Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Haul review: Prestige and Collection 2000

I missed these out of the Mega Haul Photo of yesterday (Click Here).
These are two more things I have bought in the month of December.

Collection 2000 Glam Crystals, Dazzling Gel Liner in Funky 3 £2.99
I have been amazed by this range, and plan on getting another one.
This goldy colour is more of a shimmer, than a sparkly glitter.  The range is quite vast though and I love the dark electric blue and purple one.  I have used this on a few occasions either on its own, or as an extra touch to a coloured eye.  It got comments from the boy (yes the boy who thought mascara went on lips).  It must be doing something right.  I have also used it actually on the lid, rather than just to line.  If you want an extra shot of shimmer then add two coats.

Why do I like it? Well the pigmentationis quite good.  The solution isn't watery (unlike some cheap make-up brands). It is actually a gel. Hurrah (it is what it says on the packaging).  Futhermore I have found that it doesnt budge!  No smeared glittery shimmery mess after several hours wear!  I had to soak it a bit to take it off, but I think that is more down to L'oreal eye make-up remover which I have nearly finished.  (I'm not a fan and gave it a rubbish review- check back through my posts if you want to read it. I'm about to move on to Botantics...).

Lip pencil
Prestige Lip Pencil L-206 Silk
A lovely pigmented pink nude colour. Slightly creamy but not too soft.

Stays quite well, and I quite like it!  I cant remember how much it cost, but I picked it up from Boots- probably around £2 for 1.1g

I have swatched it below, and then swatched it with my Maybelline Galatic Mauve lipstick (another one of my loves!).  I think they go ok (although the lipliner swatch is much thicker than I wear it, and the lipstick is reflecting the flash quite a bit... I always panic a bit with lipliner- nothing worse than a dark line showing up really badly!!

Two things that I would consider purchasing again, although I am more likely to use up the pencil!
Have you tried either?  These might appear in my monthly faves post....


  1. I've really been liking glitter liners recently! I really want a silver one, can you remember if collection 2000 have one?

  2. I think they do :) There were about 20 or so. One wass a bit watery, but Im pretty sure there was a silver one. :)

  3. wow 20 I'll definitely have to check them out! Thanks :)

  4. I love the Glam Crystals so much that I have them all now. Sad but true lol! :)

    Kelly x


  5. glittery!! YUMMY!! ^_^ great colors!

  6. @Jellyminx I have got 4 so far.. they are very cool! :)x
    @Calia.. It is a great product :) x

  7. I have about eight glam crytal now (including one back up) and they are all amazing, although they do need a good base as after you remove it you get a colour stain on your skin i've found, the worst one was one of the blue ones, it wouldnt come off for hours! xxxx

  8. @DisGoBaby Oh.. oops I have the blue and purple one!! I agree about the base!! Great product though :) xx


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