Sunday, 22 November 2009

EEEE I'm off to The Clothes Show

Thank you to the super fantastic Idea Generation... I have two tickets to The Clothes Show (in Birmingham) in December!!!

I can't tell you how excited I am.  My school used to run a school trip to this event but they cancelled it when I was due to go (silly school!).  I then went away for further study and it was impossible to get back in time.  Then I was working.. but this year.... this year I was umming and ahhing due to the £25 price tag of each ticket.  I didn't know what to expect and £25 is a lot to spend on something without knowing what to expect!

For anyone who doesnt know, The Clothes Show was a program that ran on the BBC from 1986-2000.  It was created and hosted by Jeff Banks (Click here for more info).   As a child and teenager I used to watch it on sundays, just before tea.  I didnt understand a lot of what went on, but I was transfixed by the fashion designers, make-up artists and hairdressers demonstrating different looks.  It was such a good introdroduction and prepared the way for many of the industry professionals and style shows we now look up to.  I also learnt a lot and continued to study in the creative field.  It's not my job, but I do still sew and sometimes make my own clothes and accessories.  (Perhaps I'll post some pictures one day!)

I am very excited.  I now have to decide what day I want to go!!  Has anyone been before?  Do you have any survival tips for a Clothes Show newbie??  Anything I should look out for??

P.s. I am on twitter now: my user name is computergirl200 so please add me is you use twitter.


  1. It gets VERY busy - beware of that. Don't take a big bag, and keep an eye out for bargains.
    If you go on the first day it's all 'expensive' but its the best stuff. If you go on the last day it's all been reduced but it's just the left overs.
    I went on the last day last year and still got loads though.

    Congrats - and have a good time! I might be going but i haven't booked yet

  2. omg thats so exciting :D
    congrats gurlie ♥

  3. You lucky thing! =) I tooam wondering whether to go or not. I've never been before but remember last year shopping in Birmingham the at the same time last year and people came out with quite a few bags and goodies!! I'm almost convincing myself to go here! xx

  4. @Phoebe, I'll take my best elbows then for pushing people out of the way!!! Hopfully be able to pick up a few bargins. Thanks for the advice! If you go before me then you'll have to let me know where to head for!!x

    @Shifa, thanks. Huge grin all day!!!x

    @Pyxiee Thanks :)I like goodie bags :):) I was probably going to make a last minute descision on going or not going.. now I dont have to!! xx

  5. Gorgeous blog. I've been to The Clothes Show a few times and really enjoyed it, especially the fashion show. I always get all dressed up in the hope of being 'spotted' and achieving superstar status a la Kate Moss! :)


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