Tuesday, 13 October 2009

My TWO competitions- Simplified.

I have TWO competitions open at the moment.  The winners will get to pick prizes out of an evergrowing prize haul which will include your pick of some drug store make-up items.
Here is a taster of the prize haul- with a few mystery prizes to be added- none UK people, this could be your change to get some UK drugstore goodies!

I am running TWO competitions.
Prizes include;

* Boots Electric Blue Tights,
* Revlon Moisture Lipsticks,
* Rimmel Bronzed E/s,
*Strawberry Gel Masque,
* Sanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub,
* St. Ives Apricot scrub travel sample,
* bracelets
* PLUS some mystery prizes uncluding- Drugstore make-up and products.
When the winners are announced I will give them a choice depending on what I can buy from the shops around me, and what I am allowed to send to their country.  They will then choose what prizes they want out of the haul and mystery prizes!
Prize Draw (Competition 1)

1) Be a follower (this will be checked) and comment below (1 entry).
2) Write a post on your blog about my competition (2 entries).

Please only follow if you like my blog and want to be part of my blogging family/journey!

Please note that if you were in my 30 original followers then you automatically have an entry.  If you have already entered then your original entry still stands.  I will also be giving away another entry to the first 3 people who respond to a specific post so keep your eyes peeled!

CREATIVE CONTEST (Competition 2)

This has had ZERO enteries so far, so I am making it a bit simpler.

"You are going to work and then out to a do straight after.  You make-up bag can only hold 16 products and brushes....................".  

You must post TWO photos on your blog under the heading 'Computergirl's Creative Contest' and a link to this post.  Also put a link in the commens box here so everyone can visit and look!  Also you must post a list of the products you used.

Photo 1)
Create and Photograph a day eye look using no more than 10 products and brushes. You must start with bare moisturised skin and build up the look.  Anything you put on after moisturiser counts towards your 10 products.  Fingers do NOT count towards the 10- you can use them free.  You may wipe brushes inbetween use.  A palette does not count as one item, but a shadow in the palette does. Foundation/tinted moisturiser counts as 1.

Photo 2) 
TURN the day eye into an evening eye by adding no more than 6 products and brushes.  If you reapply anything then that counts as 1 of the 6.

I hope that makes sense?


Giveaway winner will be picked at  random and be given a Revlon Moisture Lipstick AND first pick of the prize haul (at least 5 prizes)!

Creative contest is judged and the winner will be given a Revlon Moisture Lipstick AND pick of the remaining prize haul (at least 5 prizes)!

For more details please see my other post on the my competition.

Any questions then post below or send me an email!

Closes October 31st t 11:59am UK time.

Good Luck!!


  1. now a follower of you're amazing blog :)
    can i be entered into competition 1?
    hope you have a good week,

  2. Hello girl I love the name of your blog computer girl I am totally a computer girl myself =)

    I sent you a request for Meg website you will ADORE that site I swear =) + she send the freebies everywhere in the world woohooo !!!!


  3. @ Becca sure hun, I'll add you to the prize draw

    @Hollywood, Ha, computergirl was slightly uninspired but it seems to have stuck!! Thank you so much for the email :) I will have a look and see what it is all about. I love real reviews so Ill be interested to see.

    Thanks girlies :)

  4. enter me into the first comp please!

  5. enter me into the prize draw please

  6. heres my creative entry


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