Friday, 2 October 2009

Question: What is this brush for?

I was given a brush (by my mum) and I am slightly confused by it.  It is by John O'Donnell and sort of like a kabuki brush, but longer.  I am wondering if it is a gentleman's shaving brush!!

I have tried to find out about the maker.  If anyone can shed any light on this brush and its use, please comment below!


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  1. hmm haven't really seen any brushes like this before, maybe a body brush? to use with powder on arms/décolleté?
    looks abit long to be ashaving brush

    I'm intrigued to know the proper use too!

  2. could either use it as a body brush as Katy says or it could be useful for removing fallout from eyeshadow. Might also be a good big brush for putting on translucent setting powder.

  3. Thanks for the answers. The bristles are quite long and floppy. I tried to use it for bronzer and it didn't fair so well. Quite a short stubby handle too.

    Body, yes that might work. Or fallout, that is a good idea too. It's weird brush!!

  4. This is just a slightly older style of face powder brush. It's not a kabuki and shouldn't be used for mineral foundation because it is not stiff enough to "buff" since the hairs are longer, but is fabulous for face powder application. Brushes in the style are highly sought after by those into vintage and retro fashion because the effect they give with face powder is one of shine reduction without a noticeable layer of powder.

    Oh my, I'm not calling your mum old by the way!

    Hope this helps.

    L Wade xxx

  5. Hi Wade, thanks for that. It was one she bought for me a while back, but I didnt really now what to use it with. I also had never heard of the maker- or seen another brush like it. It does pick up a lot of powder (hence having a brozer disaster with it). I also tried complexion powder but it didnt look great. I'll try it with a translucent powder or a setting poweder I guess. Thanks for yout help. Shine reduction- yes I need that, and vintage- Love it. I'm a happy bunny :)

    Now if anyone can suggest ggood products (pref drug store..) then feel free :)

  6. Rimmel clear complexion is a good one, with this brush a pressed powder will allow more control over how much you pick up cause loose powder just gets right into the hairs. :)

  7. Yeah I tried with loose powder, beads and pressed. I think it wil have to be hard pressed and the one I tried picked up too much. I will lookout for the clear complexion. Thanks Wade :)x

  8. Hi! Wade said it, just an older style of face brush. In-fact, I have a very similar one. For me the hairs are too long to pick up the correct amount of product, in turn making the application too condensed, too much, or not enough. A mess! However, this is not useless! I use this brush often to even out a face after i've applied makeup with other brushes. It catches any excess and smooths out makeup for a more professional looking finish. There is also no reason not to use this as a body brush. Perfect for working with a larger canvas! :)

  9. @The makeup Palette, thanks for the help. I think I'll keep this as a finishing brush.

    Why didnt I ask you guys sooner?? You ROCK! This has been sitting in my drawer for ages. It is now going to be used.

    I am so glad it is not a shaving brush!! I like finding I have things I never knew I had!!



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