This will show me what base you started with).

Photo 2: DAY MAKE-UP using no more than a total of 10 products and brushes!  This includes eyelash, eyebrow, and skin products (e.g. mascara, eyelash curlers, eye brow grooming, foundation, concealer, base).  Each item = 1 product and Each brush = 1 item.  A palette does not count as 1 item, but 1 shadow in the palette counts as 1 item.  Think of it like a morning routine before work- you are not allowed to use 1 brush and wash it 9 times as no-one has time to do this in the morning. You MAY wipe the brushes on a tissue though.
   Example I used 2 brushes, foundation, concealer, brow pencil, base, 2 shadows, liner, mascara

Photo 3: EVENING MAKE-UP look BUT by only adding 6 products to you day eye!  You are going out straight from work.  If you re-apply any product, that counts as 1 items.

After you have finished
  • Upload the 3 photos to your blog with the post heading 'Computergirl's Creative Contest'.
  • List the 10 day eye products and the 6 evening eye products you used.  You may say a few works about how you did it, but no long essays please!
  • Post a message below with the link to the post on your blog.
  • You can only have one entry into this contest.

Entries will be judges and one winner picked.

Please post any questions below, or email me.


  • Random winner will be announced first, and will get to pick 1 of the lipsticks and then 3 other prizes from the prize haul.  
  • The 'Creative challenge' winner will be announced second and win the remaining lipstick and then get to pick 3 other prizes from the remaining prize haul.  
I have a few mystery prizes to add- hopefully if they turn up in time!  (If they do I'll increase the number of prizes awarded).  I migh add some nail polishes if I can find them too.  Prize photos...

New Boots Electric Blue Tights (they are more deeper and vibrant than in the photo- and very autumn 2009!) Medium to Large in size
New Rimmel Eye Shadow Mono in Bronzed
New Revlon Moisture Balance Lipstick 012 Brandy Plum
New Revlon Moisture Balance Lipstick 044 Sugarplum
New Burlesque Beauty Eye Lashes

Right Gel Masque (Strawberry)
St. Ives Apricot scrub (travel sample)
Sanctuary Spa Norishing Hot Sugar Scrub
2 Cute pink bracelets.

All items are new and unused.



  1. great idea for this contest!
    I'm excited to give the creative part a go,
    quick question though, I apply my primer potion with my finger so does my finger count as one item? :D

  2. Ooo good question. Um I am going to say fingers don't count as an item as they are free, and everyone wipes stray products away with fingers!

    Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

  3. Enter me please :] great idea! xox

  4. 'Ive subscribed, please enter me

  5. Ohh great idea. I have to think what look
    I can transform from day to night. & I never use too many products so I don't think I'll go over the amount of products I am allowed to use.

    Answer to your question about the colour of my top: It is a teal cardigan from Primark but I've seen these cardigans in Asda etc...

  6. Oh & what happens if the random prize winner picks the eyeshadow and eyelashes as well as the lipstick?
    The creative one will get second pickings instead of the random one?

  7. @Everyone- thanks for the entries :)

    @Louise: Random winner gets to chose 1 of the two lipstick, and then pick 3 prizes fromt he prize haul. As they are the random winner then they go first. The Creative contest winner will get the remaining lipstick, and to then pick 3 prizes from what is left of the prize haul. Prize haul should get bigger over the month so it will be a micture of cosmetics, beauty product and random items. I'll change the post now to try and make it a bit clearer. :)x

  8. Enter me into your comp please babe.


  9. @Everyone, thanks for the entries!! Don't forget to stay tuned to gain further entries into the random give away.

    Also looking forward to seeing the entries for the creative contest! :)

  10. YAY enter me please hunnie i shall give the creative bit a go next week i have a full week off work so will have plenty of time :D

  11. Ive subscribed, please enter me ^_^

  12. new subscriber! enter me plz =)
    lovely blog ♥

  13. Ive subbed!
    please enter me!!!

  14. Hi, hun :)

    Here is the link of my entry

  15. Hello, Emma!

    I did an entry to your contest=)

  16. Ive subscribed, please enter me

  17. here's my entry


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