Thursday, 22 October 2009

Preview: Jimmy Choo at H&M..? Photos :D

I have just been looking at the first pictures of Jimmy Choo's collection at H&M.  The shoe giant has designed a range of shoes, bags, jewelry, clothes and accessory items.  What is the betting that these will fly off the shelves?  Most probably in a blood bath frenzy if recent H&M designer collections are anything to go by!
Choo has used his trademark Zebra stripes, metal studs, and platform high heels

You can view more pictures HERE or wait for October 29th when the full 40 pieces will be uploaded to view on H&M's website. The collection starts at £49.99 and the most expensive item (thigh high leather boots) will retail at around £180.  They are not the most modest of prices, but Choo shoes normally start at around £230, and bags (yes bags) at £1000.

The items will be available to buy from November 14th.  What do you think so far? Will you be buying any?


  1. i love the last shoes and the capsule bag - maybe it would work as a treat for myself!

  2. I like the capsule bag too, and the flats, but there are quite a few items so I only chose a few pictures. Certainly H&M prices are a lot more affordable that his real prices! I bet loads of these items will appear on ebay! :) Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I like that designers are putting out some lower priced things for us regular folk! :) I might have to check out the whole collection when it comes out! :)

  4. oooh they look so nice, if only I could afford them :(

  5. hmm i still find em kind pricey so i dun fink so :S but very pretty thou!

  6. To be honest I would rather either get something properly Jimmy Choo or just buy some decent low priced shoes, one or the other you know? You can get very similar shoes to the collection for so much cheaper it's like they are overpriced cos they have a Jimmy Choo label? Maybe it's just me, I am being a bit stroppy today lol, and thanks for the post though! xx

  7. @Kendra, yeah it is nice to see designers go highstreet sometimes!
    @Louise, we have a little whiel to save but year £50 isnt exactly H&M prices!
    @Shifa Yah I think I will file these under 'nice to look at' for the moment!
    @Sarah Yes, Having 'choo' on them seems to add £20-£30!! Not sure if they have been desinged to protect the feet though. For this much you could buy a pair of Clarks shoes (which I always find comfy and support my feet).

    Thanks for the comments ladies


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