Thursday, 22 October 2009

Storage Haul

Here are a few storage items that I have picked up over the past few weeks.  I saw these boxes and fell in love with them.  They are very sturdy and perfect for storing my jewelry.  Everyone picks up little bits and bobs from high street stores and market stalls.  Mine had spread itself through several smaller boxes and drawers.  Here is the new improved storage.  One box for broaches, pins, clips.  One box for necklaces.  One box for bracelets and larger earings (I will put a cardboard divide in when I have finished my cereal!)

To give you an idea of the size, I have put a few things inside.  I love the richness of the teal and red pattern,  The red is a shiney burgandy and reminds me a bit of a Victoriana design.

I'm sorry but I have no idea who makes them but I picked them up for £2-£4 each from a local independant arts/crafts/gifts shop.  They had lots of patterns and designs and have nearly sold out of some designs.  Hopefully they will get some more in soon! 

My tip is to go in shops other than the high street chains.  You never know what you will find!

I also picked up a seagrass basket from a high street home store called something like 'homestore' or 'at home' or somting.  It cost £3.99 and is perfect for keeping my cotton wool tidy and dust free!

Any storage ideas and tips you want to share?  What do you think of my boxes?? :)


  1. They're really pretty hun. I really like the seagrass basket, could do with one of those myself. xxx

  2. I've been looking for storage lately. Their really pretty boxes :)

  3. @Jo, I have some larger seagrass baskets. I think I got some from Matalan, and soem from Instore. Very useful for chucking things in to tidy away quickly!
    @Louise very useful too.
    @Shifa thanks.

    It is amazing how something so simple can make me smile lots! :Dx

  4. Nice baskets.. I have some cane baskets and bottle like contaners which store my make up for daily use! I am all for cane/sea grass/bamboo.. :)


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