Sunday, 1 November 2009


This is one I took at the end of a very long day (that is why it is a bit smudgy and generally not at the best stage).  I keep either forgetting to take photos, or am in a rush and don't have time.  Not the best post but if I wait for a perfect eye/photo then I will never post one!  It was blended higher.

Products used: No 7 Stay Perfect Eye base, Mac E/s Beautiful (base), Mac E/s Club (Crease and blended towards outer edge.  I also used a liner brush and lined the eye with Mac Club (not waterlined or tightlined- never too sure about using powders to do that!).  Mascara Collection 2000 but I cant remember oops!  Eyebrows No7 eyebrow kit (discontinued I think).  Rimmel Translucent setting powder. Elf Complexion Perfection under eye, used as a mattifying powder under foundation, and a redness/circles reducer under the eye.

I included the blury one as Club is a dirty khakis brown with a green sheen, it sort of shows up in the photos.  With the right sort of application and products, this can be dramatic or subtle.  I did a bit of a flick with the powder shadow, but rubbed it off as the day/night wore on.


  1. Really love the colours hun. Great job. xxx

  2. Thank Jo :) I must remember to take more EOTD photos for here (but at the beginnign of the day!) xx

  3. You have another award to add to your collection :) I've nominated you!

  4. @Louise, thanks. I have posted on it now :) thank you!


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