Sunday, 11 October 2009

Recent Hauls: First visit to Mac in ages: Bargains

Here are a few things I have picked up over the last week or so.
Tigi Bed head Moisture Maniac shampoo and conditioner,
Clearasil Deep pore cleaning pads (had to get some more and will write about them in my next 30 day skin challenge post) £4
Eyelashes naturlites (on offer at £3.49? superdrug!),
Blue bead necklace 69p!!! Oxfam shop :) Bargain!
Light Blue bangle in plastic. Claires £2.50

Mac 210 liner brush
Mac Fluidline in Black track
Mac E/s in Nocturnelle

I have looked at a lot of Mac items, but never really bought.  I have used friends items, browsed online. but alas living so far from a MAC store has drawbacks.  I found the staff quite helpful and was able to pick up the items I wanted.  The store was quite quiet, so I didn't feel neglected or rushed.  I was also able to pick up a few hints and tips from the MUA- she even gave me directions to SpaceNK to check out some of their products before I bought made a decision on purchasing. 

I really felt that they were being proactive on my behalf, and not just trying to get me to buy things.  It is great when people feel so confident in their products that they know you wont find better dupes in another shop!

Anyway, it will be a while before I have another MAC visit. :(  I looked at the Bobbi Brown Gel liners, and would have looked at Stila but I couldnt find any.  Generally I like to mix up my products, pretty much sticking to low and middle end, but will sometimes I'll go high end as a special treat.  Actually products interest me rather than a brand name- it can be Creme de Mer but if it doesnt work for me ten I'll stick with my 99p vaseline!!.  Guerlain's complexion powder really interested me, but the price tag didnt-at the other end of the scale Elf's complexion correction powder £3.50-AMAZING!!

Anyway, Back to MAC! I settled on Blacktrack (swatched below) and E/s nocturnelle.  A lovely rich frost finished plum colour.  I went for the darker colour as I can apply a light sweep for gentle colour, or more for a dramatic look.  I can also used it as a liner.


Now for my bargain part two.  Not only did the necklace cost 69p, but I also found an individual chemist that was selling Tigi shampoo.

My old bottles are on the right.  The bottles on the left were bound together.  Would you believe I paid the same amount for both sets?! £20 for the smaller bottles a few years back (in a chain salon), and £19.99 for the larger bottles.  Value for money.  This product is great for my hair, I use so little of it because it is pure product.  It doesn't foam much (so you dont loose half of it in bubbles), plus they are larger bottles-wholesale =cheaper!!

I used to buy herbal essences and save my salon stuff for special use.  Then I found out herbal essence test on animals, so I can't live with myself if I use it again.  1 bottle of HE= £4-5 when I add up how much of that i used a year, and how much Tigi salon size cost it became a no brainer.  I have tried a few brands but they always seem to coat my hair in silicone, or make it dry and horrible.

So those are my purchases :)
I like bargains :)

Anyone used the Tigi shampoo? Or any of the other products?  Any other bargains to share?

P.s. Don't forget my blog sale, or competition and contest!


  1. BARGAIN on those bed head hun :O didnt know herbal essences tested on animals i wont be using them again thanks for the info on that

    Wish i could find some products at that price and size too :D

  2. I have a MAC 6 palette eyeshadow that I bought forever ago. Funnily enough I dug it out and used it today and it has Nochturnelle in it. Really lovely colour.


  3. @sweetcheeks1910 I might be wrong on HE, but I read a few weeks ago that they did. Just taints the whole thing. I love individual chemists, we have a few up here and they are always stocking alternative products (to boots and superdrug). It's great. :)x

    @Eliza- it is a lovely colour. I have a close dupe from the body shop but it has gold flecks in it. It's a gorgeous colour and finish. :)x


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