Monday, 16 November 2009

Introduction: Classy Sassy & Mineral Make-up

I heard about Sassy Minerals a few months back and decided to investigate.  Sassy are a company who mix their own mineral make-up in America.  They do not test their products or ingredients on animals and will not deal with companies who do. Hurrah!

I have sensitive skin (BOO!), and have had reactions bought on by some products.  I contacted Sassy to ask a few questions regarding suitablilty and they offered to send me some samples to try.

Minerals: An introduction
Mineral make-up is a fine powder that can be used in several ways to achieve a polished look.  Some companies press the powder, others leave it loose.  It is reputed that mineral make-up has many advantages- the fine powder does not clog pores as easily as other make-ups which can lead to healthier looking skin.  Also bacteria find it hard to live in the high mineral content, so there is little risk of your make-up causing an infection.  Best of all, most products are made of organic and natural materials.  I normally find minerals have a good pigment pay-off, so you only require a tiny amount on a brush.

Sassy have a fantastic range of primers, foundations, finishing powders, bronzers, blushers, highlighters, eye colours, eye liners and shimmers.  In fact they have one of the best ranges I have coe across.  The pigments can be used in many ways- nothing is ever exclusive or fixed purpose.  An eye liner can be used as an eye shadow- or even mixed with vaseline to make a cream blush, or clear nail polish to provide a coloured polish.  The possibilities are endless!!

Sassy ship to many countried including the UK.  They were very friendly and helpful, and even wrote sweet notes on my parcel!  I was very impressed by their range, and whats more the samples come in jars (sealed) only cost $0.75 each (around £0.45 at present time!)  This means that you can match your skin tone very easily without relying on photos and guess work!

I have been using my samples for a few weeks now, and have no hesitation in reordering.  The company seems to have a good ethos, and I have found the products and packaging quite good to work with.

I have some swatches to upload, and I want to do a few photos using minerals.  However, I won't do that until my skin is a bit more settled because I feel bit like a freak!!!

Letting my skin breath as much as possible, and resisting poking!
Anyone tried Sassy?


  1. YES! I got my Sassy order on Saturday :D the samples are such generous sizes and I love that they're in jars and not baggies. I'm so impressed with them so far, I'm definitely going to order again and try out their foundations (I just got shadows this time). Brilliant company!

  2. @Leanne, yes the samples are quite generous. I have had a few baggies split before (different company) not nice when you open the bag!! Which shadows have you tried? :)

  3. Uhmm I got Chick Flick and Tart blushes (Tart is meant to be a dupe for NARS Orgasm, pretty close actually!)
    And I got the liner in Gasoline Rainbow (although I'll probably just use it as a shadow anyway)
    Then the shadows in Fashionista, Why Not, Bad Attitude, Lyrical and Sensible Shoes. My free gifts were Taste the Rain and Truth or Dare :)

  4. I have Lyrical and it' already on of my favs. I have a dress that colour (evening dress) and can't wait to wear them together! I'll have to double check the others. I love the names :)x

  5. I will have to try this makeup sometime! Looks fun!

  6. @Brook, it is a great brand, and the tubs are cute! Def go and check it out! :)

  7. Haven't tried Sassy, but I can't wait for the swatches, esp since most minerals irritate me :(


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