Friday, 20 November 2009

I'm on twitter. HELP!

I have no friends, or people to follow yet!  I'm not even sure if I want to join because of some people have said it can be a negative place.  Anyway, giving it a go!  Please friend me/follow me/let me know your twitter?

It wouldnt let me have the computer girl name :(

If you have any tips then post below as I feel a bit lost!! Do I have a public or private a/c and which is better?  How do I get my blog posts to show up there, or my twitter posts to show here.

I'm still going to update my blog, but hope to make a few tweets/read tweets every now and again!

Tweet tweet.


  1. *comes to the rescue*

    Im now following you!


  2. hey im trying to follow you but theres no results for computergirl200?? is it just computergirl?? request to follow me then i can follow up back then i know im following the right person lol my twitter name is juicygirl2906 xoxo

  3. twitter can be confusing at first. you'll slowly get the hang of it. you can follow me


    you can also search for people like if you want to follow makeup just type that in the search and you'll find relevant people. :)


  4. You'll figure it out along the way!
    I think there's an app on blogger - in the layout section, that you can add your twitter updates to the side bar. Then i just copy and past the URL for the post into twitter if i want to promote it :P

  5. @Jo thanks :Dx
    @Juicygirl, glad you found me, Ive requested to follow you to!
    @Lelo thank you for the help and the comment :) I'll try and find you now!
    @Phoebe That sounds like what I have seen on a few other's blogs.

    Hello Tweeters!

    Just hoping to do the odd tweet, nice to have a few friends!:)x

  6. I can't find you either... follow me on HelenNiceThings and I'll follow you back!

  7. @Helen, Just added you.

  8. Have tagged you to do a colour tag!
    I would follow you but don't have a twitter! I should get one! X

  9. @ Nat, thanks urm orange :S EEK!x


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