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Aussie palette/upates

Firstly thank you to Tanya at Tanya Talks for her shout out- I can't post on your blog for some reason so I'm saying thank you here!

Secondly, 99 followers- THANK YOU!! It makes me smile that people read my crazy ramblings!! I appreciate every single comment and try to reply to each one.

So my Aussie Palette.  Aussie haircare asked me what would an Aussie make-up palette look like so here is my take on some products that represent Aussie haircare.  Click here to see the challenge although there is an older post that might explain a bit more

My inspiration:
Aussie is fresh.
Aussie is natural.
Aussie is cruelty free.
Aussie people are cool, confident and naturally beautiful.
When I smell Aussie I think of ice-cream and treats.  When I feel my hair after Aussie, it feels soft and natural.

So on to the products I chose;
Firstly all products are not tested on animals because Aussie don't.

I imagine a natural goddess, spending time outdoors and not wanting to appear too heavily made over.

Listed let to right, top row then bottom row. (With Flash)
Body Shop Foundation (with SPF15 so as to protect our delicate skin from the sun's rays).
Elf All over cover stick, to conceal and because it smells of orange. Yummy.
Vaseline with SPF to protect our lips and groom our brows.
ELF blush in a natural Mellow Mauve. Just a hint of healthy glow.
Body Shop Bronzing Beads for a natural glow.
Body Shop Double ended shimmer pencil in Silver and Pink for natural highlights and shimmers.
Barry M Dazzle Dusts in Silver and Lilac (used wet as eye liners).
Mac Eye Shadows in Parfait Amour (dark purple for outer corner and crease) and Beautiful Iris (light lilac base shade).
Boots No.7 brow kit  (to enhance natural features).
Boots No. 7 Stay perfect base to create a beautiful canvas with which to work on.
Sleek Illuminating Pressed powder to fix the look and add a natural glow to your face and chest.

Swatches (No flash/flash)

Left- Right
Mac E/s Parfait Amour, Mac E/s Beautiful Iris, Barry M Dazzle Dust silver (9), Dazzle Dust Lilac (59), Body Shop Duo pencil Silver and pink, Elf Mellow Mauve Blush, Sleek Luminous pressed powder Shade 01 SPF 15.

And how would it look, well here is one eye because my skin is still not settled so i'm really reluctant to put photos up here of my pimply cystic acne skin. :(. I also have bloodshot eyes so i must be run down!

I primed my skin then applied foundation and concealer.  I then applied the eye base and used the eyebrow kit to enhance my natural eyebrow.  I used Mac lilac shade as a base coloue and emphasised the crease and outer corner with the darker purple (which I blended).  I then applied the silver end of the duo to my inner corner and under my eyebrow to highlight.  I also applied under the eye to help conceal my bags.  My liner was a wet liner brush dipped in the silver barry M dust with the lilac Barry M just underneath the liner in the outer corner.
Applied blush to apples of cheeks and bronser to the temple, nose and chin (just where the sun catches it naturally).  Vaseline on the lips mixed with a bit of blush mixed in for a natural tint.  I also applied the pink end of the duo pencil on my cupids bow.  1 coat of Bodyshop mascara.

To set I used a sponge to apply the sleek powder et Aussie inspired look.  I also added some cranberry lipbalm later on as it tasted nice.

One Aussie radiant goddess glowing goddess inspired look.

There we are.  Sorry about the skin.  Pushing on with routine but always open to suggestions.

I will announce the winner of my Aussie comp shortly.


  1. thats a lovely look you came up with :)

  2. Hehe no problem hun :)
    Oh dear I'll have to try and sort that out again, I'm sure it does it to annoy me haha.

    Lovely look btw :)

  3. @Shifa, thank you :)xx
    @Tanya, don't worry. Sometimes blogger breaks so could be fine tomorrow! And Thank you!! xx

  4. Gorgeous hunny, and love all the products you used.


  5. The Body Shop is owned by L'Oreal. Who do, in fact, test on animals.

  6. totally love the color - you did an uberness job girl!!

  7. @Miss Silence, Thank you for raising that. Yes and I believe L'oreal is owned by Lancome. It is a tricky one. However the Body Shop do not test on animals and are against animal testing. If everyone bought from TBD and not L'oreal then surely the umbrella company would close down the second? Perhaps you might like to read my post from a while back

    It is something that I am learning about and will try to support non testing companies and bring up the issue on my blog. My kit has a lot of items in, but there are some I will not be replacing until I am sure (and yes I have contacted several companies for clarity). Thanks for stopping by. :)

  8. @Calia, Thank you. It is a gorgeous eye shadow colour. :)

  9. Lovely look :) I just became your 100th follower!


  10. @Sophie, thanks for the comment and the follow. I will have to do a 100 follower thank you giveaway. Perhaps after Christmas when everyone needs a pick me up?x


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