Monday, 16 November 2009

Computergirl's Aussie Competition.

This morning I received a tin from Aussie.  A biscuit tin.  What does a biscuit tin have in it? Biscuits.. or an Australian Tim Tam biscuit pack to be exact.  While munching on one of these biscuits I read the card..

"What if Aussie were a look?"

So my blogging family, I need your help and i'm going to run a competition!

How to Enter!
Firstly you must be one of my subscribers so I know how to contact you if you win.

1) Gain 1 entry by posting 3 descriptive words you associate with Aussie e.g. sweet.
2) Gain 2 entries by posting link on your personal blog to my Aussie competition.
3) Gain 4 entries by doing an Aussie inspired make-up look on your blog (Computergirl's Aussie Competition) and posting a link below.

I will be passing this information on to Aussie (along with my Aussie make-up look).

What do I win....?
Well since Aussie sent me some sweet treats, I will send the winner some sweet UK delights :D ...... and who knows, Aussie may even give me some gift vouchers/discount codes or products to sent out (Hint Hint Aussie people!!).

Aussie may even contact you directly if they like your style!

My competition closes at 20:00 GMT Friday 27th November 2009!
Winner will be picked by!

Good luck!!

EDIT: There are likely to be a few other posts/competitions like this about bcause Aussie have sent tins to a few people.  Just enter as many competitions as you like. The more you enter, the more chance you have of winning!


  1. Ooh i soo wanna do this, will try and make sure i manage it inbetween work :(

  2. Cool, look forward to reading your 3 words ot seeing you post! x

  3. This looks like sooo much fun those biscuits look yum xox

  4. Mmmmmmmmm Tim Tams are the best! If you know anyone that ever comes here to Aus they MUST try Tim Tams!
    Emily, the link for the p'j is on my post already. Click on the highlighted word burdastyle and it will go straight to it. You'll have to make an account to get a copy of the pattern. Enjoy! x

  5. Ahh you lucky thing!! =)
    I love timtams, I used to get them when I lived in New Zealand!! xx

  6. @everyone, thanks for the comments. Aussie have emailed me so I'm going to do an update post very shortly :). And yes the Timtam is so yummy. Everyone should try one at least once in theri life. Nom nom. xx


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