Saturday, 24 October 2009

Sparkly boxes with wonders inside

.. I have come to realise how addictive buying make-up and products is.  I think everyone gets a rush when they buy things.  The euphoria of 'wow I've got something new' (even if it second hand 'new').  I find the euporia hits right before the 'I'm spending money....ouch!' bit kicks in.  Yet I still do it!

When the 'buying' part is coupled with small tiny packages, it becomes a lethal combination.  Little boxes, snap containers, sparkly packaging, ribbon, paper bags with string handles..... it all looks so good.  Especially when it is in my drawer at home.

Sadly several items stay in the drawer at home, and get replace before I have even used them.  What's that about?! "Ooops!"

I think it is not just about the packaging, but the wonders that are contained (or could be contained) inside.  We build them up in our mind, and do they deliver?  That's what we find out and share!  At least that is what I tell myself when I feel guilty for buying things ;)

Slightly weird post I guess, but I might do a more indepth analysis one day!  I'm off for a Lush bath.  Look forward to reading your comments later!


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I'm totally the same way -- I'd like to control these urges but it is so hard!

  2. I do the same too! I am obsessed with wonderful storage ideas and sometimes I just go looking in shops just to find something even though I don't even need it!!
    Thanks for following my blog too!


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