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Review: New Elf products

A more in-depth look at daddy bear, mummy bear and baby bear (as I nicknamed them last time!).  To read that post click here.

To sum up, these items are available in America/Canada but are only *just* about to be launched in the UK (along with around 150 other items).  I will go through each product, swatch and write a bit.  I apologise now if this is a long post!  If it's too long then feel free to comment and I'll try to keep them shorter in the future!

Overall I find ordering from Elf very easy, with fast delivery.  I love the packaging of the Studio Line.  It is quite similar to NARS but, in my opinion, better.  It is not rubberised so that dirt sticks to it, plus the box compacts have little clear peep windows so you can see what's inside.  They also print some info on the outside so- especially useful for the Complexion Correction compact and Bronzer Blusher compact (which don't have peep windows).

Single Eye shadow in Charcoal.
The cutest little packaging plus it has a mirror inside.  No applicator but then let's face it- most beauty geeks throw these out in favour of their own brush kits.

Charcoal is a soft dark grey pressed powder. It applies easily and the pigmentation isn’t too bad.  For those that worry about glitter and shimmer, there is a very very fine shimmer in this powder.  I would describe it more as an illuminating shimmer rather than a sparkly light catching glitter.  I would be quite happy wearing this amount of shimmer for a day look (although charcoal might be a bit too dark for my work!).

I have also been impressed with the staying power of this eye shadow.  I went so far as to try it on my eyelid with no base/primer just for fun. Yup you read right!! Just woke up and slapped it on.  5 hours later, it was still there.  Obviously with a good base powder and primer the result would defer.
Here is a swatch of one swipe both wet and dry.

The drawback is that there aren't too many colours, but hopefully ELF will extend this range.  I already have my eye on 3 more colours.

Studio Blush
Meet Mellow Mauve.  Same concept as above, cute packaging with mirror and peep hole and thankfully no rubbish applicator!  Another soft pressed power.  This product is less pigmented than the eye shadow, but I'm quite happy with that as a blusher.  Being a pale lass I always try to build up my bronzer and blusher very slowly, so I would rather have a pale blusher, than a highly pigmented one. Maybe that's just me though!

Again a slight shimmer, but nothing drastic.  I have the Bronzer Blush duo (right) so I have done a comparison swatch for you!  I would say the duo has more shimmer/glitter in it  as is a bit more powdery (I think it shows in the blury photo).  Hopefully this will be interesting (especially if you have either product and want to gage others against it)!  I quite happily wear this all day and (if applied over a good base and blended properly) it seems to last quite well.

Sometimes I mix my blushers with vaseline and use them as a lip tint.  Something to try if you are bored of the same lip products!

Eye Transformer
A fun product.  A set of four iridescent pressed powders (in a good mirrored compact) but this one is large enough to contain a brush.  Yes, no rubbish plastic matchstick sized cotton bud applicator, and actual soft half sized brush.  Great to apply with- or touch up with.  This compact is slightly bigger than the blush/bronzer duo compact.

Swatches: Dry product! 2 swipes each.

As you can see from the photos the powders are quite versatile.  Subtle with a sheen ...or for a more dramatic look try using them over another colour base.  I love using them over dark colours (see over Elf Charcoal).  And for an extra kick, look at what happened when I used them over a normal Kohl pencil and my Mac Blacktrack Fluidline!!  It's my own Style Black!!

Yes, a few places do shimmers for example The Body shop does some that retail at around £11 each colour.  I'm glad I got this palette instead as it is much cheaper than £44!!  It is not something that I use everyday, but if I'm going out and have very little time to change and touch up then this product buys me time.

I hope the photos capture the sheen.  Its amazing as the palette just looks like a normal concealer palette.  I love them all!

So there you are, I hope thats enough swatches for you!

These products cost $3 on where you can see the full range of 6 studio blushers, and all the single studio eye shadows.  I prefer these to the eye brightening quads.  If the rest of the studio range is anything to go by then these will be retailing on the UK site for £3.50.  I think they will be available through on Monday 9th November- so no more lusting over the US site or organising swaps!!!

If you have any questions, just pop them below and I'll try to answer!  Does anyone else have any of these?  What do you think?

(P.s. Elf is a cruelty free company! They do not test on animals. :))


  1. lovely swatches! me tempted to try :S

  2. I saw at makeup masala too :D not try the Elf yet

  3. I already ordered the duo, haven't got it yet unfortunately.:( But Mellow Mauve blush is also so tempting. Thank You for the swatches!:)

  4. @Shifa, yes do :) I'd recommend it.
    @Sherry They are and quite kind to the wallet.
    @Sil You're welcome. Hpe the duo turns up soon.


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