Saturday, 14 November 2009

Preview: Selling for an orphanage project.

Photo of a FEW of the items. Versace, Lacome, Benefit, Rimmel, St. Tropez...etc.

I will be uploading a sale tomorrow with a special twist for charity, so click on the right hand link to sub to my blog sale blog if you are interested (or just want to have a nose round!)

I have not done this before so please read this post fully!

Normal sale, however the first £20 I make will be donated to a member of my family who is going to help in an African orphanage next year.  She will donate it to the orphanage project.  She has been out before but she's going to move out there for a number of years.  I met up with her a few weeks back and was welling up as she was telling me about the children she works with who have been orphaned through AIDS.  Some of them have been so poorly :( under-nourished and alone..... a simple cold put one little boy in hospital- he is 7 but has the weight of a 3 year old.

She is busy raising money to support the projects she has volunteered for in the past.  One working with orphans, the other with street children.

Look at my sale and buy something!  I will state a suggested price, but feel free to donate more to help me reach the £20 target.  I thought this would be a good way of raising a few pounds and giving something to you too.  The things could make great christmas gifts.

Why only £20?
I have done a few other things to raise money for charity and helped raise in the region of £10'000 for various causes so far.  I like to try and give the equivalent of 10% of my earnings (or skills) to charity each year and I have done a lot this year already.  Sometime I work for free (even though professionally I could have command up to £150 in certain situations).   I just can't support every charity, always work for free, run table sales, run races, bake cakes for free, rattle money tins..... so £20 is what I'm aiming to donate from this blog sale (but it is going into a larger pot raised from other avenues).  (In the grand scheme of things, if you support me then you are also supporting me to donate my skills and time to charities.  At the moment I am doing a lot of fund raising for Cancer Research UK, local hospices (including the children's hospice where terminally ill children go) and dementia care).

I hope that all makes sense.  I don't meant to offend anyone.  I was inspired to do this by Oxford Jasmine who is having a charity sale later this month (but on a larger scale Click HERE).  Items will be uploaded tomorrow and then gradually shifted to Ebay.

If anyone takes objection to me posting about this then please accept my appologies!  I'll remove the post and continue selling (but just not mntion my charity connections!).  I have not mentioned them before, and I probably won't mention them again for a good while!

Thanks for reading this far.


  1. Great idea hun & all for a good cause, i look forward to the blog sale!

    I like the benefit blush set, how much will you be selling that for? ;) hehe!


  2. That is such a lovely idea. I look forward to the sale :)

  3. @Dolly*Mixture Thanks, I was a bit worried about mentioning the C word as I know how much people get badgered for money!

    The benefit set is brand new-LE and contains smaller versions of Hoola, Dandelion, Dallas and a brush. I think it retailed at £25. I'll sell it for less than that, but I think this product is worth a fair bit :)
    Hope to have the sale up around 11am (or as close to)if I can get all the pictures sorted. x

    @Tanya, thanks :)x

  4. awh thats a great idea well done chick Im sure you'll get loads of support xoxo

  5. Great idea, it's kind of anyone to donate anything, £20 is a good amount especially as some people find it difficult to dip in their pocket for anything xxxx Bet you are really proud of that family member, they must have such mixed emotions doing such a good but upsetting job x

  6. @Sarah, thanks. She's been vulunteering in Indian and Africa for a number of years so has had some preparation. Yes, very proud of her :)

    Just uploading photos now then will post the blog sale x

  7. I think it's wonderful that you are helping this cause!

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